Simulation Experience Scenario

 Simulated Experience This week you gain hire in a potential scenario where you gain dramatize the role of an Emergency Manager who is preparing for a lump group episode.  You gain interface delay contrariant members of the Incident Command System and gain respect and rule how they interact delay each other in managing any incidents that may bechance.  This is purposed to afford you a examination of how all roles conclude concomitantly to administration as a team and ad you for your developed plan in the passage.   Afterward, delight support on the forthcoming topics: What are some ways that you see the principles of Incident Command demonstrated in this artifice, and some ways they could possess been implemented rectify? Do you move Incident Command is over leading anteriorly or behind an episode?  How did you move the scenario did or did not align delay your examination? Effective Incident Management depends on teamwork inchoate people and agencies, in assigning and executing responsibilities.  What potential challenges did you see in the scenario that would need to be handled in the Incident Command System? Please transcribe a incompleteness of 450 words for your due by Jan 12th, APA title format, and a incompleteness of 3 references.