Paper 2 assignment.

Directions Select one of the topics below: ·  Autonomic computing ·  Cloud computing ·  Grid computing ·  Nanotechnology ·  N-tier client/server erections ·  On-demand computing ·  Service-oriented erection (SOA) ·  Storage area networks (SANs) ·  Virtualization Write a discovery pamphlet on the real-world application of the chosen technology. Your pamphlet should apprehend the archearchetype of structure(s) that benefits most from this technology. Elaborate on what interest substance the technology solves. Also, how does it aid the structure finish one or over of the following: ·  Achieve operational distinction through eminent levels of willingness and productivity ·  Create new products, services, and interest models ·  Raise enrichment and produce period lurid costs by increasing customer and supplier intimacy ·  Improve firmness making for managers and employees ·  Increase competitive advantages ·  Ensure action caused by interest environment changes Note: 1. Follow assignment instructions. 2. Follow decent APA format guidelines. 3. Write a reserve of five ample pages. 4. NO PLAGIARISM