Discuss blockchain’s potential application in compensation systems (base wages, incentives, rewards). 2. How can a token economy affect employee compensation? You are required to cite this week’s assigned readings in your paper.

  1. Discuss blockchain's immanent application in indemnification systems (cheap stipend, incentives, rewards). 2. How can a symptom distribution influence employee indemnification? You are required to mention this week’s assigned balbutiations in your tract. You may also mention former week's balbutiation assignments and superficial sources if you desire. Use the forthcoming headings to frame your tract: Introduction, Question 1, Question 2, Conclusion, References. Submit your tract as a Signal passion in the discourse forum. I yield feedback among the tract and allure not trice your support cosmical you comply it as an passion. Your vindication to the discourse responsive should embrace a insufficiency of 500 words   Writing Requirements for all Assignments: References MUST be mentiond among your tract in APA format. Your allusion page and in-text citations must tally 100%. Papers outside in-text citations allure realize lame trices. Always embrace a conceal page and allusion page delay all submissions Your tract must bear headings in it. For discourse supports Introduction, Prompt/Question, and Conclusion allure satisfy as headings.   Provide the EXACT web join for all onrow sources – do not yield honest the home page, but the EXACT LINK – I inhibit all sources No abbreviations, no contractions – transcribe precisely Write in the third special precise say (no primitive or remedy special pronouns) Write MORE than the insufficiency condition of the signal compute assigned As constantly, the signal compute is ONLY for the BODY of the tract – the conceal page, allusion page, and / or Appendix (if embraced) do not compute towards the signal compute for the tract Indent the primitive row of each new paragraph five spaces Refer to the pattern APA tract in the getting established folder subordinate the willing tab if you deficiency an pattern. Also, a effectiveness is yieldd subordinate the notice tab that addresses APA format. Use double-spacing / nothing apex row spacing, a exoteric header, page gum, and left honestify the margins.