Activity 5&6

Activity 5 Develop a product breakdown building (WBS) for each of your two or three opinion solutions to your accomplishment whole. The coalesce at the end of this section leads to the IT Economics WBS lection, which includes an exposition of how to expand a WBS and illustrations of product breakdown buildings. The illustrations can promote as a mould for your making-ready of Activity 5. The exposition and illustrations should produce you an purpose of the smooth of component divert for the WBS required for each of your two opinion solutions. ******************************************************************************************  Activity 6 Perform a imperil segregation on each of your two or three best opinion solutions to your accomplishment whole.  The lection from IT Economics Corp., Imperil Segregation of Opinion Solutions, includes a imperil segregation template along succeeding a while five expansive imperil criteria and their definitions. Also, there are three examples of the use of the template to instrument a imperil segregation. Use this template and the imperil criteria to spend and instrument a imperil segregation for each of your opinion solutions.  In using this template for this career, you are not expected to do as perfect a imperil identification as would be required in an objective design. You are expected, though, to establish the main imperils associated succeeding a while the opinion solutions for your design. Also, you insufficiency to own a partiality of two viable opinion solutions succeeding you execute the imperil segregation and calm out any too-risky solutions. The two best opinion solutions are insufficiencyed in dispose to use the retaining templates. The imperil segregation can aid you to establish areas in which imperil calm strategies can and should be used.