Pt 1 Final Project Milestone One: Introduction, Business Requirements, and Competitors and Technology

   Guidelines for Submission: Your knotty exhaust should be 3–4 pages in diffusiveness and should supervene APA constituteatting, including embrace spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Assignment: You effort for Nordstrom Rack a minute brick-and-mortar matter. The possessor of your matter wants to centre on generating new enrichment thknotty e-commerce, but she knows that this modify in operations requires the concourse to solidity new technology. To shape an discernment of what the matter capability deficiency for technology, she has asked you to: Create a matter systems segregation. In this segregation, you allure distinctly usher-in the total that your matter is confrontment.   Then, you allure enumerate the matter requirements for solving that total, including the requirements that any new technology deficiencys to coalesce. The design in the design is to demonstrate an e-commerce influence, but you must ameliorate the present technology foremost.  Use the Determination Matrix instrument as you induce your examination for coadjutorship organizing your thoughts. (You allure acquiesce the completed determination matrix in Milestone Two.) For subjoined media on developing the determination matrix, allude to: · Determination Matrix: What It Is and How to Use It: This proviso defines the determination matrix and discusses how leaders evaluate and prioritize all of their options when because solutions to a opposed toil.  · Determination Matrix Analysis: This proviso clear-ups how to use a determination matrix segregation, a profitable technique for making a select when divers factors must be balanced. Captioned account of this wealth can be fix less.  · Determination Matrix Example: Use this wealth to vision an stance of a completed determination matrix (see passion). Specifically, the superveneing delicate elements must be orationed: I. Introduction: In this minority, you allure little usher-in the minute matter from the subject scenario, and the total that it is reserved to unfold.         A. Distinctly recite the total that the matter possessor is seeking to unfold. Be     infallible to oration the inquiry of what your matter besides wants to do.        B. Identify and little portray the two technologies from the inventory granted that you allure examination in your matter systems segregation. II. Matter Requirements: In this minority, you allure enumerate what the matter requirements are to unfold the recited total, and demonstrate the criteria that allure aid constitute your technology recommendations. You allure so outspoken why the matter possessor should point the design of integrating new technology.           A. Clear-up the objectives of enterprise this design to solidity new technology. In others utterance, what should the design shape, and how does it patronage the design of your matter?          B. Provide a design term that clear-ups the point of the design. Be infallible to oration the superveneing: i. What does your matter deficiency to do to compensate the objectives? ii. What are the desired results at the end of the design? iii. Why is it main for your matter possessor to regard implementing new technology?         C. Recite the key technological requirements that allure be required of any new technology in direct to effectively unfold your matter’s total. In other utterance, what localally does the technology deficiency to be capable of doing? (These are the technology requirements in the determination matrix.)  III. Competitors and Technology: In this minority, you allure portray two competing companies that work in the corresponding perseverance as your matter. You allure so clear-up how a concourse uses the two technologies that you are investigating to enumerate if the technology may be mismisappropriate for your matter to use. Remember that a inventory of competing companies was granted to you in the terminal design subject scenario.             A. Technology One: Select one concourse in the corresponding perseverance as your own that uses this technology. Little portray what that concourse does and how it uses this technology to patronage its matter in open. Include local stances.             B. Technology Two: Select one concourse in the corresponding perseverance as your own that uses this technology. Little portray what that concourse does and how it uses this technology to patronage its matter in open. Include local stances.            C. Referring to what you versed in your examination on the companies aloft, clear-up one local way in which one of the companies is favorting from technology, and portray the germinative favor to your matter if you were to incorporate the corresponding arrival.