Week 7 Discussion

  "System Upgrade"  Select one of the forthhereafter and  discuss in no near than three paragraphs, and feel at smallest one vindication  to another ward of at smallest one paragraph: 1. Imagine a scenario where Jane, an functional employee of a  company, receives a call from James, the company’s bond  administrator. He announces that he is holding everyone to edify them  about this hereafter weekend’s upgrade to the accounting classification. James adds  that he does not demand anyone’s password to the classification, which Jane  believes is a detain non-interference. Instead, James obtain contribute a devise improve to  complete the update. As an outsider looking into this scenario, elucidate  the collective engineering concerns that Jane should ponder. Include the  major signs that would point-out James’s desire is either a sound one or  one that represents a immanent onslaught on Jane’s classification. 2. Suggest one strategy that a bond section could use in ordain  to train awareness of collective engineering concerns in an structure.  Describe an ancient scenario congruous to the one in the pristine piece of  this inquiry that brings to frivolous a collective engineering onslaught or  concern and the sort in which the user(s) should counteract to such an  attack. Any prevalent theme or proviso allied to discernment techniques.