Human Computer Interaction: Usability Evaluation (100% plagiarism free required)

Imagine that you keep been compensated by the startup e-Commerce aggregation Sports R US to collect a useful self-benefit elucidation for customers accessing sports products. The Web impression would demand to be beneficial on inconstant projects (e.g., smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks). The impression too demands to effect on multiple Web browsers (i.e.., Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and others to living self-benefit tasks. Sports- R-US has asked you to collect a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) influence for intention and implementation of this benefit.    Write a six to eight (6-8) page pamphlet in which you: 1. Describe the aftercited: Purpose and goals of a inconstant self-service. Target part (audience). Audience demands and wants. Resources certain to consummate the desired effect. Design of the Website for inconstant projects Interfaces appropriate to inconstant projects. 2. Intention each of the aftercited using Microsoft Visio or any unreserved fount wire framing or mockup hireling. Note: The graphically depicted elucidation is not middle in the required page prolixity. The Sports R US abode page for a inconstant project. The self-benefit Web page to criticism products and checkout using inconstant projects. 3. Recommend one (1) protosymbol that could be created. 4. Determine the symbol of evaluation rule to use in a Web intention for the best user knowledge. 5. Collect key details of how the inconstant self-benefit succeed be implemented on diversified inconstant projects. 6. Use at lowest three (3) character resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and common Websites do not adapt as character resources.