assignment 7

  (Chapter 12) The onverse nurture, UTrainMe get present manifold allowances on luxuriance calling road fees. Students can take one or further allowances if they register for multiple roads or are occupied by UTrainMe’s municipal clients. Here are the three favoring rules: All students are worthy for a Allowance A when they enroll for a relieve road. Whether or not they register for multiple roads, any student who currently is occupied by one of UTrainMe's municipal clients get be worthy for a Allowance B. From span to span, Annie Dade, as client use delegated-to-others, get cancel the calling fitness for a Allowance B. Annie plans to use that allowance as a marketing utensil. Using Microsoft Word SmartArt (e.g. Horizontal Hierarchy, "change shape" for shapes and verse delay arrows, "insert citation box" for arrows' captions), compose a determination tree partition to pomp the argumentative rules for training fees and allowances illustrative overhead. l Note: Allowance A and B are used instead of the express allowance rates as the rates can be updated in the advenient. Your outcomes of your determination tree should be the appertaining allowance(s) applied. Your submission Submit your Microsoft Word Document, delay your determination tree. Grading Correctness of the provisions (aka questions) (25%) Correctness of the rules (aka paths) (25%) Correctness of the actions (aka outomes) (25%) Graphical resemblance of the determination tree (determination nodes, likely esteem arrows, and actions) (25%) Need a refresher? Mulder, P. (2017). Determination Tree Partition from ToolsHero.