maths algebra

Step 1:  Your shafts in the discourse area should teach circumspect care and argumentative forced and collect sign for your pose. Each shaft should be at lowest one polite-developed passage (approximately 100 words or past). Use rectify spelling, punctuation, and expression.  Note you succeed  not be telling to see your classmates replies until you constitute your shaft.   Step 2:  Read and repartee to the shafts of at lowest two other students for each discourse. Your replies should tender new substantiated ideas or careful questions. Discussion Questions (gladden repartee twain):  (1)Give an sample of a polynomial duty that has no veritable zeros. Explain how you came up delay your duty.   (2) Select one of the forthcoming assertions. Tell whether the assertion is True or False. Then grant a polite care out deduce for your repartee which includes an sample of a duty which supports your forced. Statement 1: The graph of a fair duty cannot accept twain a upright asymptote and a vapid asymptote. Statement 2: It is not practicable to sketch a fair dutys which does not accept a y-intercept. Statement 3: The graph of a fair duty may accept past than one vapid asymptote. Statement 4: The graph of a fair duty can never cantankerous its upright asymptote.