how to open a paypal business account in nigeria

Sep 12, 2020 - So you probably may have been looking for a way to open a working Paypal Business Account that sends and receives money in Nigeria. After doing that you will asked about your addresses and business details. Fill them as resonable as you think it should look. · You would see a pop up at the. How to Open PayPal Account in Nigeria · Go to PayPal website on · On the landing page, click 'Sign up for free'. how to open a paypal business account in nigeria

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PayPal is an online payment service that makes it easy to send and receive money online. With PayPal, users can transfer money, receive money, withdraw money, send invoice to clients and many more. PayPal is also available in Nigeria. In this article, you will learn how send and receive money with PayPal in Nigeria.

Based in the United States of America, PayPal is accepted in up to 200 countries worldwide!

In the past, there was restriction on Nigerians using PayPal to send and Receive money. Nigerians were not allowed to open a account. But in 2014, that restriction was lifted and Nigerians were allowed to operate a personal account. But the account can only send money. There was no possibility to receive money.

Somewhere around 2018, PayPal business account was open to Nigerians to register. Through PayPal Business account, Nigerians are able to receive money. But with certain conditions. The account is only open for businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers who conducts business online. The business account gives Nigerians the opportunity to receive payments through their website. You can also request payment from customers, create invoice and more with the business account.

Types of PayPal account

There are two types of PayPal account available to Nigerians.

1. Personal account

The personal account is meant for individuals who wants to use PayPal to send money or pay for services online. If you also love shopping on websites online that accepts PayPal then the personal account is for you!

2. Business account

Business account is for businesses who wants to receive payment from their customers online. The business account give businesses tools to add Payment solution to their websites and receive money. There are many tools and options that is beneficial to businesses

Requirement to open a PayPal Personal Account in Nigeria

Here are the requirement to open a PayPal personal account in Nigeria:

  • Your name is required. It has to be your legal name that is on your birth certificate and documents
  • Your email address
  • A strong password
  • A Debit or credit card. Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Verve is not accepted.
  • Your address will be required.
PayPal personal Account Nigeria

Requirement to open a PayPal Business Account in Nigeria

Here are the requirement to open a PayPal business account in Nigeria:

  • Your name. It has to be your legal name
  • Your business name. You should have a registered business name if want to open a business account unless you are a freelancer
  • Your business information will be required
  • Your Government issued ID card. Preferably international passport will be required
  • Valid email address
  • Phone number

Note that you should only provide truthful and accurate information or else you will lose your account no matter how much you have in it.

PayPal business account Nigeria

How to open a PayPal account in Nigeria

Follow these steps to open a PayPal account in Nigeria:

1. Decide the kind of account you want

There are two types of account you can open, personal or business account. Decide which one you need right now.

2. Visit PayPal website

You need to visit the PayPal website to create your account. For personal account you can go to the personal account creation page. For business account you can go to the business how to open a paypal business account in nigeria creation page.

3. Fill the account opening form

Completely fill the account opening form with all information required.  You must make sure that all information you provide are true or you may lose your account.

4. Confirm your email address

You will be required to confirm your email address. This is normal when opening accounts on the internet. Login to your email and confirm.

5. Manage your account

At this point your account is active! You can start using your account. Add new cards to your account, change your password and so on.


How to send money with PayPal in Nigeria

Follow these steps to send money with PayPal in Nigeria

1. Login to your account

To send money, you have to login in to your account.

2. Click on send payment

You will see “send payment” on the top menu, click on it.

PayPal Send Payments

3. Enter the details of recipient

Enter the name or email of the recipient

4. Enter the amount and payment method

Enter the amount you want to send. If you have many card added to your the giving keys inc, choose which one you want to pay with

5. Send payment

Once you are ready, send!

6. Pay via invoice

You can ask whoever you are sending money to to send you invoice. The invoice will appear in your account and you just click and pay.

7. Use pre-approved payment

If you have active payment that you need to make, such as Facebook ads, subscription to themes and so on, you can set up a pre-approved payments. So that money will be automatically deducted without you needing to do it manually.


How to receive money with PayPal in Nigeria

Follow these steps to receive money with PayPal in Nigeria

1. Open a PayPal business account.

Only businesses are allowed to receive payment. Unfortunately, you cannot receive money with personal account

2. Set up payment on your website

You will find instructions in your account how to set this up on your website to receive payment from your customers. Just click on tools and follow on screen instructions

3. Send invoice

You may also be able to send invoice with your business account to customers

4. Request for funds

You can also request how to open a paypal business account in nigeria funds from your customers.

5. Use your PayPal email

You can also use your PayPal email to receive money


Does PayPal work in Nigeria?

Yes, PayPal works in Nigeria! As a Nigerian, you can open a personal PayPal account to send money. You can also open a business account.


Can I receive money through PayPal in Nigeria?

You cannot receive money with a PayPal personal account in Nigeria. You can only send money, make payments and shop online. But with a PayPal business account, you can receive money from your customers.


What if I don’t live in Nigeria, can I send and receive money with personal account?

Yes and no.

Nigeria is not the only country that cannot receive payment with a personal account. There are many countries. As a matter the reach key west spa fact, there are countries that cannot even open PayPal at all! Ghana is an example. So if you live in a country that is restricted, you may still be unable to receive money with your personal account.

However, if you live in a country that is on approved list to receive money. You can open a PayPal account in that country and you will be able to send and receive money.

You can find a list of countries and their PayPal status here


Is PayPal available in Nigeria?

Yes PayPal is available in Nigeria. Nigerians can open a personal account to send money, make payment online or shop online. But Nigerians cannot receive money with a personal account. Business account is also available for Nigerian merchants who wants to receive payment online.


What makes PayPal important?

PayPal is important because:

  • It is accepted in up to 200 countries
  • Credit card security: Once you register your card with How to open a paypal business account in nigeria that is all. You will not need to enter it into any website you want to buy from.
  • Financial Security: If you purchase an item with PayPal and the item is not as expected or you got cheated by seller, with PayPal buyer protection, you can get your money back!
  • Trusted brand: PayPal is a trusted brand worldwide
  • Ease of Payment: You can add many cards to your PayPal account for ease of payment
  • It is free to use!
  • You get discounts regularly from big brands around the world

PayPal Customer service number

The customer service number of PayPal is +1-402-517-4519 and 009 1 402-517-4519



PayPal is a great service but with some limitations in Nigeria. Hopefully this limitation will be lifted some day. But you should never try any unaccepted ways that break PayPal’s policy.

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How to Create a Nigerian Verified Business Paypal Account Easily 2021/2022 Update

Filed in Tutorials by Editorial Staff on February 25, 2021

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How to Create a Nigerian Verified Business Paypal Account Easily 2021/2022 Update.

Open a Nigerian Verified Business Paypal Account Easily: This is a comprehensive guide on how to create and verify a Nigerian Business Paypal account that can send and receive payment easily without much stress.


How to Create a Nigerian Verified Business Paypal Account Easily 2021

In case you never knew, PayPal is the world’s number one online money transfer platform and is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide to send and receive money.

For years, PayPal had basically shut Nigeria out due to our notoriety for internet-related fraud. As things fraud detection techniques improved as well as Nigeria’s notion as the largest economy in Africa, PayPal has now lifted restrictions on Nigeria. Owning a PayPalaccount is quite simple and you can do that in two ways.

You can now open and verify your PayPal account with very easy procedures. The good news is that you can open the PayPal account yourself and it is free.

Follow the guide below;

How to Open a Normal Nigerian Paypal Account

To open a normal PayPal account in Nigeria that you can only use to purchase a product or renew your plans like website hosting, domain name purchase etc. Follow the simple steps below…

  1. The first thing you do is visit the PayPal Website here
  2. Click on signup…select personal or business
  3. Personal will be for your personal debit card and business is for your company debit card (if you have one). I suggest you click personal if this is your first time.
  4. After selecting personal, click continue…you should see “Nigeria” in the drop-down area, your email address and password.
  5. Fill in your email address (doesn’t have to be Gmailor yahoo. It could be @yourcompanyname)
  6. Type in your password and make sure it is one you can remember
  7. Go to the next page and type other details such as names, date of birth, address and phone number.
  8. Also when filling in your address, make sure that it matches the same address details you filled in when you opened a bank account
  9. It takes you to a page where you fill in your debit card details
  10. Type in your card number, expiry date and the last three digits behind your debit card.
  11. Go to your email account and click on verify
  12. Voila!! Your account is set up
  13. Test it by sending $10 to anyone or to your PayPal account abroad (if you have one)
  14. You get debited in naira and how to open a paypal business account in nigeria should get an alert from your local bank

How to Create a How to open a paypal business account in nigeria Business Paypal Account

To open a Nigerian PayPal business account that accepts payment follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit this particular link
  2. Type in your Email address and click the “Get Started” button

How to Create a Nigerian Verified Business Paypal Account Easily 2021

  1. Fill the signup form accurately with authentic information
  2. Scroll down to accept the agreement to the User Agreement andPrivacy Policy.

  3. Click the Agree and Continue button

  4. Supply your business information and click Continue”

  1. Provide information about yourself and click Submit”
  2. Provide more details about your organization ( a short questionnaire about tax return) and click “Continue”

  1. Certify and submit your application -You are done.

  1. Head up to your email address to confirm your email and follow other instructions.

Congratulations, you now have a Nigerian Business PayPal account. But That’s not all…

This Nigerian business PayPal account will not just accept PayPal like that o… Whenever someone wants to send money to you, the sender will see this error message in his/her PayPal dashboard.

This recipient accepts Mediacom online bill pay convergent care payments only through their website. To complete this payment, please go to their website and follow their instructions, or fifth third bank personal account login the recipient for instructions.

How to Link a Card to Your Paypal Account.

After successfully creating your PayPal account, the next step is to link it with your MasterCard or other supported cards. You can link more than one card to your PayPal account. I actually linked two cards to mine. To do this, follow the simple steps below…

  1. Simply login into your Internet banking account using your password and token
  2. Choose the “PayPal wallet” in the main tab and click “create PayPal wallet” on the drop-down menu.
  3. Select which cards you wish to link to your PayPal account and which card will be the default card. Try using one card for easy reconciliation
  4. Press the button on your online token and confirm accordingly
  5. Create a password in the pop-up window that appears
  6. Click on “Agree and create account”.
  7. Go to your registered email account with the bank which confirms that you have created a PayPal account.
  8. You are done.

In conclusion, What’s your take on this? We believe this article was helpful, if yes, don’t hesitate to share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Google plus.

CSN Team.

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How to Open & Verify PayPal Account in Nigeria

PayPal is a globally accepted means of payment anywhere in the world and we shall be looking at how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria. Many people know what a PayPal account is and have used it severally to make payments and receive payments as well. But for the purpose of the people that don’t have much knowledge of it, I will be describing what a PayPal account is, and later I will explain how you can open and verify it in Nigeria.

If you already know what PayPal is all about but just want to know who to open and verify it, scroll down to the subheadings describing the process below.

What is PayPal Account?

A PayPal account is an online payment platform owned by PayPal Holding Inc. PayPal is one of the widely used online payment processors, supporting payment in almost all countries. Before 2014, Nigeria was among the countries in which the usage of PayPal isn’t available, but now it is available for usage, however with some restrictions.

What Is PayPal Used For?

With a PayPal account, you can pay for products and services online, without the merchant seeing your local bank account detail. Besides PayPal is a comfortable way to pay on Amazon, Godaddy, Gearbest, Aliexpress,  eBay alliance bank housing loan calculator other international e-commerce websites.

Types of PayPal Accounts

There are two types of PayPal accounts; namely Personal PayPal and Business PayPal. The Business PayPal account is also referred to as a Premier account.

Personal PayPal Account

The Personal PayPal account, as the name implies, is a PayPal account for individuals.

Uses of Personal PayPal Account

Personal PayPal accounts are used primarily for making purchases, buying goods and services and sending monies to family and friends. You can also use personal PayPal accounts to receive money for goods and services.

***Note: Some of these features are not applicable in certain countries.

Business PayPal Account

The PayPal business account is more robust and has tons of features compare to the personal account type. PayPal recommends business accounts for people and organizations that primarily use PayPal to sell goods or services or accept donations, even if your business is not incorporated.

Features of PayPal Business Account

With a business account, you can do things like:

  • Use a company or business name as the name on your PayPal account.
  • Allow up to 200 employees access to some of the features of your PayPal account.
  • Sign up for PayPal products that meet your business needs.

Differences between Personal & Business PayPal Accounts

Personal accounts:

If you primarily need to make purchases and send money to family and friends, a personal account is probably right for you.   With a personal account you can do things like:

  • Send and request money from friends and family.
  • Buy goods and services.
  • You can also use a personal account to receive money for the sale of goods and services, but if you plan to sears home services customer service phone number your PayPal account primarily to sell things, you should consider a business account.   You can upgrade a personal account to a business account should circumstances change.

You can create item buttons with a Personal account however, there are limitations:

  • You cannot save the button code to the PayPal servers or your account. (No “My Saved Buttons” option)
  • You cannot create an email URL text link.
  • You cannot create shipping methods or tax tables.
  • You cannot track inventory or profit and loss.
  • You cannot customize the checkout screens or display a logo and you don’t have the option of any advanced features.
  • You cannot create an active recurring or subscription item button.
  • Personal Accounts will display both your name and email address to buyers.

A Business account has all of those features and more.

With a Business Account, buyers will see your business name and business email address – they would only see your name if it was the same as the business name.

Now that you know what PayPal is and what it is used for, let’s walk you through the process of opening one.

How to Open PayPal Account in Nigeria

For the purpose of this post, I will be using my Android phone to open a verified PayPal account in Nigeria. The steps are the same for PC.

Follow the steps below to sign up for the PayPal account:

  • Go to PayPal website on
  • On the landing page, click ‘Sign up for free


  • On the next page, you’d how to open a paypal business account in nigeria required to enter your details such as your name, email address and password. Your country is detected by default so you don’t need to choose this.
  • Click ‘next‘ after filling in your details.


  • The next stage should have your nationality (already set), address lines, city, postcode, state/capital, date of birth and phone number. Fill them appropriately. For Nigerians, you can find your postal codes for all states in Nigeria here.
  • Once filled, check the tiny box to confirm you agree and consent to PayPal’s User Agreement and Privacy Statement, and that you are of legal age.
  • Click ‘agree’ and ‘create’ to create your PayPal account.

PayPal Success

How to Verify Nigeria PayPal Account

To verify your Nigeria PayPal account:

  • Click ‘Get Started‘ under ‘Shop with PayPal‘ after creating your account as seen in the above picture.
  • Enter your How to open a paypal business account in nigeria or Visa Card on the next page.
  • Enter your ‘CSC’ (Your CSC is the 3-digit security code at the back of your debit or credit card).
  • Click on ‘Link Card’ when you are done.

Link Card

  • Note that $1.95 will be deducted from the account of the card you linked to your PayPal account. So be sure you have more or up to that in your account before linking your card, else it won’t work. The money will also be refunded within hours of your set up. The essence of the deduction is to verify your ownership of the card. This charge also creates a unique 4-digit code which you will use in the confirmation of the card.
  • After receiving the 4-digit code from your bank, login to your How to open a paypal business account in nigeria account, tap confirm credit card, enter the code and tap continue. The code is the 4-digit number after PP* in the message from your bank.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully verified your PayPal account!

How to Fund Nigeria PayPal Account

Presently, there is no way to fund Nigeria PayPal Account as a result of the restrictions still placed on Nigeria by PayPal. Nevertheless, you how to open a paypal business account in nigeria use your Nigeria PayPal Account to make payments online. Instead of funding your PayPal account and then make payment using the fund in the account, payment with Nigeria PayPal account is deducted directly from the fund in the Master or Visa card you linked to your PayPal.

So you don’t fund the PayPal account. Your money will be automatically be deducted the giving keys inc your local bank account as you shop online through your PayPal account.

Other than the funding restriction, Nigeria PayPal accounts cannot receive PayPal funds. While we are hopeful this will change someday, you can still go ahead and shop with your newly created PayPal account

If you find this article helpful or you have further questions, kindly leave a comment below and also pass this on to others by sharing this article.



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I have already explained in my last article everything about PayPal, and its uses. If you have not yet read it please browse the page and look for, “ how to open a PayPal business paypal synchrony bank payment in Nigeria and start making N100,000 monthly.”

On this page, all I am giving you is the step by step of how to do it.


Make sure you have a valid email account, its always better to open a gmail account, if you don’t have one, please open one specifically for this one, and if possible, let it be only for PayPal.


You have to realize that PayPal business account Is not available for Nigerian IP. When you open the site, what you see is Personal and premier accounts. The web address is what you then have to do is change the “Ng” to “Is” “Is” is the page IP for Island. Or type the web address on your browser like this If you have done so click, get started. As it opens, you will see business account. Click learn more


Under business. Get Started, form will drop down fill your email and password and click “ Signup”


There, enter your email address and Click continue. Fill in again your email and scroll down to accept the agreement and Privacy and continue


Supply your business information and click continue


Provide more information about your organization and click continue


Certify and submit


Go to your email and follow other instructions

Congratulations, you now have a Nigerian business PayPal account.

And this is already a good development for you because you can start making ameren missouri bill pay thereby. You need to behave as a smart marketer, but run away from fraud, many people needs PayPal business account for their online and they don’t know how to open it. What you do is charge them for doing it. People are ready to pay from N10,000-N50,000 to open an account. Therefore you can start making up to N100,000 monthly doing it. This is not fraud, it’s a legitimate business. It is better to earn little by little than to desire to make millions fraudulently. There is repercussion for every actions we take in life.

How to link a card to your PayPal Account. This will be a subject of discussion next time. No rushing. Little by little said the thoughtful boy.

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