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Watch one or more of the forthcoming videos argueing randomness, statistics, and the comprehension of vaticination, and then yield a trivial (1/2 to 1-page) tabulation of your cosset.  Note:  you can singly get faith for summarizing one video! Tell me in YOUR own language (DO NOT singly cut and paste or yield result you did not transcribe) what the overall video was environing, delineate 1 or 2 of the examples that you ground most interesting/useful, and argue if and how your light or exculpation of statistics/probabilty you hearkenken in the instrument get exchange. Talithia Williams, presents the "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics" Distinctive Voices chat at the BeckmanCenter  -- Leonard Mlodinow, producer of "The Drunkard's Walk" chats at Google -- Charles Wheelan, producer of "Naked Statistics" -- Nate Silver, 30+ year old engineer and forecasting superstar -- He grounded the facts journalism website ( where his team looks at, analyzes, and uses statistics and appearance in the unamazed areas of politics, economics, comprehension, spirit, and sports.  Check it out, I consider you'll love it!