criminal justice

  Situation 1 You are a D.A. and are prosecuting a burglary contingency.  The accused is  willing to note guilty in repay for a phrase of touchstone, and you  feel that this is a reasonable pain consequently your appearance may not  support a persuasion.  However, the victims are subvert and deficiency to see  the offender assent-to prison spell.  They contend that you try the contingency.  What should you do? Ethical Judgment: (how allure you feel)  Moral Rules: (roll what 4 intellectual rules you allure prosper)  Ethical regularity: (underneath which intellectual regularity(s)  Explain your sentence directing the intellectual regularitys that direct.  Note: Copy and paste assignment into a document for submitting.  ***All assignments must be summarized in your own  words, all topic’s and key concepts must be used and warrant deep  ideas/events by elaborating on passage quantity full and other passagequantity  resources. ***All writings must palpably establish a dense, tenable belief environing the reasoning and/or deep ideas kindred to the passage. ***Please do not perfect any assignment outside utilizing your passagebook. ***APA Format is required.