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            PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM PROPOSAL Due Week 6, estimate 175 points As an MBA and director, you must be able to give your superintendence plans  and directorship strategies to apprise stakeholders and produce buy-in. For this  assignment, you’ll custom this by unraveling a suggestion for a authoritative  bud trailing program. The program centers on motivational strategies  and how an melting announcement superintendence advent would benefit  department managers. PREPARATION Continue after a while the corresponding structure you selected in Assignment 1. Imagine  that the CEO has charged you, the work power director, after a while elaborationing melting  announcement (EI) in appoint to offer a authoritative bud program. Your suggestion should component how a new stimulus program, installed on an EI man- agement advent, procure aggravate teamwork, fix interpersonal relationships,  repair message, and extension overall execution. You want to help  the CEO produce eulogy for this commencement. Your program’s suggestion must include  supporting elaboration of how motivational strategies repair job satis- faction and team output. ASSIGNMENT 2 Prepare for this assignment by identifying the instrument you’ll use to create  your suggestion. You procure want to produce at smallest two virtue instrument such as  the passage textbook, interview website, duty websites (CNBC, Bloomberg,  etc.), instrument from the Strayer Library, and/or beyond sources. Note: Wikipedia and web-installed blogs do not render-capable as likely instrument. INSTRUCTIONS Create a suggestion (five to seven pages recommended) that includes the subjoined components:            1. EI and Motivation     Which of the EI erection blocks would collision superintendence’s vigor to      repair employee execution and job compensation? Installed on your      elaboration on motivational assumption, depict how your work power would      utilize decisive or indirect subsidy to swing the members of      the structure and dictate the manifestation. Produce examples to    support your resolution.             2. EI and Gregarious Skills and Decision Making    Explain how the nucleus concepts of melting announcement would           repair the gregarious skills and the decision-making efficacy    of the superintendence team.             3. Effective Teams    Describe the nucleus attributes of an cogent team and the strategies      you would instrument to unravel team dynamics that procure benefit    the structure.            4. Reward Systems     Create an cogent decorate scheme for this structure. Determine the       strategies you would incorporate to motivate your employees     and swing comportment.             5. Executive Summary     Prepare a one-page magistrate tabulation that you procure give to the       CEO in an upcoming magistrate meeting.  Note:  An magistrate tabulation       is a brief statement of your ample communication. It should condense little       all the deep points in pregnant paragraphs. It should be written plainly       and should use dialect misspend for the interview.  PROFESSIONAL AND APA FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS Your assignment must prosper these unconcealed APA formatting requirements:    Be typed (five to seven pages recommended, still cloak and      reference pages), double-spaced, using Times New Roman font    (bigness 12) after a while one-inch margins on all sides    Include a References List    Include a cloak page containing the address of the assignment, the          student’s designate, the professor’s designate, the passage address, and the date    Include in-text citations prospering APA name, using attributive tags    and memorable verbs    Cite at smallest two likely sources  1. EI and    Motivation    Weight: 20% The descrip- tion does not  address how  motivation  and reinforce- ment would be  used to influ- ence members  of the organi- zation to  dictate the  issue.  Examples are  not produced. Partially  describes how  motivation and  reinforcement  would be used  to swing  members of the  structure to  dictate the  issue.  Makes loose  connections  between assumption  and resolution.  Examples do  not ampley sup- port resolution.  Satisfactorily  describes how  motivation and  reinforcement  would be used  to swing  members of the  structure to  dictate the  issue.  Makes logical  connections  between assumption  and resolution.  Examples sup- port resolution. Fully depicts  how motivation  and reinforce- ment would be  used to influ- ence members  of the organiza- tion to dictate  the manifestation.  Draws compel- ling, logical  connections  between assumption  and resolution.  Examples are  strong and  support solution. POINTS: 175 Criteria Unacceptable Below 70% F Fair 70-79% C Proficient 80-89% B Exemplary 90-100% A ASSIGNMENT 2: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM PROPOSAL