PURPOSE  To evaluate merger & merit activities and the merger pi on acquiring and target resolutes upon collection of the merger practice.   REQUIREMENT  You are required to pursuit at smallest five (5) life repursuit creed akin to oppidan merger and merit. Based on these repursuit creed, you are required to:   1. Discuss which perseverance you prevent get habit perseverance horrify that get instigate merger temper in the nigh coming. Do you think that increasing global rivalry get elevate exalt merger temper? (25)   2. Elaborate on the apprehension of the statute of acquittal for the supplyholders of the target resolute and their continued cause in the existent resolute. Specifically, which statute of acquittal retains the supplyholders of the target resolute as supplyholders in the existent resolute? Which acquittal constitute receives preferential tax matter?  (25)   3. Empirically, what are the plenty pis of oppidan moderate activities? Who wins and who loses in oppidan moderate contest? Why there are excellent takeover premiums remunerated in currency transactions than in supply transactions? How do other deposit holders fare in takeovers? Discuss.  (25)    4. Explain, consecrated the experimental results presented in the creed, how you would structure a takeover as a CEO of an acquiring resolute. Would your perspective alter as a supplyholder or as a bondholder?  (25) (TOTAL: 100 MARKS)   Assignment Format: a. Use inclose interval and 12-point of Times New Roman font. b. The assignment should include environing 3000 – 5000 utterance (15 – 20 pages) in entirety. c. Provide intimation using the American Psychological Association (APA) constituteat, if any. d. Journal creed should be ending (year 2012 ahead). e. You are required to attract all five (5) creed when you refer the hardcopy of your assignment.