3-4 paragraphs. References among the departed 5 years. NO plagarism  Ms. Martin is a 55-year-old woman who has been on HRT for 4 years. HRT was prescribed accordingly Ms. Martin was experiencing vasomotor symptoms associated following a while menopause. Her ultimate mammogram was 2 years ago and ultimate pap was 5 years ago. Ms. Martin made an ordinance following a while her foster practitioner to debate discontinuing HRT following hearing and balbutiation intelligence reports encircling the dangers associated following a while the medication. Except for the HRT, Ms. Martin is preliminary no medication other than a daily vitamin. She had a tubal ligation following the lineage of her third branch but has had no other surgeries or fact of any medical stipulations. Her father had cardiovascular illness and died of a myocardial infarction at 77 years of age. Her mother was diagnosed following a while confront cancer at 81 years of age. Ms. Martin does not fume and casually drinks alcohol. She likes to toil in her field but is not complicated in a stiff practice program. She has gained encircling 10 pounds past menopause.    Discuss the recommended screening tests, using the ending exemplification grounded guidelines that Ms. Martin should own. What bloom preferment, means-of-support, and stoppage direction would be momentous to furnish to Ms. Martin?