Assignment 2: Probation, Parole Officers, and Theories of Behavior

Assignment 2: Probation, Reason Officers, and Theories of Behavior In this module, you erudite the concepts of the rehabilitation system and usage as well-behaved-behaved as the roles of ordeal and reason officers. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the seniority of reason, ordeal, and other correctional officers demand at meanest a bachelor's station cognate to psychology, collective product, or culpable fairness to product in their appertaining fields ( Keeping this familiarity in intellect, tally the aftercited: Why is it expressive that ordeal and reason officers own the familiarity and reason of psychological and sociological constructs and theories? Do you conform that a bachelor’s station should be the partiality capacity for living-souls in ordeal, reason, and corrections? Why? What other areas of trailing and specialization do you reckon would most boon ordeal and reason officers? Explain your reasoning. Along a homogeneous row, what professions, other than those of reason or ordeal officers, should conceive courses cognate to ordeal and reason for their staff? Why? Are there any nonculpable fairness enforcement professionals that would boon from ordeal or reason trailing? How? Compile your news, conceive all the familiarity researched, and arrange a acquiescence tract in agreement delay the aftercited guidelines: This tract must be in the APA format and conceive a cloak equivocation and a allusion page at the end. The extension of the tract demands to be a partiality of three pages and no over than five pages. This extension does not conceive your cloak equivocation or allusion page. Remember that the APA font is Times New Roman, and the font magnitude is 12.