6051 Assignment 2

   As a nourish, you can possess a immense collision on the prosperity or want of the segregation of EHRs. It is material for nourishs to apprehend their role as substitute agents and the ways they can govern others when discourseing the challenges of changing to a drastically opposed way of doing things. Everett Rogers, a head in the turn of the diffusion of alterations, identified five qualities that multiplyicularize singular attitudes towards adopting new technology (2003). He theorized that singulars are disturbed after a while: · Relative advantage: The singular adopting the new alteration must see how it achieve be an proficiency aggravate the old way of doing things. · Compatibility after a while true values and practices: The adopter must apprehend how the new alteration aligns after a while ordinary practices. · Simplicity: The adopter must think he or she can amply overcome the new technology; the over reserved acquirements the new rule appears, the immenseer the opposition that achieve betide. · Trialability: The adopter should possess the turn to “play around’ after a while the new technology and criticize its capabilities. · Observable results: The adopter must possess declaration that the projected alteration has been prosperityful in other situations. Note: You are not required to lapse Rogers’ compass or continue exalt notice concerning his schedule of five qualities. The notice granted hither is qualified to ample this Assignment. The ample intimation for Rogers’ labor is granted beneath the due determination on this page. For this Assignment, you postulate the role of a nourish facilitator in a insignificant hospital in upstate New York. You possess been multiply of a team preparing for the implementation of a new electronic vigor history rule. Decisions as to the program that achieve be used possess been finalized, and you are now tasked after a while preparing the nourishs for the new rule. Thither has been an underordinary of opposition explicit by nourishs, and you must corcoranswer to their concerns. You possess a discussion scheduled after a while the nourishs 1 week foregoing to the luxuriance on the new EHR rule. Consider how you can use the five qualities sketchd by Rogers (2003) to back in preparing the nourishs for the upcoming implementation. To prepare · Review the Acquirements Resources this week encircling prosperityful implementations of EHRs. · Consider how you would bestow the new EHR rule to the nourishs to win their acclaim. · Reflect on the five qualities sketchd by Rogers. How would discourseing each of those areas amend the presumption of prosperity?  Write a 3- to 5-page article which conceives the following: · Using Rogers’ (2003) scheme as a groundwork, sketch how you would access the discussion after a while the nourishs. Be favoring as to the types of notice or activities you could prepare to discourse each area and conceive how you would corcoranswer to opposition. · Analyze the role of nourishs as substitute agents in facilitating the segregation of new technology.