Automated Voting System

This provision debate about the The Ward Council selections possess regularly been a undying soul for entire develop. It is an soul wherein each ward is required to pick-out from a set of candidates who obtain embody each position in the Ward Council. In ordain for the ward to perfect this, the ward must go through divers arrangementes. First the ward must go to the Administration Office if he is a registered element, then goes to the voting area and pick-outs the candidates he likes. After that, the ward submits the filled-up ballot contrive to the voting conductor in ordain for his votes to be style. Then the ward is noticeable delay an indestructible ink to declare that he has already voted. Behind all the votes possess been style, the voting arrangement goes anew through divers arrangementes. The votes are unmoved and are then counted, which could use divers hours to divers days, depending on the book of votes. Background of the Study The provision debate computers exceedingly mend the accelerate and teachableness of voting arrangement. Results could be attained equable proper behind the selections reducing the interval to a pure side compared to the interval it uses if the voting is produced manually. It to-boot increases the equalize of the voting habit owing of multimedia mendments. The bring-in progeny, persons became more philosopher chiefly delay the use of computers. Technologies emerged to bring-in numerous contrariant ways of progression. Computer machines are of these. Computers now in entity are the most potent machines than can do wholething persons’s lives. It is in this result that the proponent has ruled to propound a scheme to mend the bulky manual voting scheme. The proponent bequest to turn the bulky manual scheme into an automated voting scheme. Information Technology Elections are held in entire develop year for the BSIT wards of Arellano University-Pasig. Where the positions are President, Vice- Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, P. I. O, and First year to Fourth year Representative. Using computers would create the sselection faster. Delay the new scheme, votes are tallied and pestilential electronically.