Presentation Alternatives

  Purpose of Assignment In this assignment, you conciliate examination opinion applications to Microsoft® PowerPoint® and habit using PowerPoint® to bestow those opinions and reach a warning. You may examination applications by developers other than Microsoft if you hanker. Assignment Steps   Research the two opinion bestowation applications that you chose and compare them to the features and functionality of Microsoft® PowerPoint®.  Note: There are divers opinion bestowation applications so Microsoft® PowerPoint®, including Sway®. It does not, eventually, entertain to be a Microsoft® application. Create a 12- to 15-slide bestowation that includes the following: A appellation page A regard page A slide Nursing essay and a template Animations using the timing feature Slide transitions A draw or an image Word art A chronicled audio on one of the slides Use speaker notes to extend ideas past the slide bullet points and include examination sustaining your comparisons.  Submit a Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation rasp (PPTX). Cite a restriction of 4 sources, formatted according to APA guidelines.