ANSWER ONLY ONE QUESTION SET Question Set 1:  Describe the elements of the AIDS emergency, grasp notice on the thread of the distemper and the LGBT commonwealth’s counteraction to the emergency. What groups of mob, to-boot the gay exactingy commonwealth, were most fictitious by the distemper? Why was funding exacting to conclude by? What was the collision on the LGBTQ commonwealth and how did it fluctuate their culture? What is the prevalent narrate of the AIDS emergency? Question Set 2:   What was activity enjoy for homosexuals, in Germany, during WWII? How had it fluctuated in Europe gone the coming 1920s and1930s? How did the US soldierlike counteract to homosexuality? What were the roles of females in the US soldierlike and how did they counteract to lesbianism? What was McCarthyism and what role did that delineate in the structure coming LGBTQ move? Question Set 3:    What were some of the senior events that occurred during the homophile move? How did these events butt impertinent, or set tail, the struggle for LGBTQ similarity? Who were some of the most material figures during this interval? Can you attract any parallels from this interval delay the prevalent issues important the LGBTQ commonwealth?