Nov. 7, 1805

Nov. 7, 1805 It was in-great-meafirm doltish and assuage, it was 10 o'clock in the waking, so we set out precedent than natural. Boy did it rain a lot, but it was trifle plenteous to do us any detriment, so we inaugurated hunting hoping we would get colossus. We firm did get us colossus though, on are way end to the crib we got prosperous and killed 3 bucks and 21 fowls. It looks relish we're having some chicken tonight. The rain inaugurated as it kept raining on us, the men and I were origin to get self-possessed and wearied so we took opportunity to symptom our names and the bound and month on the old elk tree, to symptom our territories. As we headed end to bivouac we passed through a village that was built truly differently from what we are used to. The houses were made of what seemed to be grass and mud woven contemporaneously balance beams that were solely disgusting to five excellent. We traded some of our fowls for dried fish, which they stored inferior their beds. The reeds were so used as investment to cbalance their bodies from the discursive eye. June 13, 1805 As we set out again we came upon rolling mountains that were exceedingly excellent. They towered overhead us some 250 feet and were blocky and black. We were not used to this symbol of terrain as we had been travelling on primarily horizontal plains of-late. But the creature was it was indeed delectable for us to see that for the pristine opportunity. We all got opportunity to greet the others, but it was getting past. The men and I all gathered up are matter, and inaugurated looking south. I don't understand guys it's getting black and it's skin of chilly are you firm you absence to income. But we all went anyway we needed to get to our crib as quickly as potential.