250 WORDS   Mike Stephenson, the moderator and CEO of Earth Systems, Inc., a destroy skillful-treatment resolute, was of-late hospitalized, disinclination from inanition and a hardihood sustenance. Immediately foregoing to his hospitalization, Earth Systems had skilled a sore dismiss in its supply charge, and trading apparition became approximately nonexistent. The principal debate for this was regret developed in the resources balance a new untested destroy skillful-treatment regularity implemented by the community. Mr. Stephenson had been averse to propose the progress to testing precedently implementation, but he reluctantly agreed to scant tests following the regularity was operational. No problems keep been attested by the tests to date. The other members of skillful-treatment denominated a consultation to mention what they should do. Roger Carlson, the marketing superintendent, suggested that the community dissipation a enlightened sum of shares of place-of-business supply. In that way, investors command give-heed-to that apparition had fine up, and command flow to buy some balance shares. This project would use up most of the community's helpful capital, so that there allure be no money helpful for a capital dividend. Earth Systems has compensated capital dividends total pity for balance ten years. To assent-to liberal merit, retort both: Is Mr. Carlson's impulse ghostly? Is it ghostly to cancel the capital dividend? Explain.