For the final lab project, I will be testing the catalase enzyme reaction rate using different volumes of hydrogen peroxide with potatoes. I will have all test tubes at the same room temperature but the amount hydrogen peroxide concentration will differ f

  Design an touchstone in which you gain touchstone the consequence of an penetratingic limpid on enzymatic disposition. (Recall: enzymes are proteins.) To thorough this purpose, it may be serviceable for you to criticism the Scientific Method Tutorial , so that you can improve imply how to guile an touchstone.  It may besides be beneficial for you to criticism your textbook and Lab 4 (Enzymes).  As you criticism Lab 4, you gain be reminded that there are sundry factors that contact enzymatic disposition: pH, atmosphere, and quantity of reagent.  Feel unoccupied to point to observations and notification from Lab 4 as you thorough the Final Applied Purpose (see the doubts under). Or in other opinion, it is OK to use the corresponding enzyme/substrate/method as you did in lab 4 (but dissimilate the matter), or you can exploration on-line to confront a contrariant enzyme/substrate/method for measuring enzyme disposition. As you guile your touchstone for this purpose, delight recollect that you are unamenable to test how an penetratingic limpid gain dissimilate the end of an enzymatic reaction.  To successfully thorough this purpose, you gain deficiency to authenticate the doubt(s) nature asked in your touchstone and the supposition that you are touchstoneing.  In your touchstoneal guile, you must evidently illustrate what you are doing. That media that you gain deficiency to authenticate the enzyme and the penetrating, as well-behaved-behaved as illustrate your touchstoneal protocol (this notification gain acceleration you to vindication doubt 2).  You must besides completely illustrate how the union of the penetratingic limpid contacted the overall reaction order (this notification gain acceleration you to vindication doubt 4). Hint: Keep in intellect that the penetrating gain modify the environmental stipulations of the touchstone (for pattern, a low pH esteem could modify the model of the free post on the enzyme protein), outside straightway participating in the reaction.