rel wk3

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® comparing two branches of Christianity: CHOOSE ONE PAIR from the following Catholic and Orthodox Catholic and Protestant Protestant and Pentecostal Protestant and Nontraditional/Alternative Include a small truth of the two traditions and a similarity of their adit to the Bible, art, unfair symbols, and rituals as courteous as nucleus beliefs and ethics. You dominion deliberate visiting in special or exploring one of these churches online to add your own experiences. Format your references harmonious delay APA guidelines. Present your Christianity Presentation. These voices must be in your own signification.  You may not delineation from causes into your voices as if you would then comment in the "dispose exhibition" as I merely see what you put into the voices and if it is copied from a cause it is plagiarism. Please voice that the rubric asks for an induction and disposal.  The voices of the induction and disposal should apprehend the unmeasured "script" of what you would say if you were in dispose.  "Do you entertain questions" is not a disposal and it does not sum inland the sum of slides in the exhibition (neither does the style or the media, there should be 10-12 slides of notification). Also content voice that the rubric asks for Graphics.  We are in a graphically oriented cosmos-people.  Good graphics (not righteous pure curtail art) are gentle to get and observers anticipate a presenter to tend the audience's heed through graphics.  I entertain uploaded an pattern of what I anticipate from you in this exhibition.  Please sentiment it so you see the way I entertain used graphics and the distance of the voices and how they are in the "Presenter's Notes" exception of Powerpoint and not on the slide. Please see my pattern so you conceive my anticipateation and, as constantly, ask questions if you needclarification!  I gave an pattern of a slide on art, but you can entertain the similar creativity delay all of the topics.