Paper Revising & Reply to Students

  In week 3 you completed Examination Article Part 1 which interjacent your vestibule, references, and article draft. Re-examination the feedback you ordinary from your instructor on Examination Article Part 1 precedently completing Examination Article Part 2. Precedently surrenderting your examination article, re-examination the grading rubric underneath to shape a bountiful conception of the requirements for the assignment. Your assignment is to transcribe a 1250-1800 articulation article on your selected subject-matter, from Week Three, Final Examination Article Part I. You are expected to summon at meanest five creditable, scholarly sources (without of the direction quotation) in fooded your subject on your selected subject-matter. Please supervene these Guidelines: Use MLA format for your documentation and article formatting (use one or the other phraseology, but be certain you use it unexceptionably and accordingly throughout your article. Cite, allege and paraphrase ethically and unexceptionably. No past than 5% of your article may be made up of alleged representative. Include examples of art works to food your resolution. If you would love to apprehend images in your article, they must be justly captioned and summond. Use the art elements and delineation principles glossary in your match. Submit your article as an devotion in MS Word format. Click on the "Week Four Assignment - Final Examination Article Part II” couple overhead to surrender your assignment and feel it filtered through Safe Assign.