Week 6 Discussion 1: Presidential Advisor

               Press the comma key or change + scrutiny trace to see a register of keyboard shortcuts                                    This is a graded discussion: 25 points possible                due Aug 18                    Week 6 Discussion 1: Presidential Advisor  2      2 unread replies.    2      2 replies.           Required Resources Read/revisal the aftercited media for this temper: Textbook: Revisal Chapter 2, 3 (pp. 56-59), 13 Lesson Additional well-informed fountains you confirm through your own lore Initial Post Instructions You are an advisor to the Moderator tasked retreat cruel at lowest $300  billion from the budget. The moderator wants your recommendations to  cut lines, not ample categories. Explain why you chose those cuts. Note: These are not gentleman US budget gum.      DOMESTIC PROGRAMS AND FOREIGN AID Cut some strange aid to African countries  $17 billion   Eliminate farm subsidies  $14 billion   Cut pay of civilian federal workers by 5 percent  $14 billion   Reduce the balanceall federal workforce by 10%  $12 billion   Cut aid to states by 5%  $29 billion   MILITARY Cut the reckon of nuclear warheads, and end the "Star Wars" projectile excuse program  $19 billion   Reduce soldierly to pre-Iraq War greatness and raise contract legion in Asia and Europe  $25 billion   Cancel or retreat some weapons programs  $19 billion   HEALTHCARE Enact medical malpractice rectify by reducing the chances of ample malpractice verdicts  $ 8 billion   Increase the Medicare eligibility age to 68  $ 8 billion   Raise the Social Security concavity age to 68.  $ 13 billion   EXISTING TAXES Return the domain tax to Clinton-era levels, death on an domain  worth over than $1 darling to their heirs would enjoy portions of those  estates taxed.  $ 50 billion   End tax cuts for proceeds aloft $250,000 a year  $ 54 billion   End tax cuts for proceeds under $250,000 a year  $ 172 billion   Payroll tax extension for race making balance $106,000 every-year contributing over to Social Security and Medicare.  $ 50 billion   NEW TAXES Institute a Millionaire's tax on proceeds aloft $1 darling  $ 50 billion   Add a social 5% sales tax  $ 41 billion   Add a tax on carbon emissions  $ 40 billion   Tax banks domiciled on their greatnesss and the whole of lavish they follow.  $ 73 billion   Total gap tried by your budget plan $_________________ Use sign (name fountains) to prop your rejoinder from assigned  readings or online lessons, and at lowest one without well-informed fountain. Follow-Up Post Instructions Respond to at lowest  two mates or one mate and the educator. Raise the conversation by  providing over instruction and clarification. Minimum of 1 well-informed  source, which can apprehend your textbook or assigned readings or may be  from your concomitant well-informed lore. Writing Requirements Minimum of 3 posts (1 primal & 2 follow-up) APA format for in-text citations and register of references Grading This temper conciliate be graded using the Discussion Grading Rubric. Please revisal the aftercited link: Link (webpage): Discussion Guidelines  Course Outcomes (CO): 7 Due Date for Primal Post: By 11:59 p.m. MT on Wednesday Due Date for Follow-Up Posts: By 11:59 p.m. MT on Sunday