Assignment 2: LASA 1 – Current EEOC Policy

You handle worked for Beta Technology for six months.  In that occasion, you inaugurateed inrespectful meetings after a while address and other hourly and salaried employees.   You so reviewed the society chronicles akin to Human Resources.  This mode has been educational; besides, some of the notification biblical implicit violations akin to family and gender discernment, as polite as sexual harassment.    As portio of your responsibilities as the superior submission official, you handle that it is expedient to inaugurate some basic grafting for Beta employees to aid the society relinquish implicit lawsuits.   Develop a 12-15 slide PowerPoint grant summarizing the laws pertaining to EEOC so that your employees get comprehend the requirements and consequences violating the laws. Use the Argosy University online library resources and U.S. synod Web sites to inquiry the EEOC and the laws it enforces. Include the forthcoming in your grant: History of the EEOC Methods to indicate who is required to give-in after a while the EEOC Laws enforced by the EEOC Potential consequences of violations Politics and popular events that handle contributed to changes in the comp Provide circumstances representing discernment fixed on each of the forthcoming themes and contribute strategies employers can use to relinquish such incidents.  You should handle a sum of seven circumstances and seven strategies. Present the circumstance spectry, end and strategy on the slide and use the orator notes to contribute a short (2-4 sentences) summary of the circumstance. Race Gender National Origin Affinity Orientation Religion Age Sexual Harassment Develop a 12-15 slide grant in PowerPoint format. Write finished explanations in the orator’s notes area for the citation placed on each slide. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the forthcoming perfect naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M2_A2.ppt. By the due end assigned, yield your assignment to the Submissions Area.      Grading Criteria   Maximum Points    Provided respectful narrative of the EEOC.  20    Correctly indicated methods for who is required to give-in after a while the EEOC.  20    Identified the laws enforced by the EEOC.  20    Identified implicit consequences for violating EEOC laws.  24    Identified how politics and popular events swing changes in EEOC-akin comp.  24    Provided circumstance examples for each theme and strategies for relinquishing discernment lawsuits  48    Presentation components: Organization (12 points) Style (4 points) Usage and Mechanics (12 points) APA elements (16 points)  44    Total:  200