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Instantly search and view photos of all homes for sale in Prince George's County, MD now. Prince George's County, MD real estate listings updated every 15. The Youth Career Center in Prince George's County Maryland is designed to put youth and young adults, ages 18 – 24, on the fast track to their career. Prince George's County is located in Maryland with a population of 908,670. In Prince George's County, most residents own their homes.

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Living Wage Calculation for Prince George's County, Maryland

Management $122,080 Business & Financial Operations $79,071 Computer & Mathematical $102,049 Architecture & Engineering $96,576 Life, Physical, & Social Science $90,570 Community & Social Service $50,354 Legal $75,133 Education, Training, & Library $61,516 Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, & Media $55,009 Healthcare Practitioners & Technical $77,240 Healthcare Support $31,387 Protective Service $48,124 Food Preparation & Serving Related $24,829 Building & Grounds Cleaning & Maintenance $29,494 Personal Care & Service $26,476 Sales & Related $29,464 Office & Administrative Support $41,546 Farming, Fishing, & Forestry $35,152 Construction & Extraction $48,728 Installation, Maintenance, & Repair $51,889 Production $38,487 Transportation & Material Moving $33,781

COVID-19 Information Update

Check the Prince George's County Department of Housing and Community Development website for information about county assistance for landlords and tenants.

During the COVID-19 health emergency, a landlord may not increase the rent for a tenant with a substantial loss of income if the rent increase would take effect during the health emergency and within 90 days after the expiration of the emergency. There are additional restrictions related to late fees and rental terminations. Learn more.

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Other Prince George's County articles: Human Relations Commission; Rental and Housing Laws


What is the Housing Code?

The Prince George's County Housing Code sets minimum standards for all dwellings, all structures intended or used for human habitation, whether one-family, two-family, or multi-family, including movable units such as travel trailers and mobile homes.  The Housing Code contains detailed provisions relating to fire safety, maintenance, space and occupancy limitations, basic equipment and facilities for heat, light, ventilation, sanitation, the responsibilities of owners, operators, and occupants, and enforcement and penalties.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-107

Enforcement of the Housing Code is the responsibility of the Director of the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources (hereafter referred to as the "Director").

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-102

Several incorporated cities and towns in Prince George’s County have adopted their own housing codes.  County law requires that the local codes provide standards at least as strict as the County code.  You should contact your local municipal government to find out whether a local housing code or the County Housing Code applies. You can find more details and contact information about each municipality at this List of Municipalities.

For additional information, see these links to the most frequently used Prince George’s County Housing Codes for Property Maintenance, and the  Building Codes and Bulletins (changes or modifications to the building permit process).

The following is a summary of some, but not all, of the requirements of the Housing Code.


Compliance required

No person may occupy as an owner-occupant or lease to a tenant to occupy a dwelling unit which does not meet the requirements of this Code.


Definition of "habitable room"

"Habitable room" means a room or enclosed floor space arranged for living, eating, and sleeping.  It does not include bathrooms, toilet compartments, laundries, pantries, foyers, hallways, and other accessory floor spaces.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 27 §27-107.01(23)


Exterior property areas

Exterior areas must be kept clean, without any accumulation of rubbish or garbage. 

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-118(a)

Premises must be graded and maintained to prevent accumulation of stagnant water outside or within any structure on the premises.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 4 §4-191

Exterior areas must be kept free of excessive weed growth and plants which are harmful to public health.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-118(d)

With the exception of single-family premises, exterior infestations of insects, rodents and other pests are the responsibility of the owner to exterminate.  In single-family premises, the occupant is responsible.  The owner is responsible for extermination where the infestation is in the shared or public areas of a two family or multi-family dwelling.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-121

Accessory structures such as detached garages, driveways, fences, walkways, etc., must be kept structurally safe and in good repair.  Exterior steps and walkways must be kept free of unsafe obstructions or hazardous conditions.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-118(e)


Exterior structure

The foundation, roof, exterior walls, and all other exterior surfaces must be kept in a workmanlike state of repair and in a condition to exclude rodents.  The foundation must adequately support the building.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-240(a) and 14 §4-123

Exterior walls and exposed surfaces must be free of holes, loose boards, or any other condition that might let in rain or dampness.  Exterior wood surfaces must periodically be coated with a weather-resistant preservative and must be maintained in good condition.  Exterior metal surfaces subject to rust or corrosion must also be protected.  Roof drainage must be adequate to prevent interior dampness.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-240(a) and 13-241; International Property Maintenance Code §304.2

Exterior stairs, porches, etc., must be safe, capable of supporting the loads to which they are subjected, and kept in good repair. Stairs and porches which are more than four risers high must be provided with handrails.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §304.10 and 307.1

Windows, doors, and basement hatchways must be weather tight and kept in good repair.  Windows must be fully supplied with glass panes or an approved substitute, without holes or open cracks.  Every window other than a fixed window must be easily opened and held in position by window hardware. Basement hatchways must prevent entrance of rodents, rain, and surface drainage water.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §304.13

Buildings must have approved address numbers placed in a position that is legible and visible from the street or road in front of the property. These numbers have to contrast with their background. All structures that contain more than one address must have numbers at least eight inches high. For all other residential structures, address numbers must be minimum of four inches high with a stroke width of 0.5 inches.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-119(a)

Each swinging entrance door to an individual apartment must have a deadbolt lock with a minimum throw (horizontal extension) of 5/8 of an inch, with the deadbolt operated by key from the outside and by turn-knob from the inside.  Locks and installation are subject to specific approval of the Director.  All exterior doors and door hinges, locks, and latches must be kept in working condition.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-119(c)

All swinging entrance doors to an individual apartment must either currently have a magnifying peephole, or must be provided with one which will provide a 180 degree viewing angle to allow the occupant to view the entrance area while the door is closed.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-119(d)

Locking devices must be provided for all patio and balcony sliding entrance doors and for all windows two stories or less above grade or accessible from a balcony.  Security bars and jimmy plates are acceptable.  The device and installation are subject to the approval of the Director, who shall coordinate approval with the Police Department.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-119(e)

In multi-family dwellings where the exterior entrance doors to the building are not secured, the entrance doors to laundry rooms, storage areas, and other similar areas in the building must be provided with the type of deadbolt lock described above, and tenants must be provided with access keys.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-119(f)

Every door available for exit must be openable from the inside, easily and without use of a key.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 11 §11-254(b)

Every openable basement or cellar window must be supplied with a corrosion-resistive rodent-proof shield or screen with specific qualifications.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 12 §12-145

Insect screens of at least sixteen mesh per inch must be provided from June 1 to October 15 each year as follows: for every door opening directly to the outdoors; for 50% of each window used for ventilation; and for all other openings unless specifically exempted or modified by the Director. Each hinged screen door must have a self-closing device in good working condition.  No screens are required for dwelling units above the fifth floor, and screen doors are not required for the main entrance door of a multi-family dwelling.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 4 §4-181


Interior structure

The following requirements apply to occupancy of, or to leasing for occupancy, a dwelling, rooming house, rooming unit, multi-family dwelling, or portion thereof.

The supporting elements of the structure must be sound, showing no evidence of deterioration which would render them unable to carry the imposed loads as required by the Building code. Interior stairs must be constructed and maintained to be safe to use. 

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §305.2 and 305.4

All interiors must be kept clean and free from accumulations of rubbish and garbage.  All refuse must be properly kept in temporary storage facilities.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 12 §12-161 and 13-234

Insects and rodents must be promptly exterminated by acceptable processes which are not harmful to human health.  After extermination, care must be taken to prevent re-infestation.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 12 §12-155

When infestation exists in two or more dwelling units in a building, or in the shared or public areas of the building, the owner is responsible for extermination.  Where a single dwelling unit in a building is infested, the occupant of that unit is responsible for extermination.  However, when a rodent infestation is caused by the failure of the owner to maintain the building in a rodent-proof condition, the owner is responsible for extermination regardless of how many units are infested.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §309

Interior walls, floors, and ceilings must be kept clean, safe, structurally sound, free of holes and cracks, loose plaster or wallpaper, flaking or scaling paint, and must be substantially insect and rodent proof.  Paint used for interior surfaces must be lead free.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-120

Multi-family buildings, except those constructed originally for one or two families, must have the following readily visible signs in interior hallways and stairways to offer direction to specific dwelling units or floors:

  1. Primary Doors: All primary entrance doors into a dwelling unit must have permanent visible markings which identify that unit;
  2. Opposite Elevators: The wall directly facing an elevator exit, except the lobby exit, must have a permanent sign indicating the most direct route to each dwelling unit on that floor.  The sign must have bold letters at least one-half inch high;
  3. Hallway Junctions: A similar sign is required at any junction of a hallway, except where the sign required under b) is visible from the junction; and
  4. Stairway Doors: The stairway side of a door leading from a stairway to a hallway must have a sign indicating the floor level or the identification numbers of the dwelling units on that floor level.  The sign must have bold letters at least six inches high.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-122


Basic facilities

The following requirements apply to the occupancy or lease of any dwelling unit.

Each unit must contain: a) a room with a water closet (toilet) and a sink for washing, separate from the habitable rooms and providing privacy; b) a room with a bathtub or shower and providing privacy; and c) a kitchen sink separate from the sink in the toilet room.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §502.1 and 503.1

Each dwelling unit must contain properly installed cooking and baking facilities.  The dwelling unit must also have a refrigeration unit capable of maintaining an average temperature of less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  These appliances must be properly installed and operated and kept clean. 

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-123(e)

All required sinks, bathtubs, toilets, etc., must be properly connected either to a public water and sewer system or to an approved private water and sewer system, and except for toilets, must be supplied with hot and cold running water.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §505.1

Water heating facilities must be supplied to each dwelling unit to permit an adequate amount of water at each required sink, bathtub, laundry facility, etc., at a temperature of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit at any time.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-126

Each dwelling must have heating facilities.  The owner of the heating facility is required to insure that it is properly installed, safely maintained, in good working condition, and capable of heating all habitable rooms, bathrooms, and toilet rooms to an average temperature of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit when the outside temperature is 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 4 §4-201(a)

For rented units, the owner must supply heat from September 15 to May 15 and maintain an average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit in all habitable rooms, bathrooms, and toilet rooms.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-127

Every dwelling, dwelling unit, and multi-family dwelling must have approved, covered containers for storage of rubbish.  The owner, operator, or agent in control is responsible for removal of the rubbish.  Every dwelling, dwelling unit, and multi-family dwelling must also have an approved facility for garbage disposal.  It may be a mechanical sink grinder, an approved outside garbage can, or an incinerator, approved by the Director, within the building for the use of the occupants.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-232 and 13-234


Installation and maintenance

All required equipment, plumbing systems, heating equipment, electrical fixtures and outlets, etc., must be properly installed and maintained by landlords.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-153

Occupants must keep all housing facilities clean and sanitary.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-156


Occupancy requirements

Habitable spaces, hallways, corridors, laundry areas, bathrooms, toilet rooms and habitable basement areas must have a clear ceiling height of at least 7 feet Dwellings built before 1966 may be exempt from these requirements if the dwelling complied with the requirements in effect at the time the dwelling was built.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §404.3

A living room must be at least 120 square feet, and a sleeping room for one occupant must have a minimum floor area of 70 square feet.  If a bedroom has more than one occupant, a minimum of 50 square feet is needed for each person who will sleep in the room.  ("Occupant" means "any individual living or sleeping in a building, or having possession of a space within a building.")

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §404.4

In a residence building or dwelling unit with two or more sleeping rooms, access to a bathroom or toilet room intended for use by the occupants of more than one sleeping room may not be solely through another sleeping room.  Access to a sleeping room may not be solely through another sleeping room or through a bathroom or toilet room. 

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §404.4

A dwelling unit partly below grade (like a basement) may be used for living purposes only if: a) floors and walls are watertight; b) total window area, total openable area, and ceiling height comply with this Code; and c) the required minimum window area of each habitable room is entirely above the grade of the ground adjoining the window.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §402 and 404


Light and ventilation

Every habitable room must have at least one window of approved size facing directly to the outdoors or to a court.  Minimum window area for a habitable room is 8% of the floor area of the room, except that in kitchens, artificial light may be substituted in accordance with the provisions of the Basic Building Code.  Certain exterior walls and obstructions located within three feet of a window will prevent it from being included as part of the required window area.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §402

Where electrical service is available for the building, each habitable room must have at least two separate and remote electrical outlets, one of which may be a ceiling or wall light fixture.  Every public hall, toilet room, bathroom, laundry or furnace room must have at least one electric light fixture.  Every bathroom and laundry room must have at least one electric outlet in addition to the electric light fixture.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §605

Every habitable room must have at least one easily opened window or other device to adequately ventilate the room.  Except where mechanical ventilation is provided, the openable window area must equal at least 45% of the required window area. Bathrooms and toilet rooms must comply with the light and ventilation requirements for habitable rooms unless they have an approved ventilation system.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §403


Fire safety

All dwellings, including rooming houses, rooming units, lodging houses and lodging units, must comply with the Fire Prevention sections of the Basic Building Code and the following requirements:

Cooking, heating, and water heating equipment and accessories must be kept free from leaks and obstructions and free from fire, health, and accident hazards.  Installations and repairs must comply with Building Code and other laws.  Portable cooking and heating equipment using flame are prohibited.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-123(f)

Smoke detectors must be installed by the owner of each multi-family dwelling unit in accordance with the County smoke detector law.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 11 §11-258


Responsibilities of occupants and owners

The occupant of a dwelling unit must keep clean and sanitary the part of the premises which he occupies, controls, or uses.  Rubbish and garbage must be disposed of in a clean and sanitary manner by placing it in the required rubbish containers or garbage disposal facilities. 

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §308

All occupants of dwelling units must keep the basic facilities such as cooking and refrigeration equipment, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, etc., clean and sanitary, and are responsible for using reasonable care in their proper use.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-123(e)

Every plumbing or electrical fixture or other basic facility furnished by the occupant must be properly installed and operated, kept clean and in good working condition, and free of defects, leaks, or obstruction.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §504.1

An occupant who willfully destroys or impairs any equipment, facility, or part of the structure of a dwelling is guilty of a misdemeanor and is subject to the penalties provided in this Code.  Normal deterioration and normal use and wear are not violations.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §106.3

A single motor vehicle which is wrecked, dismantled, or not currently licensed may be kept in a wholly enclosed garage.  The storage of any other wrecked, dismantled, or not currently licensed motor vehicle on the premises is prohibited.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §304.2

Responsibilities mandated by this Code cannot be transferred or removed by a contract, lease, or other agreement.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-112


Rooming Houses

Every person who operates a rooming house or who occupies or leases to someone a rooming unit in a rooming house must comply with the provisions of the Housing Code, with the following exceptions and special provisions:

Where toilet and washing facilities are shared, there must be at least one toilet, wash basin, and bathtub or shower, properly connected to an approved water and sewer system and in good working condition, for every four rooms. They must be directly accessible from a common hall or passageway, not more than one story removed from any room sharing the facility, and may not be in a cellar.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-125 and International Property Maintenance Code §502.2

Cooking is not permitted in any rooming unit of a rooming house, unless approved in the certificate of occupancy. Devices like coffee pots and microwaves are not considered cooking appliances.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §403.3

Wash basins, bathtubs, and showers must be supplied with hot and cold water at all times.  The rooms where these facilities are located must be separate from habitable rooms and must afford privacy. Each window must have a shade, draw drapes, or other device providing privacy to the occupant of the room.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-123

The operator is responsible for keeping every part of the rooming house clean and sanitary.  Where the operator uses the entire building as a rooming house, he is responsible for sanitary maintenance of the entire premises.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §301.2


Violations, notice, and penalties

When the Director determines that the Housing Code has been violated, or that there are reasonable grounds to believe that it has been violated, he serves notice upon the person responsible.  The notice is delivered to the owner or occupant personally, or is sent by certified or first-class mail to the last known address. , If the notice is returned undelivered, a copy of the notice must be posted in a conspicuous place in or on the dwelling.

The violation notice must be in writing, specify the property, the violation and the remedial action required, and allow reasonable time for compliance.

If the notice is not complied with, the Director may take action, including a proceeding at law or equity, against the person responsible and may, if appropriate, order the premises vacated.

Read the code: International Property Maintenance Code §106.3

A violation of the Housing Code is a misdemeanor.  A person, firm, or corporation convicted of a violation will be fined a maximum of $500 or imprisoned for up to ninety days, or both.  Each day that a violation continues after a notice has been served and not complied with is a separate offense.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 13 §13-111


Hardship exceptions

Where the literal requirements of the Housing Code would cause undue hardship, a written application for an exception may be sent to the Director, stating the reason for the request.  Exceptions are granted in writing and only under conditions that protect reasonable safety and sanitation.  Exceptions are subject to review by the County Council.

Read the law: Prince George’s County Code, Subtitle 4 §4-119



Edits by Regina Strait, Esq.


Here’s the primer you need to understand Prince George’s extraordinary diversity

Compared to the rest of the Washington region, Prince George’s County has unique and oft-misunderstood demographics. This breakdown of the county’s mix of density, wealth, race, language, and government will help you understand it better.

Density and wealth

A good place to start when comparing the different regions is population densities and built environments. Unsurprisingly, Subregions 2 and 4 have the highest median population densities in the county — 8,200 people per square mile and 6,000 people per square mile respectively — given that they are both nearly entirely inside the Beltway.

These areas and Subregion 1 — at 4,600 people per square mile — are the only ones above the county’s median density of 4,200 people per square mile. While areas of Prince George’s County outside the Beltway are generally less dense than those of Montgomery and Fairfax Counties, the three counties have similar levels of inside-the-Beltway density.

Planning SubregionLand AreaPopulationMedian Population DensityMedian Household Income
Subregion 145 sq. mi.92,0004,600 people / sq. mi.$76,000
Subregion 247 sq. mi.256,0008,200 people / sq. mi.$60,000
Subregion 385 sq. mi.160,0003,000 people / sq. mi.$102,000
Subregion 429 sq. mi.124,0006,000 people / sq. mi.$60,000
Subregion 572 sq. mi.62,0001,700 people / sq. mi.$109,000
Subregion 6161 sq. mi.69,000900 people / sq. mi.$102,000
Subregion 745 sq. mi.129,0003,500 people / sq. mi.$72,000
County Overall483 sq. mi.893,0004,200 people / sq. mi.$76,000

The very high density of Subregion 2 — comparable to the population density of Montgomery County inside the Beltway — is partly due to this region’s history as early streetcar and railroad suburbs. Hyattsville developed in the late Nineteenth Century around a station on the B&O Railroad, now the MARC Camden Line. College Park, Berwyn Heights, Riverdale Park, East Riverdale, Edmonston, Bladensburg, North Brentwood, Brentwood, and Mount Rainier were served by the Washington, Berwyn, and Laurel and the Washington, Spa Spring, and Gretta streetcar lines.

Several communities in Subregion 1 — Beltsville and Laurel in particular — developed around the B&O Railroad and the Washington, Berwyn, and Laurel streetcar. However, much of this area remained rural until the later part of the Twentieth Century, well after car-dependent, low-density construction had become the norm.

DC streetcars did not enter Subregion 4 except for one line that terminated in Seat Pleasant. The denser communities along Southern Avenue were served by buses from an early date, and the current route of Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway was originally the Washington, Baltimore, and Annapolis interurban line.

Although most dense areas of Prince George’s County are concentrated inside the Beltway, there are a few pockets of density outside it as well. Laurel, which started out as a railroad town, is the most prominent of these. Lanham-Seabrook, just east of the northern portion of the Beltway, started out as a railway suburb along the Pennsylvania Railroad (now the MARC Penn Line) and is fairly dense.

The older farming communities of Surratsville-Clinton and Upper Marlboro also have small pockets of density in their historic downtowns. Prince George’s has significantly fewer such towns than Montgomery County, though, likely due to its history as a plantation economy that was originally laid out along navigable waterways.

More recently, the northern portion of Bowie (built as a Levittown in the 1960s) and the Largo area (which was largely developed in the last 20 years) were built for cars, but are denser than other parts of the county.

Like density, wealth varies significantly between different parts of Prince George’s County. The county as a whole is poorer than much of the region, but some areas of it are unquestionably wealthy. Subregions 3, 5, and 6 have median household incomes of $100,000 to $110,000 annually, putting them firmly in the upper middle class. Portions of these regions, in particular the Woodmore area west of Bowie, have median incomes in excess of $120,000.

Inside the Beltway, Prince George’s is noticeably poorer than other parts of the region, except for DC east of the Capitol. However, it is not uniformly poor. The median household income in both Subregions 2 and 4 is $60,000 annually, but they have significant pockets with higher and lower incomes than this. The town of University Park, along US-1, even has a median household income above $120,000.

Somewhat more surprising to me, at least, was that there is a cluster of Census tracts in Laurel and South Laurel with median incomes between $30,000 and $60,000 annually. These areas presumably contribute to bringing the median income in Subregion 1 down to $76,000 annually despite the richer communities west of I-95.

Subregion 7’s median income is even lower at $72,000 annually, primarily due to low incomes in the Forest Heights and Silver Hill areas inside the Beltway. Outside the Beltway, its median income is closer to $90,000 annually.

What about race?

If there is one reason that Prince George’s County is known nationally, it is for being a large, relatively well-off, majority-African-American suburban county. Despite its current demographics, the county was majority-white in the early Twentieth Century, and many of its earlier suburbs, including Mount Rainier, Brentwood, Hyattsville, and Greenbelt, were originally all-white communities. In the second half of the century, a combination of African American migration out of the District and white flight gave the county an African-American majority.

Today, Prince George’s County’s population is 63% African-American, 16% Hispanic, and 14% white. However, there is a steep north-south divide in the racial breakdown of different parts of the county. Subregion 4, the area inside the Beltway between US-50 and Suitland Parkway, is 88% African-American, 8% Hispanic, and only 2% white.

The three other subregions south of Central Avenue are also heavily African-American, with 76% to 79% of their populations identifying themselves as such on the Census. Subregion 3, containing Largo and Bowie, has the balance closest to the county as a whole: 67% African-American, 19% white, and 7% Hispanic.

However, Subregion 3’s racial balance is not evenly distributed throughout the subregion. Every Census tract in Largo is over 80% African-American, while nearly every Census tract in the portion of Bowie north of US-50 is less than 40% African-American.

Subregions 1 and 2 have a fairly different racial makeup than the areas south of US-50: both are plurality but not majority African-American: 47% in Subregion 1 and 39% in Subregion 2. Subregion 1 has the county’s largest white (23%) and Asian (9%) populations, while coming in second place in terms of Hispanic population (18% compared to the 35% in Subregion 2, which rivals that region’s African-American population.

Looking at a map the African-American populations of Census tracts in Prince George’s County makes it clear just how marked the county’s racial divide is. Census tracts northwest of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway mostly have non-African-American majorities, while, with the exception of northern Bowie, almost all of the county south of the Parkway is majority or close-to-majority African-American.

Language spoken at home

Prince George’s is mostly known for being home to a large, suburban African-American population, but the county also has a large immigrant population, at least in the north.

While the southern, heavily African-American subregions have populations of between 93% (Subregion 4) and 88% (Subregion 7) of their populations using only English at home, the northern three subregions have larger populations that use other languages, bringing the county as a whole’s average down to just under 80%.

Planning Subregion% English-Only Households% Spanish-Speaking Households% Other-Language Households
Subregion 168 %12 %20 %
Subregion 262 %21 %13 %
Subregion 382 %6 %13 %
Subregion 493 %4 %4 %
Subregion 591 %4 %5 %
Subregion 690 %4 %6 %
Subregion 788 %6 %6 %
County Overall79 %13 %8 %

Subregion 3, with 82% English-only households is the closest to the county’s average, though its percentages of Spanish-speaking and neither-English-nor-Spanish-speaking households are reversed. Six percent of households in Region 3 speak Spanish at home and 13% speak a language that is neither Spanish nor English, while in the county as a whole, 13% of households speak Spanish at home and 8% speak a third language.

While Subregion 1 has the largest fraction — 20% — of households that speak a language besides English and Spanish at home, Subregions 2 and 3 also have fractions above 10%.

What is most noticeable is that 21% of households in Subregion 2 speak Spanish at home. This is not entirely surprising, given that the subregion is 35% Hispanic.

Looking at a map of Census tracts colored based on the fraction of their households that speak a language other than English at home, it becomes clear that Region 2’s large Spanish-speaking population is mainly located in a belt running from Western Hyattsville and Chillum to Langley Park and Adelphi, and into Montgomery County.

Census tracts with significant populations that speak languages other than English are primarily concentrated in the far northwest of the county along the Montgomery County border, although there is also a significant band along Kennilworth Road.

Municipal government

While it’s not really a demographic variance, there is a very stark difference in the importance of municipal governments between different regions of the county. While most of the land in Prince George’s County is unincorporated and — like in every other county in the state — the majority of the population lives in unincorporated areas, the 26% of the county’s population that does live in cities and towns is almost entirely concentrated in the northern half of the county.

Subregion 5 contains no municipalities at all, while Subregion 6 has about 1% of its population in the colonial tobacco port of Upper Marlboro and the town of Eagle Harbor at the southwest tip of the county. Likewise, Subregion 7 has 3% of its population in two suburbs inside the Beltway: Morningside and Forest Heights.

Subregion 4, which is entirely inside the Beltway, has five small municipalities: Seat Pleasant, Fairmount Heights, District Heights, Capitol Heights, and Glenarden, though the last of these crosses the Beltway to incorporate parts of Subregion 3, and 18% of its population lives in municipalities.

Subregions 1 and 3 both have a quarter to a third of their populations in cities, in both cases does to a single large city. In Subregion 3, nearly all of the 34% of the population who live in municipalities live in the City of Bowie, the county’s largest, while all of the 27% of the population of Subregion 1 who live in municipalities lives in the City Laurel, the the city’s third largest after College Park. Although most of these regions’ population lives in unincorporated areas, the dominance of these large cities leads many people to refer to the whole regions by the cities’ names, sometimes without realizing that the areas they are talking about are unincorporated.

Just as with demographics, Subregion 2 is relatively unique in terms of local government. A string of a dozen cities and towns contain nearly all the land in the corridor along US-1 and Kennilworth Avenue. Between these and a few more car-oriented suburbs in the southeast portion of the subregion, a full 50% of the subregion’s population lives in incorporated areas. No single city really dominates this area, but the four cities with populations over 10,000 — College Park, Greenbelt, Hyattsville, and New Carrollton — between them have 33% of the subregion’s population.

Of the half of Subregion 2’s population who do not live in incorporated areas, roughly half live in the strip of the subregion just along the Montgomery County border. In 1956, there was a push to incorporate this area, which now consists of Chillum, Langley Heights, and Adelphi, as a City of Chillum, which would have been the second-largest in the state.

Prince George’s Board of Commissioners strongly opposed this move, and no new municipalities have been incorporated in the county since 1953. That’s when state law changed to require the consent of county governments for new cities and towns to be formed in their territory.

What do these maps show us?

Simply looking at demographics cannot tell us what the “natural” regions of a county are, and certainly cannot tell us what to call them. History and the transportation network have a significant role to play in determining what areas are more connected to each other. However, looking at the demographics of Prince George’s County gives a picture of a county with stark divides.

In terms of race and ethnicity, it seems fairly clear that US-50 is the most significant dividing line in the county: south of it, nearly everywhere is majority African-American, often overwhelmingly so. North of this line, there are some majority African-American communities, but also many majority-Hispanic communities, some where the majority of households do not speak English at home. There are even, contrary to stereotypes, a few majority non-Hispanic white communities, such as the towns of University Park and Berwyn Heights.

Economics paint a different picture. The southern and eastern tier of the county, outside the Beltway and south of the B-W Parkway, is reasonably well-off, with middle-class and upper-middle-class communities. The area inside the Beltway is more mixed, with both middle-class and impoverished communities. However, it has almost none of the firmly upper-middle-class populations that populate most of the areas inside the Beltway in Montgomery County and Virginia.

In terms of economics, and to a lesser extent race, Subregion 1 seems to be a special case. It is the most heavily white section of the county, and has a significantly smaller Hispanic population than Subregion 2. Outside of Laurel, it is also significantly richer than Subregion 2, although the area in and to the southeast of City of Laurel are relatively poor.

Do you notice any other interesting patterns in this data?

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DW Rowlands is a human geographer and Prince George’s County native, currently living in College Park. She is a senior research assistant at the Bass Center for Transformative Placemaking in the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution. More of her writing on transportation-related and other topics can be found on her website.



Important! New, current website is Prince Georges Special Olympics



Welcome to Special Olympics Maryland, Prince Georges. SOMDPG offers a large and varied program for persons eight years of age and older with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in sharing of gifts, skills and friendships with their families, other Special Olympics athletes, and the community. We also have a strong unified program.



The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for citizens with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.


The vision of Special Olympics Maryland is to help bring Special Olympics athletes into the larger society under conditions whereby they are accepted, respected and given the chance to become useful and productive citizens.


The following six values guide all decisions and actions taken by Directory, volunteers, and athletes.

  • Community – We attempt to connect our athletes with their local COMMUNITY as much as possible. We use community facilities; we generate local publicity, and we portray the athletes and their families as local heroes Connections and bridges are formed.
  • Friendships – We encourage FRIENDSHIPS among athletes and families throughout Special Olympics. We also encourage friendships with athletes without disabilities through their commonality of sport. The goal is friendships for life.
  • Integrity – Athletes develop INTEGRITY by doing the right thing.
  • Opportunity – All Special Olympics athletes are given the OPPORTUNITY to excel.
  • Quality – Opportunity occurs through QUALITY sports training and Olympic-type competition.
  • Sportsmanship – We follow the rules of the game by demonstrating good SPORTSMANSHIP and fairness for all.

Inspiration Walk!

Our main fundraiser for the year is our annual Inspiration Walk. Funds raised from this event pay for athlete uniforms, practice venues, and competitions. Please join us at the University of Maryland College Park on Saturday, May 11th. Register at and RSVP on Facebook!


There is a new Medical form that must be completed for anyone whose Medical will expire before the end of their sports season. Your athlete’s Medical must be good from the start to the end of the practice season. No forms that expire before the end of the season will be accepted.

Please use the link at
Athlete Medical Form to download it.

Due to insurance and liability issues, no athlete will be allowed to attend practice without a completed, valid Medical. Even if one is already on file, please bring a hard copy to the Spring Sports Parent Meeting. The coach must have these by the first practice.

Upcoming events

The 51st Annual Bob Janus Spring Games will be held on Thursday, May 3, 2018 at the M-NCPPC Sports & Learning Complex.

Come out and witness 362 Special Olympics athletes compete in our track and field meet. Opening Ceremonies begin at 10:20am.

Syd’s Challenge


Syd Lea is an athlete from Carroll County that wanted to give something back to Special Olympics. So he sat down with his mom and asked her what he could do. They came up with the idea to give a little something back every month. So Syd is donating one hour of his pay every month to Special Olympics Maryland in Carroll County. For Syd, that’s $11.41.

Syd’s friend Christine, who is an athlete in Howard County, heard about what Syd is doing and has decided she will make a monthly donation to Special Olympics Maryland in Howard County. If Syd can do it, so can she. For Christine, that’s $8.25 month.

SOMD email 4 image

So that’s the challenge. Consider giving something back every month to Special Olympics Maryland. You can choose to have it go to athletes in your county program, or you can support athletes and initiatives across the state of Maryland. It’s up to you.

Just click here to get started and make your 1st monthly donation today!


Click here to volunteer for SOMDPG.

Featured News & Events

Events Calendar

[calendarizeit taxonomy=calendar terms=”prince-george”]


Contact Us

Contact information for coaches, athletes, volunteers & general info.

*We also have email lists for each sport. Please contact the coach or Karen Reznek if you wish to be added to one or more of the lists.

Program Details


Practice begins in March
Bowie High Track
e-mail Ellen Fineran at Ellen Fineran for more information


Practice begins in February
Fairland Aquatic Center, with optional practices at Greenbelt Aquatic Center and Prince George’s Community College when Fairland is not available.
2:00pm-4:00pm on Sundays, and 7:00-9:00 on Fridays. Practices are split, with half the swimmers coming the first hour, and half the second.
e-mail Karen Reznek for more information, and read the Swim Team FAQ


We have a team, but no coach! Please consider volunteering.

Cycling rides once a week, at Lake Artemesia in Berywn Heights. Two- and three-wheelers welcome.

e-mail Chris Militello for more information.

Power Lifting
The Power Lifting team is small, but mighty. Do you have it in you to bench press and dead-lift? Practices are in Bowie, late summer through October. Minimum age: 16.

e-mail Krysten Eshelman-Sneade for more information


Recent Photos


open mhz pg county 8 The Prince George’s County Planning Department maintains an enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). Hillcrest Heights, Prince George's, MD 30d+. All Trunked Radio Systems in Prince George's County. 2 Apr 26, 2021 · Courthouse 14735 Main Street Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 Phone: 301-952-3655 Prince George's County Portal Prince George's County is the 70th most affluent county in the United States by median income for families and the most affluent county in the United States with an African-American majority. Prince Georges County Public Schools (MD) Save Job. Prince George: Prince George County Fire/EMS: Public Safety 3 : Online: Prince George: Prince George County Police: Public Safety 2 : Online: Prince George Virginia State Police Division 1: Public Safety 13 : Online: Prince William: Central Maryland Repeater Group: Amateur Radio 1 : Online: Prince William: Norfolk Southern - Manassas Area: Rail . , Capitol Heights, MD 20743 Frequency Offset Tone Up / Down Location County Call Use Modes; 52. 6 MHz: 110. 4300-0. , Prince George’s County represents the second-most populous county in Maryland and is home to one of the nation’s 25 largest school districts. 3 / 141. Food Services Assistant 2021-2022 SYLAUREL AREA. 9 District Heights, MD Repeater. 1900-1. 2:24:00 PM. Some services include thrift stores, clothing closet, housing, and emergency bags of food. We’ve compiled the best of the best in Prince George's County - browse our top choices for Restaurants during your stay. He was the husband of Queen Anne of England (1702-1714). It also approved new subdivision regulations, an updated landscape manual, and a process to re-zone the entire county. The Prince George County GIS Office provides data development and management, training, map products, and technical support to the citizens and departments of the County. The Council recesses in August and December. 6 MHz : Crisfield: Somerset: W3BJ: OPEN: 145 Jan 06, 2019 · PG-ARES On-Air Training Net on EVERY TUESDAY of the month @ 7:30 PM on the K3ERA 145. On spahivogli polo teddy bear sweater make cladogram activity dj pierre 75 min boiler room los angeles goklany humanity unbound air max 95 360 colorways cardiologue sarcelles 95200 blue headlights illegal in colorado emarketer ad. System Name. All County businesses with questions about whether they can be open and how they can operate as Prince George’s County moves through its phased reopening, should reach email us or 311. PG County North Simulcast Site. But on Friday, June Feb 07, 2021 · In mp3 open top chamber wikipedia go to play store and download pandora anpr police car macodrum library jobs andeta. mailing address: c/o Prince George's County Historical Society, P. 9 / 110. Books. $54K-$122K Per Year (Employer est. (3) • In interoperability projects we have identified and secured good communication, networking, enterprise and architecture for building new systems. The adult obesity rate of Prince George's County, MD was 33. To see the County’s latest COVID-19 trends and data, view the COVID-19 dashboard. And while 86% of residents hold a high school diploma, only 33% go on to earn a bachelor’s degree and contribute their talents to the regional workforce. 1500 +5 MHz : Bowie: Prince Georges: W3XJ: OPEN: 442 Jan 06, 2019 · PG-ARES On-Air Training Net on EVERY TUESDAY of the month @ 7:30 PM on the K3ERA 145. Prince George's County Public Schools. O. Just 15 miles outside Washington, D. Sitemap. Anne Arundel County. Joined Oct 31, 2006 Search 63 Open House Listings in Prince Georges County MD. Monday-Thursday-Friday: 8:30 a. Frequency Offset Tone In / Out Location County Call Use Modes; 145. May 18, 2021 · PG North seems to be working - not sure what type of radio is feeding it however because it's not the best quality. 4 call/min. 700 Mhz TRS. This system is a Motorola ASTRO-25 700 MHz TRS. All County businesses with questions about whether they can be open and how they can operate as Prince George’s County moves through its phased reopening, should reach out to Experience Prince George’s at [email protected] 5123 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland, 20781, USA. 230- pl110. ) Show Salary Details. 6600-0. 1 MHz: 141. The following properties are open for public use: Bring your students, large family or community group to experience and educational and fun museum tour and/or arts workshop led by our museum specialists! This exciting after-school program engages high school students in visual and performing arts, docent training and extended hands-on lessons about African American history, art and culture. A game fit for a Queen: On October 19, 1957, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip visited the University of Maryland as part of a tour of the United States and Canada. Classroom Teacher - Language Immersion (Spanish) Upper Marlboro, MD 30d+. Oct 18, 2012 · An illustration of an open book. 0 Nov 29, 2007 · Prince Georges County New 800 Mhz Radio. Open In Google Maps. 80% in 2015. Frequency Offset Tone Location County Call Use; 442. Records requested: Please provide a spreadsheet of public safety and county services channels/talk groups from the radio template for the new 700 MHz trunked radio system. Frequency Offset Tone In / Out Location County Call Use Modes; 53. The Board of Health meets as required. Court House. If you have a spare computer, it is easy to get started. The County Council meets as a legislative body at 10:00 a. $900/month$1000/month Open house Must have open house Dec 24, 2020 · Restaurants Open On Christmas 2020 In Prince George's County Patch compiled a roundup of local and national restaurants slated to be open that day. Prince Georges Co MD Safety. 1125 +5 MHz: DGTL: Towson D-STAR: Baltimore: W3DHS: OPEN: 442. 0900-1. PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY. 0 MHz: 107. Map View Close Map Filter Sort by: A GIS is a collection of computer hardware, software and geographic data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. With a $25 SDR or two, you can capture an entire system. 40% The clerk's office accepts cash, check, money orders, or credit cards. Please acknowledge receipt of this message. 1 MHz to 250 MHz Oscillators. Recommended Fodor’s Video. YES. 6 MHz: 100. us or 311. 1 listener. ) Patuxent River Park is comprised of more than 6,000 acres of natural area parklands along the eastern boundary of Prince George's County. It does take a little bit of work to get things setup, but we are here to help and answer questions. PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, MD — The Nov 14, 2011 · Just another PennWell Blogs Sites site. An illustration of a 3. An illustration of two cells of a film strip. An illustration of an audio speaker. Police. Much of the land contains valuable natural and historical resources and is governed by a "limited-use" policy. Document Formatting Requirements. Video. open channel. 6400-0. TTY users call Maryland Relay 711. Thread starter paponte0; Start date Nov 29, 2007; Status Not open for further replies. Aug 13, 2019 · 93. W32 Unicom. 0 MHz: 114. 3 : Silver Spring: Montgomery: N3AUY: OPEN: FM 53. 4C Inter 1 (response channel for interstate highway calls) 2:25:36 PM. 4A Dispatch (also sometimes seen on talkgroup 12) Frequency Offset Tone In / Out Location County Call Use Modes; 145. The band consists of 108 megahertz of Spectrum running from 698 - 806 MHz and was freed up as result of Digital Television Transition. - 5:00 p. The 700 MHz Band is an important swathe of Spectrum available for both commercial wireless and public safety communications. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for 0. to 3:30 p. Housing Authority of Prince Georges County. The park, which is slated to Judicial Branch - Courts The Circuit Court for Prince George's County Welcomes All- A Fair Forum for Justice Oct 20, 2021 · The owner of three zebras that escaped their Upper Marlboro farm in August and were seen roaming parts of Prince George's County has been charged with three counts of animal cruelty. Prince George's County Salvation Army 4825 Edmonston Road Hyattsville MD 20781 Main phone number - 301-277-6103 Runs various social services and programs for the low income, unemployed, and people who need help. 8% of all households in Prince Georges County, earned over $100,000 in 2008. 14735 Main Street. The police get things rolling when they submit their declaration of probable cause in court. 1 CFIS-FM is a broadcast Radio station from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, providing alternative to those top forty stations focusing instead on music from the 40's,50's, 60's and 70's Továbbiak Smart Filtering As you select one or more parametric filters below, Smart Filtering will instantly disable any unselected values that would cause no results to be found. 0300-1. 13. 2300-0. at the Prince George’s Jul 29, 2020 · spare 2 - unit testing in tunnel univ of dc pd - incident at univ at windham - units at scene switch to ch 2 - dispatch turn on a portable on ch 2 so you can communicate with House Road, Upper Marlboro. 1 MHz to 250 MHz Oscillators are available at Mouser Electronics. Home. 9200 Basil Court, Suite 107. Toll-free (in Maryland) 800-937-1335. Health Behaviors The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation produces health rankings for states and counties. 8 : Tallahassee: Leon: K4TLH: OPEN : FM 53. i have a zerg90 map of fire stations in pg county Listening to Worcester FD on Open Mhz dispatchers need help from chiefs and field units to send right units to calls dispatch is done on the dispatch talkgroup (TG 4443) units respond to minor calls on Ops C (TG 4439) a master box and a elevator rescue were put on Ops B and Ops A Nov 02, 2018 · On October 23, the Prince George’s County Council voted to approve a new zoning ordinance—a significant achievement for the county and a big step towards building sustainable and resilient communities. Job Title: Food Services Assistant 2021-2022 SY (4 Hour Shifts) LAUREL AREA Location: Suitland, MD, US Organization Name: Schools/Centers LA. Fire Automated Dispatch. County transfer tax - 1. 9500 Broward County 700 MHz P25 Simulcast. MCC7500e Dispatch. View details. (2) • Mobile AFIS has technical people in place throughout NCR. Housing Authority of Prince Georges County is a housing authority that participates in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), Public Housing, Homeownership Voucher, Family Self-Sufficiency, Veteran Affairs Supportive • The entire region (except PG county) has all emergency agencies on 800MHZ. 9 : District Heights: Prince Georges: K3ERA: OPEN: FM Fusion 145. PG County North. BM. 5 Jul 07, 2010 · July 2, 2010 - July 15, 2010. Audio. Aircraft. Search this site. Frequency Offset Tone Up / Down Location County Call Use Modes; 29. 8 : Cincinnati: Hamilton: KD8TE: OPEN: FM 145. 80000. 0 : Chehalis, Baw Faw Peak: Lewis: K7CH: OPEN: FM 52. Refer to the County’s website for a list of acceptable items or contact County Click or call 311 (or 301-883-4748, if calling from outside of the County). paponte0 Member. undefined, MD. 1 MHz: 94. AM. View Open House dates and times, sales data, tax history, zestimates, and other premium information for free! Oct 23, 2021 · Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks joined leaders in celebrating the construction of the new Liberty Sports Park located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. All capacity and social distancing restrictions have been lifted for all indoor and outdoor venues in Prince George’s County. An arrest warrant search in Prince George’s County, MD can be accomplished through the office of the sheriff or the local judicial entities since all of these departments play crucial roles in the issue of active warrants. 7 MHz: 100. md. 0 Frequency Offset Tone Location County Call Use; 145. Nov 10, 2021 · 122. Yours faithfully, Eli Oliveri Search land for sale in Prince Georges County MD. Monthly Meetings on the 3rd Monday of the month @ 7:00 PM at the Prince George's County Fire Services Building, 6820 Webster Street, Hyattsville, MD 20784-1474. 5. Jun 09, 2021 · The 629,000 square-foot facility located near the Largo Town Center Metro station is replacing the 75-year-old Prince George's County Hospital Center in Cheverly. 0 MHz: 94. Almost 38. Washington Executive /Hyde Field Unicom / CTAF. 1200-0. +13019272740. Learn More. Feb 09, 2017 · Opened originally as a deli and general store, Franklins popularity saw it grow into a 200-seat brewpub with an onsite brewery which, became the county’s first microbrewery. General Information 301-952-3318. For directions and parking, visit the County Government's web site. 93-82 and WT Docket 02-378 The Region 20 Public Safety Regional Planning Committees (RPCs) will hold two consecutive in-person planning meetings on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, 10:00 a. Fire. m. Beginning on July 1, 2015 the Planning Department implemented its GIS open data initiative which allows for the distribution of digital data to anyone in the public and private sectors. Largo , Prince Georges County , Maryland 20774. The facility is open to Prince George’s County residents and citizens free of charge on Thursday and Friday and Saturday between 8:00 a. open mhz pg county

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Prince George's County, MD

In 2019, Prince George's County, MD had a population of 909k people with a median age of 37.8 and a median household income of $86,290. Between 2018 and 2019 the population of Prince George's County, MD grew from 909,308 to 909,327, a 0.00209% increase and its median household income grew from $83,034 to $86,290, a 3.92% increase.

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Prince George's County, MD are Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (61%), Other (Hispanic) (14.4%), White (Non-Hispanic) (12.1%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (4.04%), and White (Hispanic) (3.92%). 28.9% of the households in Prince George's County, MD speak a non-English language at home as their primary language.

86.3% of the residents in Prince George's County, MD are U.S. citizens.

The largest universities in Prince George's County, MD are University of Maryland Global Campus (13,527 degrees awarded in 2019), University of Maryland-College Park (12,093 degrees), and Bowie State University (1,119 degrees).

In 2019, the median property value in Prince George's County, MD was $334,200, and the homeownership rate was 62.6%. Most people in Prince George's County, MD drove alone to work, and the average commute time was 36.5 minutes. The average car ownership in Prince George's County, MD was 2 cars per household.

Prince George's County, MD borders District of Columbia, DC, Anne Arundel County, MD, Calvert County, MD, Charles County, MD, Howard County, MD, Montgomery County, MD, Fairfax County, VA, and Alexandria city, VA.


The Prince George’s County Planning Department maintains an enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). Beginning on July 1, 2015 the Planning Department implemented its GIS open data initiative which allows for the distribution of digital data to anyone in the public and private sectors.

The data, which is available at no cost, includes planimetric, property, zoning, terrain, administrative, Census, environmental, historic, infrastructure, and park facility datasets. Over 200 different datasets are available for use and distribution. Detailed information on each dataset can be found at the GIS Data Catalog.

Use Constraints
Creative Commons Attribution You can copy, modify, distribute, and perform analysis on the data, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission, but please provide attribution to the Prince George's County Planning Department. The Planning Department makes no warranties about the data, and disclaims liability for all uses of the data, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

This site will only distribute data that is maintained by the Planning Department, or where authority to redistribute the information was granted.

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