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  Essay 3 is an close essay of at meanest 1200 vote, not including works cited page. Your essay should centre on one of four thematic topics granted adown and excite an front of that consequence. This essay asks you to admit a stance and procure attraction using at meanest two (2) of the essays from the readings we accept covered in this race, as courteous as at meanest two (2) divert, beyond sources. The Importance of Learning “Learning to Read and Write,” by Frederick Douglass “The Education of Women,” by Daniel Defoe “The Joy of Reading and Writing,” by Sherman Alexie The Process of Writing “Reading to Write,” by Stephen King “Professions for Women,” by Virginia Wolf “Shitty First Drafts,” by Anne Lamott Being Black in America “The Fourth of July,” by Audre Lorde “Paranoid Style of Policing,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates “Learning to Read and Write,” by Frederick Douglass A Multicultural Existence “Two Ways to Belong in America,” by Bharati Mukherjee “Lunch,” by Cristina Henriquez “Mother Tongue,” by Amy Tan