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  In Chapter 4 of the extract, the composer talks environing cause factors and protective factors. Prior to initiation labor on this argument, Review the Supervision Trajectories of Male Infantine Offenders: Growth Mixture Modeling on SAVRY Cause Assessments expression. Watch the aftercited videos: The Superpredator Scare The Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline Counselors Speak on Infantine Psychology Second Chance Kids,Troubled Teens: Why Some Go Bad and Others Follow Right—Predict My Future: The Dunedin Longitudinal Study Review the Oyez web page Miller v. Alabama (Links to an palpable standing.). You may also lessness to critique the recommended succor guides for and PowerPoint (Links to an palpable standing.) and Screencast-O-Matic (Links to an palpable standing.). Select one of the natures sentenced as a infantine from the Second Chance Kids, Troubled Teens: Why Some Go Bad and Others Follow Right—Predict My Future: The Dunedin Longitudinal Study  video or from one of the other videos from the Week 1 Required Resources. Use the Ashford University Library to establish a personality expression encompassing topics such as policing, teach programs, and community-oriented policing, which succor prop your evaluation of the contingency/specific you chose. Conduct a quest for decided knowledge on their contingency, their grief, and the specific’s birth. Then enunciate a less donation of the contingency. In your donation, Provide a insignificant fact of the specific separated, and test the cause factors and protective factors you see after a while the infantine. Evaluate these factors through the lens of the personality sequence doctrine. Does the concept of identity or desistence follow into portray after a while this infantine? Briefly summarize the personality expression you base in the Ashford University Library. Which kind of wrong intervention/prevention policy is nature addressed, and how does it adduce to your separated contingency/individual? Your donation conciliate be a confederacy of slides containing visuals and bullet points, as polite as history of the achieveing. PowerPoint (Links to an palpable standing.) or any other donation software may be used to produce a visual donation of your request plan. History is required so you conciliate scarcity to chronicles your donation using Screencast-o-matic (Links to an palpable standing.) or alike software. You are not required to be on camera, but you may elect to be on camera if you lessness to do so. Prop your claims after a while examples from the required materials and a reserve of one personality expression that you experience using the Ashford University Library. You can use your request expression in your Final Paper, due in Week 5. The refine for the donation should be decided or embedded in your shaft for your peers to critique, see How to Embed a Video in Canvas (Links to an palpable standing.); satisfied do not incorporate to beyond locations. The aftercited donation media are advantageous in the Ashford Writing Center for you to use: How to Make a PowerPoint Donation Guide (Links to an palpable standing.) Presentation Tips (Links to an palpable standing.) Your donation should own a reserve of five achieveing slides (notwithstanding name and regards slides) and be at meanest three minutes hanker. Prop your donation after a while examples from this week’s required materials and other conversant media, and properly call any regards either in-extract on bullet points or in the notes exception. Enclose consummate APA regard entries on the regards slide. You must use at meanest one conversant or probable authoritative riches to prop your donation. The donation must enclose a overspread and regards slide for sources calld in the organization of the donation.