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Certificates of Deposit CDs. Earn higher rates of interest with safety and security. Terms from 182 days to 60 months; $500 minimum balance. CDs/IRAs. Certificates of Deposit (CDs). Variety of terms and rates available for 3 month to 5 year certificates; $1,000.00 minimum to open; Rates are. CD Rates. (CD RATES ARE COMPOUNDED DAILY) Rates effective as of April 15, 2021 and subject to change without notice. peoples bank cd rates
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Keeping our customers, employees, and community safe is our first priority.

Effective June 8th, 2020 our lobbies at both the main and downtown branches are open with some modifications due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our branches have implemented a controlled access policy that will remain in place until further notice. This means individuals will be buzzed into the lobby from the main doors.

Keeping our customers, employees, and community safe is our first priority. 

At NBC, the health and well-being of our community is important to us.  We understand the uncertainty and concern you may have about the news regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

After considering directives from Governor Ricketts and the CDC, we have decided to limit all in-person contact within our.

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NBC is closely monitoring the spread peoples bank cd rates COVID-19, and we take the safety of our customers and staff seriously. 

"We continue to monitor the situation peoples bank cd rates reviewing information from the CDC, and we recommend customers and staff stay up to date with official information from the CDC.  Our variety of delivery channels (online, mobile, call-in) peoples bank cd rates to provide excellent service and value to.

NBC is excited to have Brian Bock join our commercial banking team. Bock is a third generation Lincolnite with a family rooted in integrity.  Brian graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. He offers over two decades of business experience with a skilled, consultative approach and the insight required to help clients achieve greater success by providing financial.

NBC is excited to announce that Jo Lewis has joined the bank as VP of Mortgage Banking, Senior Mortgage Officer. Jo is ready to partner with you on your home needs.  Buying your first home? Upgrading to a new home?  Selling a house? Building your dream home?  Jo is ready to talk through all your options at (402) 420-8364 or (402) 432-9844.

Jo Lewis brings over thirty plus years of home lending.

NBC is pleased to announce the following promotions:

Nate Keller - Vice President of Commercial Banking

Bryce Morgan - Assistant Vice President of Commercial Banking, Credit Administration

Miles Anderson - Commercial Banking Officer

Connie Griepenstroh - Loan Administration Officer

Nate, Bryce, and Miles each bring a unique perspective to our customers and their banking needs. .

Phones & Tablets

As more people https www t online de login to use smart phones and tablets, cyber criminals are targeting those gadgets more frequently. According to a report by the Federal Peoples bank cd rates, 43% of smartphone users say they have used mobile banking in the past 12 months.

"NBC safeguards customer information, but it's important for users to take steps to protect themselves and prevent sensitive data from being.

Nebraska Bank of Commerce CD Rates Grow Your Money FAST

Nebraska Bank of Commerce is known for its great CD rates. Our latest are 2.00% APY* on a 7 month CD, 2.35% APY* on a 14 month CD, and 3.01% APY* on a 26 Month CD. Stop in or call NBC today for more details.

*Annual Percentage Yield requires a minimum balance of $20,000 to earn 2.00%, 2.35% or 3.01% and assumes interest and principal will remain on deposit until maturity. If the account is.


NBC is pleased to announce the following promotions:

Danielle Smith – Senior Vice President of Compliance, Human Resources, Security & Training: Danielle has been with the NBC team since August 2012.Over the past five years, Danielle has guided the bank’s compliance efforts which has helped lead the bank to payment methods wayfair with numerous audits and examinations.She has also assumed expanded.

Recently Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus, announced it experienced a massive data breach affecting approximately 143 million Americans. Equifax has said that the breach occurred from May through July 2017. The hackers accessed people’s names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some instances, driver’s license numbers. They also stole credit card numbers for.


CDs & Retirement

Certificates of Deposit

Interest rates and annual percentage yields are current as of: Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Annual Percentage Yield

*Minimum Opening Balance

31 Day



91 Day



182 Day



12 Month



18 Month



24 Month



36 Month



60 Month



*Minimum balance required to earn APY (annual percentage yield).

*A Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal

*APY based on interest compounding quarterly for the following: 91 & 182 day, 12, 18, 24, 36, & 60month CDs.

*APY based on interest compounding monthly for 31day CD.

*Some limitations and other restrictions may apply.

*Rates and terms are subject to change

Call 1-888-445-BANK for the most current rates.

Individual Retirement Accounts


Annual Percentage Yield

*Minimum Opening Balance

12 Month Fixed IRA



*Minimum balance required to earn annual percentage yield.
A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.
Annual percentage yield is based on interest compounding daily.
Some limitations may apply.

*Rates are subject to change. Call 1-888-445-BANK for the most current rates.


CDs & IRAs

How is a CD different from a money market or IRA account?

When you invest in a CD, you agree to leave your money in the account for a specified amount of time. Any withdrawals before the term expires, and you’ll incur penalties. Money market accounts typically offer a lower rate of interest than CDs, but your funds remain liquid and you can access them as needed without penalty. An IRA is a retirement account that features tax benefits. In order to avoid penalties, you should plan to leave money in an IRA untouched until retirement age.

What are some common uses for CDs?

CDs are jp morgan chase bank customer service low risk, short-term investment. Whether you’re saving for a car or vacation, a CD can provide you with a higher interest rate to help your savings grow.

How do you choose the right term for a CD?

Typically, a longer CD term offers a higher interest rate. You’ll want to choose a term that fits your needs. Do you need access to your funds in the next three months? What about the next five years? Only you can judge how long you want to set that money aside.

What are the tax advantages of having an IRA account?

There are two types of IRAs, each with distinct tax benefits. A Traditional IRA allows you to contribute untaxed income and defers the tax until you withdrawal funds in retirement. A ROTH IRA taxes your funds at the time of contribution, and you get to withdrawal them tax-free in retirement. At Peoples Bank, we pride ourselves on taking the time to help you choose the best retirement options for your financial situation.

Please consult your tax advisor to determine your eligibility on any of the above statements.

Partnering with Peoples Bank

As your community bank, Peoples Bank offers products specially tailored to our community. We’re dedicated to listening to our customers and giving back to our communities. Our friendly associates make every effort to be a the giving keys inc where customers can learn about financial products and services. We always take time to find the best banking solutions for you. Stop by or call us today! Peoples Bank offers nine convenient locations in Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota. We look forward to finding the right savings product for your needs and goals.

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CDs and IRAs

Save for your future with a CD or IRA

Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

The more secure investment option, CDs allow you to grow your money over a certain period of time while earning interest at a predetermined rate, typically higher than most checking accounts. A CD is FDIC-insured and requires that once the money is put into an account that it is not used for a certain period of time. Our CD accounts provide great flexibility, as they are available in varying maturity periods (91 days to 5 years) and come with numerous benefits.

Peoples Bank CD accounts feature:

Our Featured CD Account Special:

30-Month Bump CD Special

  • Earn 0.50% APY* on balances of $5,000.00 and over
  • If the rate of our closest standard term CD equal to or less than the remaining term of the 30 Month Bump CD increases after you open your account, you can request an increase to the interest rate for the remaining initial term of the CD.  The rate adjustment can be requested three-times during your 30-month term.  "Specials" or "Promotional" CD offers are not considered standard term.
  • Automatic renewal to the 36-month term CD offered by Peoples Bank at time of maturity.

*Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) accurate as of 7/22/2021. The minimum to open is $5,000.00. The minimum to obtain APY is $5,000.00. Balances of $5,000.00 or more earn an interest rate of 0.4994%, resulting in a 0.50% APY*. We may impose a penalty for early withdrawal on time certificates. Fees may reduce earnings. Public funds, brokered deposits and institutional deposits are not eligible. See a bank employee for more details.

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13-Month CD Special

  • Earn 0.35% APY* on balances of $5,000.00 and over
  • New CDs, Current CDs renewing, and IRAs are eligible with a $5,000.00 minimum opening deposit

*Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) accurate as of 6/23/2021. The minimum peoples bank cd rates open is $5,000.00. The minimum to obtain APY is $5,000.00. Balances of $5,000.00 or more earn an interest rate of 0.3497%, resulting in a 0.35% APY*. We may impose a penalty for early withdrawal on time certificates. Fees may reduce earnings. Public funds, brokered deposits and institutional deposits are not eligible. See a bank employee for more details.

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IntraFi® Network Deposits - CD Option

If you would like to make a large deposit that requires expanded FDIC insurance coverage, Peoples Bank's IntraFi® Network Deposits CD option is a smart, convenient way to safeguard your large deposits. It combines the security of new restaurants in mankato to FDIC insurance above $250,000 with the convenience of working directly with just one financial institution. As part of the IntraFi Network of banks, Peoples Bank will distribute your funds into CDs at other banks in the network. Key features include:

  • Access to FDIC insurance coverage on millions in deposits
  • Earn interest
  • No account set-up fees
  • A wide variety of maturities

To learn more, contact a Peoples Bank representative or watch our video tutorial.

Find a Branch   Watch IntraFi Network Deposits Video Tutorial

** No public funds, brokered deposits and no institutional deposits for the 8 Month and 13 Month Special. ***Note: early withdrawals are subject to penalties

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Retirement accounts like those available at Peoples Bank offer a place not only to help you save money for retirement but also to receive various other benefits as well. We offer both Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs, which each have benefits designed to meet specific needs. To peoples bank cd rates you decide which is best for you, refer to the below information, consult your tax advisor, and then apply online.


  • Contributions: Not tax-deductible; can be withdrawn at any time without taxes or penalties.1
  • Earnings & Qualified Withdrawals: Earnings and qualified withdrawals are tax-free; may be withdrawn without taxes or penalties if you are age 59 ½ or older and your account has been open for the five-year holding period; exceptions to penalties may be made if funds are used for certain purposes, including first-time home purchase ($10,000 lifetime limit), higher education, certain medical expenses, etc.
  • Maximum Annual Contribution: For 2021: up to $6,000 or $7,000 for those 50 and older
  • Eligibility: You must have earned arvest banks hours the ability to contribute is based on your income; if you earn too much to make a full contribution, you may be able to make a partial contribution.
  • Contribution Age Limit: None
  • Distribution: None

1 For Traditional-to-Roth conversions, any converted amounts are withdrawn within five years may be subject to taxes and penalties.

Open Online   

Traditional IRA

  • Contributions: Contributions are fully tax-deductible if neither you nor your spouse participates in a 401(k) or another employer-sponsored retirement plan, or if your Modified Adjusted Gross Income falls below certain limits.
  • Earnings & Qualified Withdrawals: All earnings and tax-deductible contributions grow tax-deferred and are taxable upon withdrawal; penalties will be assessed if you make withdrawals before age 59 ½ or if withdrawals do not begin in the year you turn 70 ½; exceptions to penalties may be made if funds are used for certain purposes, including first-time home purchase ($ 10,000-lifetime limit), higher education, certain medical expenses, etc.
  • Maximum Annual Contribution: For 2021: up to $ 6,000 or $7,000 for those 50 and older
  • Eligibility: You must have earned income; there are no income limits.
  • Contribution Age Limit: Up to age 70 ½
  • Distribution: Required after age 70 ½

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Savings, CDs & Health Savings Accounts

Accounts that Grow with You

Choose one or more of the three easy options below, and let your money start growing. Though we can’t predict the future, peoples bank cd rates can start preparing for those rainy days now.  Let our team tailor a rock-solid savings solution that is perfect for you.   With automatic transfers, we can do the work for you and start growing your savings today. 

Savings Account Comparison

Choose the account or combination of accounts that will suit your needs the best.  


Certificates of Deposit (CD)

For a low risk saving solution, check out the CDs that Peoples Bank offers.  You’ll find special terms and premium interest rates that not all banks offer.   Here are our most popular products: 

Click here for additional interest rates. 

Health Savings Account

Set aside money for healthcare expenses tax-free.  Enrolled in a qualified high deductible health plan?   An HSA helps you offset out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Deposited funds are tax deferred, and as long as you use the money for qualified medical expenses, you’ll never have to pay tax on it. HSA benefits include:

  • Contributions are tax deductible
  • Earnings grow tax-deferred
  • Distributions to pay qualified medical expenses are tax free
  • Free debit card and checks are provided for easy access
  • Balances over $300 earn interest
  • No monthly service fees
  • $1 Minimum to open
  • Free online banking

The IRS ultimately determines what's considered a qualified expense, so it's important to keep detailed records. Also, you should check with your employer or insurance carrier to make sure your coverage qualifies as a high-deductible health plan.


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Checking Accounts

Account TypeInterest RateAPY
Premium Rate  
$0 - $25,0000.10%0.10%
$25,001 & Over0.05%0.05%
Account TypeInterest RateAPY
Peoples Checking**0.05%0.05%
Community Checking**0.07%0.07%
New Freedom**0.05%0.05%
Account TypeInterest RateAPY
Premium Rate  
$0 - $25,0000.10%0.10%
$25,001 & Over0.05%0.05%
Standard Rate  
$1,000 & Over0.05%0.05%

Savings Accounts

Club Accounts

Account TypeInterest RateAPY
Coupon Book0.07%0.07%
Auto Transfer0.10%0.10%
Account TypeInterest RateAPY
$501.00 & Over0.05%0.05%
Account TypeInterest RateAPY
Vacation Club  0.05%0.05%

Money Market Accounts

Account TypeInterest RateAPY
$.01 - 24,999.990.10%0.10% - 0.10%
$25,000.00 - 49,999.990.10%0.10% - 0.10%
$50,000.00 - 99,999.990.12%0.10% - 0.11%
$100,000.00 - 249,999.990.12%0.11% - 0.12%
$250,000.00 - $499,999.990.16%0.12% - 0.14%
$500,000.00 and Over0.21%0.14% - 0.16%*

*(APY calculation is based on assumed deposit of $750,000)

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Account TypeInterest RateAPY
7-31 Day Certificate0.05%0.05%
32-181 Day Certificate0.05%0.05%
6 Month Certificate0.05%0.05%
12 Month Certificate0.10%0.10%
15 Month Certificate0.10%0.10%
15 Month Bump-Up CD0.10%0.10%
18 Month Certificate0.15%0.15%
24 Month Certificate0.20%0.20%
30 Month Certificate0.20%0.20%
36 Month Certificate0.25%0.25%
48 Month Certificate0.30%0.30%
60 Month Certificate0.35%0.35%

IOLTA Accounts

Account TypeInterest RateAPY
IOLTA-TN **0.05%0.05%
IOLTA-VA **0.05%0.05%
IOLTA-WV **0.05%0.05%

Rates effective unless otherwise noted.

** Variable Rate Account - Rates may change after accounts are opened. Note regarding CDs:
1. Fees and withdrawals could reduce the earnings on accounts.
2. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.
3. CD interest will be compounded daily.
*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Our rates are peoples bank cd rates weekly.

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Peoples National Bank of Kewanee

Certificates of Deposit (CD)

A CD is a type of deposit account that often pays a higher interest rate than a standard savings account in exchange for restricting access to your funds during the CD term.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Any individual who has earned income may establish an IRA. The individual may also rollover proceeds from a qualified retirement plan to an IRA. 

Peoples National Bank of Kewanee offers both traditional and Roth IRAs. With a traditional IRA, you may be eligible to take a tax deduction on your contributions in the year of your deposit, then your retirement withdrawals are later taxed as income. Roth IRAs work in the opposite way. The money that you contribute now will be taxed as income, but there's no tax on your Roth IRA retirement withdrawals.

There are many factors to consider when opening an IRA, such as contribution amounts, term limits, and your expected income tax rates. Please contact a PNB Customer Service Representative for more details and current CD and IRA rates.


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