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Frosé began its life in New York's Bar Primi, and went on to take the USA by storm. With summer just around the corner, it's high time that we honour the bars. This New York City Bar Primi has created an innovative way that you can They call it Frosé and they add a bit of vermouth and puréed. New York City's Bar Primi has recently debuted an innovative new drink Called 'frosé', the Italian eatery's frozen rosé has become an. frose nyc bar primi

The Stripe

How to make Frosé - The Stripe // An easy recipe inspired by Bar Primi in New York City

Here in New York, all that anyone and everyone can seem to talk about is FROSÉ. Yes, you heard that right – and it’s exactly what it sounds like. A delicious, frozen rosé slushy of sorts. I was having massive FOMO (fear of missing out) as I was traveling/gone for the better part of July. All of a sudden, it felt as though my entire Instagram + Snapchat feed was all about… frosé. I had to have it. Once back in the city, I ventured down to Bar Primi to experience the slushy that is, somehow… breaking the Internet. Or Instagram, at least. It totally lived up to the hype. Absolutely delicious, and so good in this crazy heat!

Ever the blogger, I pestered the bartender as to what is actually in frosé. It’s rosé (duh), vermouth, strawberry puree, and a bit of water to ensure it freezes.

That was last Monday and ever since, I have been hell bent on recreating the recipe at home. The third attempt was a charm. I’ve also figured out the cleanest way to make it… (as I don’t have a slushy machine this can be messy if you aren’t careful!!)

Frosé ingredients - The Stripe

You’ll need:

  • One bottle rosé. My personal favorites are Whispering Angel and Wölffer.
  • A heaping cup of strawberries (cut up)
  • 1 Tbsp Truvia (you can use sugar but I try to cut out added sugar whenever possible).
  • 3 oz. Vermouth
  • 1 oz. Water
  • 1 Glade Slider Gallon Frose nyc bar primi Bag (this is IMPORTANT!!)
  • a tupperware container or baking dish that will hold the freezer bag.

How to Make Frosé - Step by Step Tutorial

Begin by prepping – blend the strawberries, vermouth, water, and truvia in a blender.

Take the freezer bag, open it up, and place it in your container.

How to Make Frosé - Step by Step Tutorial

First, add the bottle of rosé.

How to Make Frosé - Step by Step Tutorial

Then, add the strawberry mixture.

How to Make Frosé - Step by Step Tutorial

Stir with a spatula or wooden spoon.

Seal the zip lock bag up, and freeze.

You have two options. First, you can wait 6-8 hours and then serve. If you wait longer, the mixture will solidify a bit more (the consistency will feel more like a snow cone or shave ice). In that case, just blitz it in the blender with a little bit of (non-frozen!) rosé! Sit back, enjoy, and don’t forget to Instagram. 😉

How frose nyc bar primi Make Frosé - The Stripe Blog. A simple recipe, frose nyc bar primi by Bar Primi!

How to Make Frosé - The Stripe Blog. A simple recipe, inspired by Bar Primi!

How to Make Frosé - The Stripe Blog. A simple recipe, inspired by Bar Primi!

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Will you accept this frosé? Here’s where to find the rosé slushie you’ll be drinking all Summer ’16

Credit: Instagram

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every summer has a signature cocktail, and this year frose nyc bar primi have been blessed with frosé, which is what happens to rosé when you put it into a slushie machine.

This stroke of genius gives you the ability to enjoy wine without overheating or having to pretend that you know about wine. Frosé began its life in New York’s Bar Frose nyc bar primi, and went on to take the USA by storm. With summer just around the corner, it’s high time that we honour the bars and restaurants that have taken up the challenge of quenching Australia’s collective appetite for Frankenstein beverages. 

Manly Wine, Manly Beach, Sydney
As a dedicated wine bar, Manly Wine has not neglected its responsibility to celebrate the concept of wine at a different temperature, by holding Frosé Fridays, when patrons can enjoy a $20 frosé cocktail jug. This is an ideal way to re-hydrate after a day at the iconic Sydney beach. Manly Wine is open all day as a cafe and restaurant, and also offers cocktails and an extensive wine list. Book here.

Pelicano, Double bay, Sydney
If you want to truly immerse yourself in the world of frosé, Pelicano in Double Bay is the place to do it. In an incredible display of commitment, Pelicano has opened a dedicated Frosé Terrace Garden, offering a fruitier mix as well as a drier wine. The garden is open from 5pm onwards from Wednesday to Saturday, allowing you to truly focus on determining your preferred flavour of wine-slushie while enjoying Pelicano’s signature European summer atmosphere. Book here.

Gardel’s Bar (Porteño), Surry HIlls, Sydney
Located on the top floor of Porteño restaurant in Surry Hills, Gardel’s Bar serves Argentinian-inspired cocktails alongside cured meat and cheese boards. This will allow you to find the perfect selection of tasty small goods to accompany a pink, alcoholic slushie. The restaurant downstairs gives you the chance to try the best of Argentinean cuisine, including pork and lamb slow-cooked over eight hours. Book here.

Clockwise from top right: Frosé at Double Bay’s Pelicano; the interior at Gardel’s bar and frosé cocktails at Manly Wine
Credit: Instagram

Father’s Office, CBD, Melbourne
As a venue themed around Prohibition-era America, Father’s Office is the perfect place to enjoy the style of the past alongside the comforts of the present, including the influential invention that is frosé. You can pretend that you live in a time before refrigeration, while still making the most of the $10 frosé on offer every day. The restaurant offers vegan and gluten-free menus as well a standard menu, making this a truly all-inclusive experience.Book here.

Mr Miyagi, Prahan, Melbourne
According to the menu, the frosé at Mr Miyagi officially contains ‘Domaine Chandon pinot noir rosé, love, and secrets’, adding an extra layer of intrigue to an already exciting drink. This is an opportunity to try a new take on Japanese food, and discern which meals best complement this frosé’s bouquet. If you need to cleanse your palette, try one of their sakes or whiskies. Book here.

Fitzroy Social, Fitzroy, Melbourne
Fitzroy Social provides a fresh take on a classic beer garden, making it the perfect venue to try a fresh take on a classic drink. Frosé is on offer here for $10 frose nyc bar primi day, displaying a commitment to bringing this drink to the people. This egalitarian spirit is also reflected in the Happy Hour menu, which provides wings and arancini for $1 each, and tacos for $2. Book here.

Clockwise from top right: The interior at Fitzroy Social; frosé cocktails at Father’s Office and Mr. Miyagi’s frosé cocktail with a secretive twist
Credit: Instagram

Tribeca NYC, Chevron Island, Gold Coast
New York City, otherwise known as the frosé homeland, is sadly an impractical distance away from those of us in Australia. Tribeca NYC is the solution. With a menu straight from the best city since York, frosé purists will find this the best place to enjoy the beverage with an authentic setting and accompaniments. Even patrons less dedicated to the idea of an alcoholic slushie have a wide selection of American cuisine available to them, making a meal here a much more affordable version of a holiday. Book here.

Hideaway Kitchen and Bar, Broadbeach, Gold Coast
It might claim it’s trying to hide away, but this bar was meant to stand out. Hideaway Kitchen and Bar serves Asian street food, including some of the best dumplings on the Gold Coast. As well as proudly ushering in the new age of frozen rosé’s domination, the bar’s selection of ‘New Age’ cocktails gives you the chance to get adventurous. Book here.

Rogue Bar and Restaurant, Newstead, Brisbane
Serving simple, modern Australian food in a relaxed environment, Rogue Bar and Restaurant allows you to truly focus on the experience of enjoying super-chilled wine without any distractions. Since variety is the spice of life, you might also like to dip into the summer cocktail menu, and enjoy the sophisticated simplicity of the dinner menu.Book here.

Clockwise from top: The interior at Hideaway Kitchen and Bar; a sample of Rogue Bar and Restaurant’s forthcoming rosé themed banquet; and the interior at Tribeca NYC on the Gold Coast’s Chevron Island
Credit: Instagram

Tile and cover image: Instagram


Frosé is the boozy rosé and gin combo taking over your Instagram feed

Posted by
Kayleigh Dray

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After a long week at the office, there’s nothing nicer than sinking into a cosy armchair with a glass of something cool and delicious; it could be a chilled glass of rosé, or a tumbler filled with gin, tonic and a wedge of lime. But, quite honestly, we’d be hard-pressed to choose between the two of them if we were asked to name our favourite.

Step up to the glass Frosé, the delicious new frozen cocktail recipe that’s taking over our Instagram feeds.

The drink, which debuted at Bar Primi in New York last summer, has captured the imaginations of social media users and foodies everywhere – and it’s all thanks to its unusual flavour pairings.

Think a heady mix of rosé, gin and ice.

The frozen slushie-style drink is pretty as a picture, thanks to its photogenic pastel charms.

But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding – and this drink isn’t just another questionable recipe designed to look good on Instagram.

The heady botanicals in the gin really stand up to the tart flavours of the rosé, making it taste absolutely phenomenal. Better still, it’s laced with plump, ripe strawberries – which adds the perfect punch of sweetness to the chilly concoction.

If all this has tempted you to whip up a Frosé (or two) of your very own, then you’re in luck; the Daily Telegraph has designed a recipe that’s easy to follow from the comfort of your own home – no slushie machine required.

First of all, you need to prepare a day ahead (though it only takes five minutes): pour a bottle of rosé into ice cube trays and freeze all of that delicious wine overnight.

Once this is done, you can pop the cubes into a blender with gin, strawberries and sugar for a tall, tart, treat of a brunch-time cocktail.

You can find the full recipe here.


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Kayleigh Dray

Kayleigh Dray is Stylist’s digital editor-at-large. Her specialist topics include comic books, films, TV and feminism. On a weekend, you can usually find her drinking copious amounts of tea and playing boardgames with her friends.


Sometimes you have a cocktail on a patio and you really want to try it at home, but… Frozen cocktails can seem a little intimidating. They are actually pretty straightforward. It’s all about balancing sugar and alcohol in the final product and understanding how cold your freezer is. There’s nothing more refreshing than an adult slushie, and they are lower in alcohol content, so it’s a drink you can have a couple of!

The Frose is a new classic cocktail, having been invented in New York in the 2000’s, at Bar Primi. The bar manager there wanted a drink that was suitable for patios, was refreshing and that people would want a few of. Ta-da – the frose was invented.

If you are just ready to get a kit and start playing with it, you can buy one here….

It’s frose nyc bar primi I love a pink cocktail because it feels more fun. It’s easy to change flavor profiles, as long as you maintain the sugar and alcohol ratios. Generally we suggest 3 parts Pink Vermouth, 1 part Lemon Balm Liqueur and 2 parts 7 Up. We supply freezer bags as part of the kit (and some colorful straws!), so you can experiment with what will freeze in your freezer.

Pink Vermouth is delicious on its own, and our Lemon Balm Liqueur is my personal favorite. It’s green and light and a little lemony.

You can also play around with the presentation of a frose cocktail- it’s great in a jar or a white wine glass, you can throw it into a red solo cup for camping, or just drink it out of the bag. I like to dress up the cocktail with fruit- frose nyc bar primi or blackberries floating on top. Or I add a frozen dehydrated lemon to the top and let the lemon flavor slowly infuse into the slushie. You can also float another liqueur on top of the slushie- our Lucky Falernum or Boomerang Cherry Liqueur are both good choices for this.

Pick up a bottle of Boomerang here.

Add a bottle of falernum as well:

Like this:



me, enjoying the high life!September in Greece. The crowds are gone… the perfect time to discover paradise. Even better is exploring icici coral credit card visa vs mastercard the water. Totally spoiled, sailing around, nothing to do but admire, read magazines and figure out which side of the body needs tanning. How to thank my host?

My gift, a recipe. For my new favourite cocktail. The Instagram darling and increasingly popular Frose.

first samplesFrozen drinks have been around a v very long time. the King of Mesopotamia was a fan. As was Catherine de Medici, who traveled with her personal sorbet maker (a man not a machine) on a trip to England. In Asia, syrups have been served over shaved ice since the 7th century. After WWII, time saving devices became the rage in America. Soon blenders were everywhere; it wasn’t long before the frozen strawberry daiquiri was being made in middle class homes across the country.

the simple beauties of greecePink, pretty and harking back to the slushes of one’s youth, it is not surprise that the Frose has taken cocktail lists by storm. Bar Primi in New York is credited with its invention. General manager, Justin Sievers was looking for a new summer afternoon drink and tried putting rose in the slushy machine. The rest, as they say, is history. The internet if full of recipes and variations.

My favourite is the frozen rose drink served at d-bar’s outdoor patio at the Four Seasons in Toronto. Drew Walker, the sommelier, is a friend. Could he give me their recipe?

10 minutes later it was in my inbox. Delicious and refreshing with a little kick! The perfect hot weather libation. And as it turns out the perfect host gift. Enjoy!

Here is what Drew sent me:

frose with a viewWe used a slushie machine to make ours at the hotel, but you can just partially freeze the components and bring it to life in a blender, by adding a little sparkling water (somehow ties it all together and gives it a nice texture)…

*(2 parts) Lavender-strawberry syrup
 (6 parts) Cotes de Provence Rose
 (1 part) Gin
^(1 part) Lemon juice

**Lavender-strawberry syrup**
– soak lavender stalks in warm-hot water for 8-10 minutes
– make simple syrup 1-1 ratio sugar to water
fold in lavender water to simple syrup and add a little amount of strawberry syrup. (store bought)

^^For best results add the fresh lemon juice just before serving, and stir… Gives it a real POP.

Like this:



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