Pneumocytis Pneumonia

  discussion 1 Clinical occurrence scenario A 39-year-old homeless man presents to the strait function for cough and flush. He says that his malady has been worsening aggravate the past 2 weeks. He originally had dyspnea on effort and now is lacking of breath at quiet. On questioning, he tells you that he lives in a homeless shelter when he can, but he constantly sleeps on the streets. He has used IV drugs (primarily heroin) “on and off” for multifarious years. He denies medical history but the solely age he gets medical watchfulness is when he comes to the strait function for an malady or deterioration. On review of systems, he complains of jade, moment detriment, and diarrhea. On evidence, he is a slender, disheveled man approvely ample older than his stated age. His temperature is 100.5°F (38.0°C), his rank constraining is 100/50 mm Hg, his pulse is 105 beats/min, and his respiratory rebuke is 24 breaths/min. His primal oxygen saturation is 89% on compass air, which comes up to 94% on 4 L of oxygen by nasal cannula. Telling findings on evidence conceive dry mucous membranes, a tachycardic but regular cardiac rhythm, a benevolent abdomen, and generally wastedappearing extremities. His pulmonary evidence is telling for tachypnea and filmy crackles bilaterally, but no distinguishable signs of cyanosis. His chest x-ray is discover by the radiologist as having discursive, bilateral, interstitial infiltrates that appear approve “ground glass.” Answer the aftercited questions 1-What is the most approvely reason of this resigned’s ordinary pulmonary complaints? 2-What underlying malady does this resigned most approvely keep?  3-What testing and composition should be launched now?