Health Care Policy X 4 (due: 24 hours)

  1) **********reserve 4 unmeasured pages ( not signification)**************************** (shelter or allusion page not interposed)  2)¨**********APA norms  3)********** It conciliate be signed by Turnitin and SafeAssign  __________________________________________________________ Read polite. Paper should be 1 page, and performed apart 4 times (portraiture and departede is not accepted) you must tally the inquiry immodest times on contrariant pages in the corresponding instrument (Word) ______________________________________________________________ Question:   Complete this week's assigned readings, chapters 39-43. Behind completing the readings, livelihood a brief sentiment, almost 1 predicament in diffusiveness, discussing your sentiments and opinions environing one or diverse of the favoring subjects sheltered in the textbook readings. Identify which one MSN Essential most relates to your separated subject (why) in your argument. Topic 1:   Advanced Nursing Direction and Race Progression The MHS places eminent significance on recent nursing direction. During war, sanity wariness remains to eliminate grounded on the creation of engagement as polite as the challenges posed by symmetrical in the sour environments speciality of the battlearena (Spencer & Favand, 2006). Soldierly promotes must possess the recent performance component skills demanded during fight. Additionally, master's degrees are required to be obtained anteriorly entity promoted to aggravate main soldierly ranks. Professional enlargement and crop is once supposing throughout a promote's warinesser in the MHS by way of commencement experiences, on-the-job trailing, and persistent direction. A abnormity of directional programs, including livelihoodgraduate opportunities, are profitable. Unmeasured funding, in abstracted to persistent to accept unmeasured salary and benefits, is supposing for promotes earning recent performance degrees as polite as those pursuing doctoral studies. The defended benefits are committed to advancing soldierly nursing expertness to optimize the sanity of soldierly members and their families. Graduate direction in civilian programs is profitable for separated propitious promote explorationers. Additionally, to further walk the nursing exploration demands of the MHS, in 1992 Congress symmetrical the TriService Nursing Exploration Program (TSNRP), which is the solely program funding and cheered distressing philosophical exploration in the arena of soldierly nursing (Duong et al., 2005).   TSNRP funds a distant file of studies to walk soldierly nursing expertness. For progeny, in 2011 a convoy examine was conducted to state the sensitivity and favoringity of minute animal positron discharge tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT) in identifying metabolic changes in muscle construction embracing influenceed shrapnel injuries, and comparing this imaging delay transmitted x-ray images. Results showed the PET-CT to be aggravate impressible in identifying construction changes. Soldierly promotes now possess a sole convenience to instruct endurings and soldierly sanity wariness arrangers, as polite as to acquaint oration changes, environing the possibility of coming construction changes environing embedded shrapnel litter and the use of PET-CT imaging as a potential surveillance machine. Another examine cheered by TSNRP in 2010 sought to recognize how livelihoodtraumatic pressure symptoms (PTSS) influence alien functioning in Army host subordinate from engagement. Findings interposed that almost 50% of aliens had at last one idiosyncratic in the alliance delay a eminent raze of PTSS. Grounded on these ends, crop of interventions and policies contrived to soften, or equal frustrate, disclaiming outcomes such as disconnect, infringement, and suicide for soldierly aliens facing engagement deployment are inferior way (TSNRP, 2013). Topic 2:   Posttraumatic Pressure Disorder The example of livelihoodtraumatic pressure empiricisms in veterans has existed for centuries; still, the predicament is calling eminent razes of ordinary consideration caused by the fights in Iraq and Afghanistan and the empiricism now collisions up to 22% of veterans (Johnson et al., 2013; Murray & Garbutt, 2012; Sabella, 2012). VHA and MHS promotes, acovet delay their actional sanity counterparts, possess collaboratively exposed manifestation-grounded guidelines on duty and talented tenors which understand multiple tenor modalities such as trauma-focused psychotherapies (e.g., pitfall therapy), solicitude oration, pressure diminution, guided imagery, rest techniques, cognitive processing and actional therapy, and collective livelihood (Johnson et al., 2013; Murray & Garbutt, 2012; Murray & Smith, 2013; Sabella, 2012). Current policies eminentbright requirements allied to the seasonable duty, tenor, and follow-up wariness of PTSD in twain DoD and VHA clinical settings (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & Department of Defense, 2010). However, most soldierly benefit members and veterans do not prosecute tenor for PTSD accordingly of blot, barriers to wariness, and disclaiming perceptions associated delay receiving immaterial sanity wariness (Hoge, 2011; Murray & Garbutt, 2012; U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & Department of Defense, 2010). Oration progenys requiring eminent pre-eminence understand rectify recognizeing of the barriers to low immaterial sanity benefit use in the MHS and VHA (Hoge, 2011). Nurses are eminently instruimmaterial in recognizeing obstacles to wariness as polite as symmetrical to disclose and utensil collaborative wariness models to extension outstrain to veterans in demand of immaterial sanity benefits. Topic 3:    Sexual Assault Although the DoD and VHA remain to oration soldierly sexual trauma (MST; sexual onslaught or repeated, imminent sexual harassment that occurs during soldierly benefit) and to define what is entity performed to gear this progeny, divers members of Congress believe there is an epidemic in the defended forces. It is estimated that 6.1% of women and 1.2% of men serving in the defended forces conversant and declarationed unwanted sexual adjunction in 2012. These gum are believed to be plenteous eminenter given that incidents go unreported as a end of trepidation of revenge which could collision warinessers and the stagnation of hope that misapply force conciliate be charmed opposite the delinquent (Johnson et al., 2013). Most experiences (67%) happened at employment on soldierly installations (Department of Defense, 2012). This is not a new progeny for the soldierly. For aggravate two decades main soldierly officials and members of Congress possess incomplete recommendations to oration sexual onslaught and harassment. Despite these efforts, the 330 incidence of such equalts remains to extension year-by-year. This creates solid financial and tender absorb that influences diverse generations of veterans and lasts covet behind a prey leaves the soldierly. At this apex, the VHA picks up the absorbs associated delay a abnormity of substantial and immaterial sanity examples (largely livelihoodtraumatic pressure empiricism and debasement), which sexual onslaught and harassment can trigger. In 2013, Congress required a defense to this ongoing example. NDAA 2013 mandated proximate oration changes to understand study of all occurrences of sexual dissuade, requiring an stubborn resurvey of all lawful proceedings and studys embracing MST, and fit prey protections and declarationing policies (U.S. Department of Defense, 2013). VHA immaterial sanity arrangers, including promotes, are discloseing and evaluating therapies favoring to MST. Furthermore, promotes are using telesanity technology to strain out to veterans in indirect areas of the state. Topic 4:   Access to Care More recently, it has end to bright that path to wariness for veterans is worse than previously sentiment. In May 2014, the Veterans Affairs (VA) Inspector General began to canvass enduring hold times and scheduling performances on the cause of concerns that veterans were not receiving seasonable wariness. Preliminary findings showed that systemic enduring protection progenys and potential unjust deaths occurred as a end of animal misoration of instrument, unethical action, and potential nefarious dissuade by VHA main hospital commencement. Anteriorly the 2014 study, a 2013 U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) declaration stated that at last 50 veterans conversant recent gastroenterology consultations for colon cancer, some of whom following died of the ailment. Findings such as this supposing manifestation that recent path to sanity wariness is associated delay disclaiming sanity outcomes (Chokshi, 2014), and these scheduling performances are not in yielding delay VHA oration (U.S Department of Veteran Affairs Office of the Inspector General, 2014). Kizer and Jha (2014) eminent that almost 20 years ago the VHA had to utensil sweeping reconstitutes to extension twain peculiarity and accountability. The reconstitutes of the 1990s improved peculiarity and extensiond path and power (Kizer & Jha, 2014). The successes of the departed reconstitutes in the VHA arrange manifest manifestation that the examples are fixable (Kizer & Jha, 2014) and new reconstitutes are again demanded to fix ordinary challenges. One such attack at reconstitute is the VA Oration Accountability Act of 2014, which has passed the U.S. House of Representatives and gives the Secretary of the VA eminenter authority to life main administrators. In abstracted, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) acovet delay John McCain (R-AZ) introduced a bipartisan ample score that livelihoods veterans having path to order as polite a federal sanity wariness arrangers. The score too arranges embarrassment funding for the VHA to commission aggravate physicians, promotes, and other sanity wariness employmenters. Choose any of these Essentials for each of the subjects and tally the inquiry:  I. Background for Performance from Sciences and Humanities II. Organizational and Systems Leadership  III. Peculiarity Improvement and Safety  IV. Translating and Integrating Scholarship into Practice  V. Informatics and Healthwariness Technologies  VI. Sanity Oration and Advocacy  VII. Interprofessional Collaboration for Fit Enduring and Population Sanity Outcomes  VIII. Clinical Prevention and Population Sanity for Fit Sanity   Question:    Complete this week's assigned readings, chapters 39-43. Behind completing the readings, livelihood a brief sentiment, almost 1 predicament in diffusiveness, discussing your sentiments and opinions environing one or diverse of the favoring subjects sheltered in the textbook readings. Identify which one MSN Essential most relates to your separated subject (Why) in your argument.