Module 04 Lab 02 – Bioremediation of Oil Spills

  To mode your lab, fascinate thrive these instructions-- *if you enjoy already executed marchs 1-10, singly log in to judgment your way and have-a-share in lab activities: Please go to:  This get procure you to the “Course Key Students” page. Enter the Way Key "Chem-mangan" in the box and click "register.” Create an recital by supply in the apprehendledge (be apprehending to use an recital ID and password you get recall and constitute a hush of it for coming logins). Click “I’m not a robot” and “Sign Up.” Confirm your recital by clicking on “confirm recital.” Read the consort devise, then consort by choosing “I consort” and “submit.” Click on “Register” for the Chemistry Virtual Lab Activities delay Instructor Manganiello. Click on “Enter way” next to the red arrow to inaugurate the lab. Find the lab required for the assignment and inaugurate exertion. Should you proof issues, fascinate contiguity the PSC at 1-866-693-2211 and let them apprehend you need coadjutorship delay labs in the CHM1100 way. Purposes: To enumerate the conformity among manifold molecules and enumerate how to add limiting reagents installed on the needed reaction. All of the instructions for this lab are located delayin ChemCollective. You get march through this lab completing incongruous drudgerys on incongruous pages. At the end of each drudgery, you get see a "Correct" or "Incorrect" defend. You are able to try again if you see an "Incorrect" defend. Be apprehending to catch a defendshot of each "Correct" defend. Submit a zip smooth of all defendshots for this lab disposition. For coadjutorship entrance a defendshot, associate to the thriveing influence. For coadjutorship zipping smooths contemporaneously, associate to the thriveing influence.