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The phrase 'down the pike' has been established to mean 'in the course of events' or 'in the future.' Increasingly, 'down the pipe' is being used in websters learner dictionary same way. . Aaron Williams, Uproxx.com, 26 Sept. 2017 . Words for When You're Not Sure.

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Complete the following sentences with a, an, some or any.

1 There are ______things I want to talk to you about.

2 I didn't get ______sleep last night.

3 There is ______orange on the table.

4 Do you have ______good books for children to read?

5 You must have ______driving licence before you can drive a car.

6 Tom told me that he doesn't have ______brothers or sisters.

7 It won't happen again. It was ______accident.

8 I need to go get ______money out of the bank.

9 John asked me if I wanted ______ketchup on my hamburger.

10 Does he have ______children?

11 I asked Stanley ______questions and he answered all of them.

12 I want to build ______igloo.

13 George doesn't have ______friends who like to play golf.

14 I went to Australia, but I didn't see ______kangaroos.

15 I thought you might be hungry, so I made ______sandwiches.

16 I really need to go outside and get ______fresh air.

17 There are ______people who think it's a bad idea.

18 Did you find ______shoes that you like?

19 Tom and Mary had ______beautiful wedding.

20 Let's take a break and drink ______tea.

21 In Japan there aren't ______lakes bigger than Lake Biwa.

22 Why did you buy ______turtle?

23 Mark said that he was going to buy ______flowers for Mary.

24 I don't have ______money for lunch.

25 She saw ______books lying on the piano.

26 There's ______lion right behind you.

27 Walking is ______excellent exercise.

28 I asked Kurt to go to the supermarket and buy ______bread.

29 Do you have ______pictures of Daniel when he was a kid?

30 We looked at the sky, but couldn't see ______stars.

- 1 -


Complete the following sentences with a, an, some or any.

1 I was going to make ______coffee. Do you want a cup?

2 Tom wanted Mary to go to the supermarket to buy ______milk.

3 Do you have ______interest in sports?

4 Michael will probably buy his mother ______flowers for Mother's Day.

5 Why are you wearing ______mask?

6 Were there ______glasses on the table?

7 I was at a party with ______friends when I met Richard.

8 Venus doesn’t have ______moons.

9 Charles has ______black belt in judo.

10 Were there ______stars in the sky?

11 Tom asked Mary ______questions that she didn't want to answer.

12 Are there ______pens on the desk?

13 I'm taking ______exam in January.

14 Steven has ______very important things he needs to do right now.

15 Edward doesn't have ______kids.

16 I had ______time to think about what I had to do.

17 Do you speak ______foreign languages?

18 I have a friend whose father is ______animal doctor.

19 Brian borrowed ______books from the library to read over the jp morgan chase bank customer service I think it's time for me to make ______new friends.

21 It's dangerous to climb ______mountain during a storm.

22 David didn't want ______help.

23 I don't know ______Canadians.

24 Mary wore ______red scarf around her neck.

25 I bought ______fresh eggs which had just come from the farm.

26 That boy speaks like ______adult.

27 Open the window and let ______fresh air into the room, please.

28 Do you have ______other hobbies?

29 I need to go to the drugstore to buy ______medicine for Tom.

30 James opened the box and took the giving keys inc ______beautiful ring.

– 2 –


Complete the following sentences with how much or how many.

1 ______time did it take you to learn Chinese so well?

2 ______hours are you going to sit in front of the TV?

3 ______money did you spend on food last week?

4 ______coffee do you think Tom drinks every day?

5 ______sleep do you usually get every night?

6 ______people do you think will be at tonight's concert?

7 ______wine did you buy?

8 ______sugar do you put in your tea?

9 ______dolls did you have when you were a little girl?

10 ______eggs should I use for an omelet for five people?

11 ______litres of petrol does it take to fill your car?

12 ______glasses of wine did you drink before I got here?

13 ______water do you drink a day?

14 ______rooms are there on the second floor of your house?

15 ______work still needs to be done?

16 ______coffee do you drink every day?

17 ______children do you want to have when you get married?

18 ______people did you buy Christmas presents for this year?

19 ______bread do you eat every day?

20 ______medicine do you take every day?

21 ______rice do you eat every day?

22 ______cash do you usually carry?

23 ______hours did you spend helping Tom with his homework?

24 ______milk did you drink yesterday?

25 ______apples does it take to make three apple pies?

26 I don't know ______years Tom spent in prison.

27 ______food do you need?

28 ______experience do you have?

29 Do you know ______tourists come to Boston every day?

30 ______audiobooks do you have on your mobile MP3 player?

– 3 –


Complete the following sentences with how much or how many.

1 ______books do you have in your bag?

2 ______TV do you watch?

3 ______languages are there in the world?

4 ______calories are in 100 grams of butter?

5 Websters learner dictionary you know ______millionaires live in Tokyo?

6 ______cake can you eat?

7 ______concerts did you go to last year?

8 ______instruments do you know how to play?

9 ______time do you spend on Facebook?

10 ______money do you have in your pockets right now?

11 ______coffee do you drink every day?

12 ______sleep did you get last night?

13 ______clocks do you have in your house?

14 ______beer did you buy?

15 ______hot dogs do you sell a day?

16 I don't know ______cousins Tom has.

17 I think we should ask Tom ______sugar we need to make cookies.

18 We don't care ______water you use.

19 ______hours of sleep do you get every night?

20 ______different kinds of pizzas are on the menu?

21 ______hotels do you think there are in Boston?

22 ______days do you want to stay in Prague?

23 ______work do you have?

24 ______years does it take to become a doctor?

25 ______coffee do you think Tom drinks every day?

26 ______cash do you usually have on you?

27 ______cups of coffee do you drink every day?

28 ______people do you know who are named Frank?

29 ______food should I be feeding my dog?

30 Did you tell Tom ______fun you had?

– 4 –


Complete the sentences with the comparatives and superlatives of the adjectives in brackets.

1 Do you think this summer will be ______(HOT) than usual?

2 This is ______(EXCITING) book that I have ever read.

3 Tom is ______(LAZY) person I know.

4 Flying is ______(QUICK) way to travel.

5 The camera you bought is ______(GOOD) than mine.

6 His mother had three sons, and he was ______(YOUNG).

7 Today was ______(BAD) day of my life.

8 Mary is one of ______(PRETTY) websters learner dictionary in Boston.

9 You're ______(BEAUTIFUL) than I remember you.

10 Women are on average physically ______(WEAK) than men.

11 Jupiter is ______(BIG) planet in our solar system.

12 This book is much ______(USEFUL) than that one.

13 What do you think is ______(BUSY) airport in the world?

14 Roger is only a few centimeters ______(TALL) than Jessica.

15 This is probably ______(BORING) book in the world.

16 The fog is getting ______(THICK).

17 This is ______(CHEAP) shop in the town.

18 That was ______(SCARY) movie I've ever seen.

19 Fred's bedroom is ______(CLEAN) than mine.

20 John is ______(SHORT) than all of his friends.

21 January is usually ______(COLD) month.

22 Life was so much ______(SIMPLE) before all that happened.

23 This is ______(COMFORTABLE) chair in our house.

24 Oranges are ______(SWEET) than lemons.

25 The Earth www bankofthewest com payment ______(SMALL) than the Sun.

26 Susan is ______(CUTE) girl in town.

27 Jack's parents are much ______(STRICT) than Kate's parents.

28 Mosquitoes are perhaps one of ______(DANGEROUS) animals in the world.

29 What's your ______(DARK) secret?

30 Who do you think is ______(SMART) kid in your class?

– 5 –


Complete the sentences with the comparatives and superlatives of the adjectives in brackets.

1 That is one of ______(DIFFICULT) languages in the whole world.

2 What doesn't kill me makes me ______(STRONG).

3 During the day it is ______(WARM) than at night.

4 What's ______(FAST) way to get to the airport?

5 I think the jokes that Tom tells are ______(FUNNY) than the websters learner dictionary Mary tells.

6 What is ______(ROMANTIC) city in the world?

7 Water is ______(EXPENSIVE) than beer at this restaurant.

8 What is ______(POOR) country in the European Union?

9 What's ______(INTERESTING) thing you ate on your trip?

10 Country life is ______(HEALTHY) than city life.

11 The climate of Canada is ______(COOL) than that of Japan.

12 The Vatican Library is one of ______(OLD) libraries in the world.

13 I'm ______(LUCKY) guy in the world to have such a wonderful girlfriend.

14 The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is ______(DRY) place on Earth.

15 We'll try to be ______(CAREFUL) next time.

16 The sun rises ______(EARLY) in summer than in winter.

17 Cities are usually ______(POLLUTED) than villages.

18 The Grand Canyon is one of ______(POPULAR) places in the USA.

19 Tom is thirty pounds ______(HEAVY) than Mary.

20 The Atlantic Ocean is ______(SALTY) than the Pacific Ocean.

21 Which is ______(EASY), skiing or skating?

22 Mount Kilimanjaro is ______(HIGH) mountain in Africa.

23 The Amazonian forest is ______(LARGE) tropical forest on Earth.

24 What do you think is ______(GOOD) Christmas present for a woman?

25Galileo Galilei is one of ______(FAMOUS) astronomers in history.

26 Fear of death is ______(BAD) than death itself.

27 It was ______(GREAT) experience of my life.

28 Are dogs ______(INTELLIGENT) than cats?

29 They say she is ______(KIND) woman on earth.

30 The temperature is ______(LOW) than usual.

– 6 –


1 How ______you ______(LEARN) to dance so well?

2 My father, who ______now ______(WORK) in the United States,

______(WRITE) us a letter last week.

3 Robert was almost dead when we ______(FIND) him.

4 We hurried to the airport, but we ______(MISS) the plane.

5 It ______(RAIN) a lot during February here in Brazil.

6 Fred ______(MOVE) out of town at the end of next month.

7 The woman who ______(SIT) over there is my grandmother.

8 ______you ______(COME) here last Monday?

9 Richard ______(DIE) three days after he ______(ARRIVE) in Boston.

10 What sound ______a giraffe ______(MAKE)?

11 They say that the Vikings ______(DISCOVER) America before Columbus.

12 What ______(NOT KILL) you makes you stronger.

13 We hurried, so we ______(NOT MISS) the last bus.

14 Roger ______(NOT WATCH) TV now. He's sleeping.

15 Lucas was surprised when Mary ______(CATCH) a fish.

16 Tom makes a lot of mistakes when websters learner dictionary ______(SPEAK) French.

17 Tom ______(LOSE) his parents when he was three years old.

18 Each week, Mrs. Tanaka ______(SAVE) a little money for a rainy day.

19 My grandfather on my mother's side ______(CELEBRATE) his 60th birthday


20 I only ______(WEIGH) 55 kilograms when I was in high school.

21 I ______(LOOK FOR) the police station. Can you help me?

22 I tried to call you last night, but you ______(NOT ANSWER) answer.

23 Tom ______(BUY) that car for three thousand dollars three months ago.

24 She always ______(LOOK) happy, but she is not happy at all.

25Bill ______(WRITE) the song that Mary ______(SING) last night at

the pub.

26 I'm reading the book you ______(GIVE) me last week.

27 Why ______you ______(WEAR) a raincoat? It's not raining, is it?

28 ______you ______(PREFER) Belgian or German beer?

29 Oscar was the only one who ______(NOT SAY) anything.

30 John ______(TEACH) Mary everything he knew about fishing.

– 7 –

PRESENT SIMPLE, PRESENT CONTINUOUS OR PAST First choice community online banking 2

1 ______you ______(HEAR) what happened at school last Monday?

2 Tom ______(STAY) at my place this week.

3 Speaking of hobbies, ______you ______(COLLECT) stamps?

4 The Romans ______(BUILD) aqueducts to bring water from distant places into cities.

5 I ______ (NOT KNOW) that you were sick, so Websters learner dictionary ______(NOT VISIT) you in the hospital.

6John has a dog named Max. He ______(FEED) him at the same time every day.

7 Fred ______(GET) out of the pool and then ______(JUMP) back in.

8 When ______you ______(MEET) her for the first time?

9 Paul says that he wasn't the one who ______(BREAK) the window.

10How often ______you ______(CHANGE) your passwords?

11 This kind of plant ______(GROW) only in the tropical regions.

12 How many hot dogs ______you ______(SELL) a day?

13 Why ______you ______(BITE) your nails? Are you feeling nervous?

14 Stanley was glad when Jenny ______(OFFER) to help him in the garden.

15"Why ______you ______(NOT BRING) an umbrella?" "It was such good weather this morning!"

16 George doesn't have enough money to buy everything he ______(NEED).

17 Michael took Susan in his arms and ______(KISS) her.

18 Tom and Mary ______(FIGHT) again. Please do something.

19 Are you sure you ______(NOT REMEMBER) what happened?

20 How old were you when you ______(BEGIN) to study French?

21 Websters learner dictionary ______(PAINT) the house as a surprise for Kelly, but she didn't like the colour.

22 I ______ (NOT KNOW) which of the two to choose. They're both very pretty.

23 ______you always ______(WEAR) a helmet when you ride your motorcycle?

24 Will you come with me? I ______(NOT WANT) to go there alone.

25 I didn't see where websters learner dictionary ______(PUT) your car keys.

26 ______you ______(GET) a Christmas present from Tom last year?

27 Look! The cat ______(WATCH) the fish.

28 ______you ______(WASH) your dog every day?

29 Harry ______(DRIVE) back to Boston and should be there by 2:30.

30 Jeff ______(NOT DECIDE) to become a writer prosperity bank online banking sign in he was thirty.

– 8 –


1 ______you ______(CATCH) anything the last time you went fishing?

2 We ______(EAT) now. Could you please call back later?

3 The cup ______(BREAK) when it fell off the table.

4 ______you ______(KNOW) where the knife is?

5 Tom ______(OPEN) the gate every morning at 8:00.

6 At first I ______(NOT UNDERSTAND) what you said.

7 John built a house on the land he ______(BUY) three years ago.

8 ______you ______(LEARN) to swim when you were a child?

9 A: What ______Richard ______(DO)?

B: He ______(WATCH) an ice-skating competition on TV.

10 Although he is Chinese, he ______(NOT SPEAK) Chinese.

11 What kind of books ______you ______(READ)?

12 How much time ______you ______(SPEND) every day helping your children with their homework?

13That was the first time that a man ______(WALK) on the moon.

14______Tom ______(SAY) how he was planning to get to Boston?

15 Be careful. We ______(NOT KNOW) what's in there.

16Paul ______(TAKE) me out to dinner next weekend.

17The last time I ______(SEE) Tom he was wearing a cowboy hat.

18Frank ______(NOT USE) a computer every day.

19______you ______(FIND) the things you were looking for?

20 Do you know how many people ______(DIE) in yesterday's plane crash?

21 Where ______you usually ______(STAY) when you come to Boston?

22 He ______(FALL DOWN) on the ice and broke his arm.

23Neil is in the kitchen. He ______(CUT UP) some vegetables.

24The pet store next to my house ______(SELL) the best pet food you can get.

25Why ______you ______(DECIDE) to study French?

26Nick is at his desk. He ______(EAT) a sandwich.

27The train ______(LEAVE)! Hurry up!

28He ______(ASK) her how to drive a car yesterday.

29"Hello." "Hi, this is Joe. I______(CALL) about the package I ordered."

30Our French teacher ______(GIVE) us a test every Monday.

– 9 –


1 Look! Steve ______(DANCE) with another girl.

2 Joe said something funny and we all ______(LAUGH).

3Nick ______(WORK) from early in the morning until late at night every day.

4I was surprised that Allan ______(NOT WIN).

5Alex was looking for the treasure, but he ______(NOT FIND) it.

6Richard ______(OFFER) Kate something to drink, but she said she wasn't thirsty.

7Tom is much shorter and ______(WEIGH) much less than Jack.

8We ______(STAY) at home because it's raining.

9James ______(WRITE) a love letter to Cindy, but never ______(GIVE) it websters learner dictionary her.

10When was the last time you ______(CELEBRATE) Christmas with your whole family?

11Bill typically ______(FINISH) his work at 2:30.

12Roy ______(NOT NEED) to come into the office on Mondays.

13In Japan, the new school year ______(BEGIN) in April.

14Could you please be quieter? David ______(SLEEP).

15Neil can get there in ten minutes if he ______(DRIVE) fast.

16Why meredith village savings bank alton nh ______(DECIDE) to name your son Simon?

17Sam ______(WASH) his car at least once a week.

18______you ______(WATCH) the news on TV every day?

19How often ______you ______(LOOK) at yourself in the mirror?

20Edward ______(PAINT) that picture last summer.

21The girl ______(JUMP) to her feet and ______(LEAVE) the room.

22She feeds her dog the same thing that she ______(EAT).

23Lisa ______(VISIT) Randy every time that she's in the United States.

24Do you want to hear about what I ______ (DO) last summer?

25Alex ______(GET) into bed and ______(TURN OFF) the light.

26______you ______(PREFER) green or black tea?

27 ______you ______(KNOW) anybody who can teach my kids French?

28Look at the boy and the dog that ______(RUN) over there.

29 Tom said that he hated the song we ______(SING) last night.

30The weather was cold and it ______(RAIN) a lot.

– 10 –


Complete the sentences with the past simple or past continuous of the verbs in brackets.

1 I ______(MEET) Tom when I ______(WORK) in Boston.

2 We ______(GO) to dinner and ______(HAVE) a few drinks after the show.

3 David ______(THROW) the baseball to Rachel and she ______(CATCH) it.

4 When I first ______ (MOVE) to New York, I ______ (NOTKNOW) anyone.

5 I ______(WALK) in the park with a friend of mine when it ______(START) raining.

6 They think you ______(KILL) John and ______(TAKE) his money.

7 You ______(DIE), but the doctor ______(SAVE) your life.

8 I ______(MISS) the last train, so I ______(HAVE TO) walk all the way home.

9 I ______(CUT) myself with a knife while I ______(MAKE) dinner.

10 When Mike ______(RETURN) to Jane's house, she ______(SLEEP).

11 Nick ______(ENTER) the dark room and ______(TURN ON) on the lights.

12 Fred ______(WALK) to the beautiful girl and ______(ASK) her what her name was.

13 Bill ______(READ) the sports page when Jane ______(COME) into the living room.

14 It ______(HAPPEN) while I ______(NOT LOOK).

15 Tom ______(TALK) on the phone when Mary ______(WALK) into the room.

16 Robert ______(HEAR) a big explosion and ______(RUN) outside to see what had happened.

17 Our family ______(NOT HAVE) a dog when I ______(GROWUP).

18 Why ______you ______(NOT TRY) the dress on before you ______(BUY) it?

19 Tom ______(NOT WEAR) his uniform the last time I ______(SEE) him.

20 Roger ______(CHOOSE) a song from the list and ______(BEGIN) singing it.

– 11 –


Complete the sentences with the past simple or past continuous of the verbs in brackets.

1 Tom ______(HEAR) a noise behind him and ______(TURN) around.

2 While she ______(STAY) in Japan, she often ______(VISIT) Kyoto.

3 I ______(BUY) a watch and I ______(LOSE) it the next day.

4 He ______(FALL) and ______(BREAK) his arm while he ______(SKI).

5 And then he ______(MEET) a girl who ______(CHANGE) his life forever.

6Although it ______(RAIN), we ______(DECIDE) to take a walk.

7 He ______(SIT) in the library when I ______(SEE) him.

8 Jack ______(SELL) the farm after Jill ______(DIE) and ______(GO) back to Boston.

9I ______(TAKE) a cooking class last spring and ______(LEARN) to bake bread.

10Harry ______(WATCH) the news when Britney ______(ENTER) the room.

11James ______(WASH) the apple before he ______(EAT) it.

12My uncle ______(GO) to Mexico in 1983 and never ______(RETURN).

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