signs an aquarius man is falling for you

As air signs, they'll definitely respect your bold approach, and will be happy to engage. If you're still looking for ways to understand how to. Sun Signs' author Linda Goodman presents an astrological guide to love that tells you if that "right person" is really right for you. Sagittarius · Capricorn · Aquarius · Pisces · v · t · e. Leo (♌︎) (Greek: Λέων, Leōn), Latin for Lion, is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Fall, None. signs an aquarius man is falling for you

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Signs an aquarius man is falling for you -

9 Hot Signs Of An Aquarius Man In Love

Have you found yourself into an Aquarius man and wondering if he may be falling in love with you? Here are some sure-fire signs that he could be dropping his guard and letting you in for love. How to tell when an Aquarius man is falling for you Find out below:

Signs Of An Aquarius Man In Love

1. He’s More Attentive

The Aquarius man is one that loves his freedom and time. If he’s willing to start giving you some of it; he’s interested in you. He will start to text you, call you or spend face time with you.

To better understand him, you’ll definitely need to keep your eyes open for how he shows you the signs of an Aquarius Man in Love.

You’ll notice that he starts to ask you more personal questions about your life and what your goals or dreams are. He may ask you what you see your life like ten years from now.

These types of questions help him probe and figure out if you’re someone with whom he could have a lucrative future. He’ll also be able to find out what your values are as far as family goes or everyday life.

He will go out of his way to try to be around you more. While he’s mining for information; try not to give away too much. The idea is to get him intrigued so he can enjoy the mystery of getting to know you.

Telling him too much upfront will either turn him off or scare him away — neither of which you want to happen. Aquarius takes his time to fall in love and trying to figure out if you will be someone who will match him.

So if you notice you’ve been getting more text messages or more meaningful conversations, he may very well be falling for you.

2. His Curiosity in You Increases

You may be wondering “how to know if an Aquarius man loves me?” Keep reading to find out more juicy details on this delectable man and how he shows his care.

Aside from just spending time with you and sharing his life, he will also want to know more about you and who you are. He wants to know that your inner core values will match his.

If he goes this far, he’s falling for you or is very close to letting go and fully loving you. Either way, this is a tell-tale sign the Aquarius man is falling for you. Lots of questions about you and your life mean he’s genuinely in it for the right reasons.

Another one of the signs of an Aquarius man in love, he’ll try to figure out your likes, dislikes, your inner desires, your dreams, and hopes are important to him. He wants to make sure that you’re someone that does strive to achieve your goals.
While knowing this is useful information but you’re probably also now wondering how to know if an Aquarius man is serious about you as well. I’ve got more completely tasty tips so keep on reading!

3. Grand Gestures When an Aquarius Man Loves You

how to tell when an Aquarius man is falling for you

Aside from him paying more attention to you; you’ll probably notice an increase in his romantic ways with you. He could start bringing you your favorite flowers, taking you to excellent restaurants, bringing you chocolate, etc.

This guy will show you Valentine’s Day year-round when he’s in love. He will even sit through chick flicks if that’s what you want to watch. This is one of the huge signs an Aquarius man is falling for you.

Again, it takes an Aquarius man a long time to get to this point, though. He loves his freedom, he loves to play with various people and likes to have fun. He sees commitment as a considerable ordeal.

Only when he feels he’s found the person he thinks is worth it; will he give up his freedom and settle down. In doing this; his inner romantic side comes out, and he will give you the world.

The catch in this is that he expects you to be still independent and not clingy with him. If you become either of these things, he will see this as an attempt to lock him down or take his freedom.

In that situation, he will drop you like a hot cake. Even if he loves you, he will not sacrifice who he is at the core to make you happy. He wants a partner that is equal to him.

When you start to get love letters, romantic texts, or seductive conversations, he’s probably falling in love with you. Watch his actions more than anything else. They’re very telling.

4. He Tells You How He Feels With Honesty

Aquarius men are truthful most of the time. They may not give up the information without you asking, but if you do, you better be prepared for the cold hard truth. Whether that means he loves you or he’s not that into you, he’ll let you know.

Typically though; if an Aquarius man is in love with you, he’ll likely tell you. If not directly “I’m falling for you” then he may say it in other ways like “I’m into you hardcore” or something similar.

Once he’s really in love with you, he’ll fully commit to you. If this happens, there is no way that you won’t know. He will, at that point, make it very clear, “I love you.”

He doesn’t fool around when it comes to love and what it takes to make sure that his relationship will last. He feels no reason to waste time once he knows for sure that you’re the one.

Telling you flat out what he feels, why he feels it, and how deeply he’s into building a closer bond with you, he is an Aquarius falling in love so trust it and trust him.

5. Caring for Your Needs

This is the man that will be the one to bring you dinner if you’re not feeling too well. He has no problem making you dinner at your place either. When Aquarius man loves you he will worry that you’re not feeling good.

The Aquarius will be the guy that will take your temperature, wait on you hand and foot to make sure that you’re on the healing path. He’s your manservant because he loves you and wants you to be well.

A man that will go above and beyond for his lady love is a man that is in love with his queen. If your Aquarius man is taking care of you, he loves you look for more signs an Aquarius man is falling for you. There are many!

6. He Commits to You

how to tell when an Aquarius man is falling for you

An Aquarius man will not commit until he’s positive that you’re the one. If he does jump in too quick, he’ll freak out at some point and maybe back out unceremoniously.

That means that if he looks back and realizes that he moved too quickly, he will freak out on a mental level. This will make him reconsider everything, and it could make him know you’re not the one.

Whatever you do; do not rush an Aquarius man. If you take your time and let him do this at his pace, he’ll fall for you and then finally commit. When he commits to you, he means it. It’s definitely one of the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you.

This means he’s in it for the long haul and is yours! Getting to this point isn’t the easiest, but if you allow things to flow naturally, you’ll be glad you did. This guy only plays when he’s not committed.

He takes commitment very seriously, and as such, he tries to avoid it like the plague until he meets the right partner. Once he reaches the right person; he’ll know it, and it will scare him, but he’ll still go forward with it.

7. He Gives You His Trust

Aquarius men do not like to open up about their personal lives. This means it could take quite a while before he takes you home to meet his family. He isn’t one to bring just anyone home. This takes lots of trust from Aquarius man.

Once he starts doing things that indicate he trusts you, it’s a sign an Aquarius man is falling for you or is already in the throes of love with you. He will open up and start to talk to you about things that are important to him.

If you become his confidant, then he is going to feel safe, secure, and able to continue building a foundation for a long-lasting relationship. When an Aquarius man loves you, you’ll notice him talking to you more, texting you more, and investing his time in you as I mentioned in one of the other signs of an Aquarius man in love.

8. Delicious Romantic Whisperings

The Aquarius man knows how to lay it on thick when he wants to draw you in closer. He will go out of his way to be as romantic as possible. He’s the type that will cook you a candlelight dinner.

He will whisper to you all the things you long to hear. In bed, he’ll bring his “A” game to ensure that you enjoy every second you have with him. He will pull out all the stops, rose petals, hot bath, etc.

Getting you to understand that he is devoting all his energy and effort to you is what his goal is. If he is doing this, he’s in love with you or is one of the signs an Aquarius man is falling for you.

The Aquarius man in love will do whatever he can to make sure that you’re happy. He’ll make lots of jokes to make you laugh. He’ll also act like a total clown to show you that life shouldn’t ever be too serious.

He will want to be your everything. However, he will still need to have some of his freedom to thrive. When he’s with you, he’ll shine at making you happy and feeling adored.

Providing you with comic relief isn’t uncommon with these guys. They are often the clown at parties and people really like them. What’s not to like? When an Aquarius man loves you, he wants you to smile for him.

9. Deep-Seated Conversations

The Aquarius man is typically intellectually driven. He will be intrigued to discuss things that are important to him. Not just on a personal level but on an intellectual level.

If he talks enough to teach you about some of the things he’s interested in or is learning about, he’s opening up his heart to you in some way. By talking back to him about these things or the things, you’re passionate about will thrill him.

These signs are all how to know if an Aquarius man loves you. Take a good look at how the Aquarius man is with you and how he treats you. It should be quite easy to figure out where his mind is when it comes to love.


Some will allow their moon sign to dominate them and scare themselves off. Their Rising sign may play a role in it also. If he has a moon sign such as Scorpio or Sagittarius; he may feel he isn’t able to commit.

His emotions could be too clouded, which causes him to backtrack. However, until you fully get to know your Aquarius guy, you’ll not be able to predict what he will or will not do.

However, these should be some very significant ways of how to tell if an Aquarius man is falling for you. Each man is unique but Aquarius man has very specific ways of letting you know how he feels.

It’s probably best to take your time and allow things to develop as naturally as possible. This will make him more comfortable and give you a more rewarding relationship.

What You Should Do Now

If you are serious about getting this Aquarius man to fall deeply in love with you,  you should do two things:

  1. First, leave a comment on this post with the biggest challenge you are currently facing with your Aquarius man.
  2. Take my Aquarius man relationship compatibility quiz here.

For every person who first leaves a comment and completes the quiz, I will receive an email notification. Then, I will send you my “30 dirty little secrets about the Aquarius man” special report (a kind of roadmap to gain clarity and guidance about your relationship), Plus – I will personally respond to your comment (so make sure to enter your correct email when posting a comment about your challenge).

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An Aquarius man is the definition of unforgettable. This man will carry all the awesome traits that air signs are known for, like being good at communication, but he also has the spontaneous nature of a man that is ruled by Uranus. A relationship with this man is never dull.

Creative Intellectual

Aquarius men are known for being both open-minded and intelligent. This makes them ideal for creative careers, and for love and relationships. Because they are so open-minded, they will be quicker to have conversations so that you two can problem solve your way through the trials that come with every relationship. 

He Goes Against the Grain

An Aquarius man is known for going against the grain. They are the quirky zodiac signs that everyone loves to be around. Forget thinking inside the box and doing the same old thing when you are in a relationship with an Aquarius man. Instead, they will find a way to break boring routines with spontaneous adventures. They love exploring new things and ideas, so get ready to go outside your comfort zone.

Social Butterflies

Social Butterflies

An Aquarius man is instantly the life of the party. They are the one that loves to mingle, get to know other people and an Aquarius man will always love a deep conversation. Aquarius men often feel self-conscious because they are known for being the odd man out, but once they warm up and are comfortable, get ready for some fun.

Men that have already overcome their nature to be an oddball are known for showing off. They highlight their quirkiness and use it to get more attention. If you’re not comfortable being the center of attention, this might bother you. Since an Aquarius man can go either way, make sure you get time to know them so that you know which end of the spectrum they are on. 

Introverted Side

It might sound like this zodiac sign is instantly extroverted and always on the move, but that is not the case. They are social creatures, but always love a nice evening at home cuddled on the couch too. You’ll enjoy a nice mixture of both in this relationship. You can go out for an evening or spend some quality time at home and an Aquarius man will be happy either way. 


Aquarius men are full of life and appealing traits, but most of those traits come from their intellectual side. This also helps an Aquarius man to process his emotions better than most other people. While this might lead to a higher emotional IQ, it can also lead to less romantic moments.

This is not the sign to give sporadic, grand expressions of love in a public place. They are, in fact, known for not being over the top. This is because they are more detached from their emotions than most other signs. For example, an Aquarius man in love will pick you up for a journey to somewhere you want to travel versus filling an entire room with dozens of flowers or sending a teddy bear bouquet to your work.


You wouldn’t expect an Aquarius man to be empathetic because they seem to lack emotions at times, but their high emotional intelligence makes them more empathetic than other people. An Aquarius man will talk to you about your problems, take the time to ask questions to understand how you feel, and they will empathize with you. This is also one of the signs an Aquarius man is in love, or on his way there. If you’re just a friend, an Aquarius man will empathize, but he will go above and beyond if he considers you a love interest. 

Love An Aquarius Man For Who He Is

Love An Aquarius Man For Who He Is

If you’re interested in an Aquarius man, don’t bother trying to change him. Instead, you’re going to have to love him for who he is. We all go into relationships with that intention, but try to change a few quirks along the way to make us more compatible with them as a couple. This is not going to work with an Aquarius. If anything, it will make them head for the hills.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign. This means that they are creatures that enjoy freedom. They want to be themselves, and they will need plenty of space as they get sucked into their creative ideas and adventures. If you attempt to change an Aquarius, they will feel trapped and shut you out.

How Does An Aquarius Man Fall In Love?

As an intellectual that does not express his feelings, an Aquarius man will not tell you when they are falling in love. Instead, there is a process for these men falling in love. They tend to get to know their partner and fall in love slowly over time. As more time passes, they will grow to love their partner more.

Analyzing the compatibility

During the talking stage, that period of getting to know each other, an Aquarius man will start to analyze everything you do to see if the two of you are compatible. This might sound like a test, and it is to some degree. If you pass, you get to date one of the most caring zodiac signs. It’s important to know that while an Aquarius analyzes what you do or how you act, they are obviously already interested in you or they would not waste their time with this step. 

Physical Compatibility

One of the things that an Aquarius will look at is physical compatibility. He’ll want to know that you are compatible both in and out of the bedroom, so he’ll probably want to try signs an aquarius man is falling for you the goods before getting to the relationship stage. If you’re not compatible, it’s a waste of his time, and that is time he could be spent doing other things.

Physical compatibility outside of the bedroom is equally important. Women that are clingy and require constant affection outside of the bedroom will make an Aquarius feel trapped. An Aquarius man loves his freedom, so he will want to have space when he needs it out of the bedroom and plenty of chemistry in between the sheets.

It’s important not to misunderstand this, though. An Aquarius man in love will enjoy affection, like hugs and snuggling. A man in love will want to be close to his partner. However, an Aquarius man in love will not want to snuggle on the couch for endless hours. It’s important that he has a nice balance.

Intellectual Compatibility

This sign is known for intellect, and they want something more out of the conversation than the latest TMZ news. Celebrity gossip and makeup trends are not going to cut it with this sign. Instead, bring your A-game to the conversation with theories, science news, and interesting facts. These guys love intriguing conversation, and that’s what they’ll use to assess your intellectual compatibility.

If you’re not chase mortgage login full site intellectual type, don’t expect him to lose interest. Instead, he might try to bring up new topics to pique your curiosity. This is actually one of the signs an Aquarius likes you. 


Stability is important signs an aquarius man is falling for you anyone in a long term commitment, but especially an Aquarius man in love. While they get to know you, they’ll look at how you act to determine whether you will be in it for the long haul. If they are under the impression that you will bounce at the first bump in the road, they will not open up and get to know you on a deeper level. If they think that you can provide the stability that they want in a relationship, they will slowly let their guard down to get to know you on a deeper level. This is when you will find out who they really are on a more intimate level.

An Aquarius falling in love is more of an analytical process than an emotional one. They will want to see who you are as a person, make sure that the two of you are compatible, and then they will decide if they want to continue a relationship with you. It doesn’t mean that this is a process devoid of any emotion or feeling, though. It simply takes longer than it will with other signs. Patience is key with an Aquarius.

Throughout this process, feelings will develop and they will slowly fall in love. Signs an aquarius man is falling for you takes weeks or months for this to happen. If you are one that jumps into relationships quickly, an Aquarius might not be for you. 

What Are The Obvious Signs Of An Aquarius Man In Love?

What Are The Obvious Signs Of An Aquarius Man In Love?

Because an Aquarius does not show their feeling in grand gestures like other signs might, it can be hard to determine whether an Aquarius likes you or not. After all, how do you figure out whether they are having those long talks to analyze your personality or because they are done with that and have decided that they like you as a person? It can be hard, but these signs an Aquarius man is into you will help you decipher his actions.

1. Time Spent On You

If there is one thing that this guy values it is time. They have plenty of creative projects and ideas that they could be working on, so they only devote extra time to something that is important to them. If an Aquarius went from one phone call before bed to texting throughout the day, it is one of the biggest signs an Aquarius man likes you as more than a friend. You’re no longer in the analyzing phase when he starts to spend more time on you or with you. 

He Goes The Extra Mile

An Aquarius man is extremely emotional and caring, but he hides it surprisingly well until he starts to really like you. Once he starts to first guaranty bank phone number you, you’ll notice signs an aquarius man is falling for you he goes the extra mile. This is the stage where you will get caring gestures and sweet text messages. These guys don’t do all that in the beginning. Instead, they have to like you before they put in the extra effort. 

An Aquarius has a private world that is full of creativity and intellectual conversations, but they won’t let you in it until they want something more with you. They value their privacy, so if an Aquarius lets you inside their world it means that they like you more than a little bit.

4. You Are His New Fascination

You Are His New Fascination

An Aquarius doesn’t just like things, they become fascinated with them. If your Aquarius friend is fascinated with and notices things about you, that’s a sure-fire sign that this man likes you. He will notice things that another man might not, like your favorite shampoo, perfume, your new hairstyle and more. It might seem a signs an aquarius man is falling for you stalkerish, but this is their non-conformist way of expressing interest in you. 

5. You’re His Bestie

Aquarius is a sign that values friendship, but that is different than a best friend. If this man tells you that you are his best friend, the man loves you. If an Aquarius shares things with you that he would never tell his other friends, or in any way implies that you are his closes friend it is one of the most obvious signs that he really likes you. 

6. He Wants To Share Things With You

Aquarius people are known for liking a variety of things that are not inside the box, like a cool new science museum that they feel curious about. If he likes you as more than a friend, he’ll invite you along. This is him wanting to share his interests with you.

If he invites the entire group along, don’t misinterpret things. Aquarius doesn’t like to get too close to people, so it’s common for them to invite the group along. If he likes you, he will make sure it’s just the two of you.

These are some of the most common signs that an Aquarius likes you. If you’re not already dating and have just finished the talking stage, read on to learn what you can expect when you are dating an Aquarius man in love. 

Dating An Aquarius Man

Dating An Aquarius Man

Dating one of these men can be quite a treat. An Aquarius man in love will listen to everything that you have to say, breaking every stereotype there is about husbands ignoring their wives. Not only will they listen, but they also will support you as much as they can. Signs an aquarius man is falling for you is one of the signs that this man likes you, and you’ll get to enjoy all the support you need. There are a few things that you need to know before jumping into a relationship with an Aquarius man, though. 


In a world where loyalty has been forgotten by some, it can be a breath of fresh air to date an Aquarius. These men are loyal to their partner and rarely stoop so low as to cheat. Instead, an Aquarius man will consistently stand by your side, through this and thin. If there is one thing that an Aquarius is known for in a relationship, this one is it. 


Along with that loyalty comes a degree of faithfulness that every woman wants in her man. Few signs can live up to that, but the Aquarius can. An Aquarius man will communicate with you and try to solve problems before this man will cheat on his partner. Of course, there are exceptions, but it’s important to remember that those are exceptions, not the rule. 

He’ll Be Your Best Friend

Not only will he treat you like his best friend, but he will also be yours too. No one will listen to you as an Aquarius male can, and he will stay like that as long as he doesn’t put his walls back up. He will support you, ask questions to make sure he understands you and an Aquarius male will help motivate you more than anyone else can. 

Spontaneous Activities

Spontaneous Activities

If there is one thing this man doesn’t like, it’s a boring routine. Keep in mind that they like to think outside the box, so being spontaneous should be expected. Think of a random bouquet of flowers, funny kinky jokes and a random trip to an awesome destination. Their adventurous side might be a bit much for stable signs that prefer to plan things to handle, but they can tone it down to compromise with you. 

Things To Remember

An Aquarius man is full of amazing things. They will inspire you intellectually, be committed, and they will help you solve your problems in the most empathetic way possible. While you are getting to know an Aquarius man, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. These guys are known for some wonderful things, but they also have a few traits that can lead to misunderstandings. 

Aquarius Men Love Their Space

It’s important to remember that an Aquarius man will need his space. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you or want to spend time with you, though. Sometimes, they can get sucked into new hobbies or a new creative interest, which can lead you to believe that they are no longer interested. Instead of assuming the worst, simply remember that they need their space and your man will text you when he has time. 

You Need To Be Independent

An Aquarius man needs his space, which means that you need to be independent. If you are clingy and too dependent, it will make him feel trapped. Often, women want signs an aquarius man is falling for you to work so badly that they will pick up a new hobby, etc. in the beginning. Unfortunately, if this isn’t who you really are, you’re going to wind up miserable. In signs an aquarius man is falling for you for this relationship to work, you need to be independent.

He Needs Support At home store locations Aquarius man might be known for providing support, but it’s important to remember that this man needs support and love too. When he is working on a new project, show some interest in it. Ask him questions, give your man a back rub at the end of a long day and make sure that he knows that he has your love and support. If he feels that he is not loved and supported, an Aquarius man will slowly start to back off.

In Summary…

Now that you know all about our in’s and out’s of Aquarius men, tell us what you think! Did you like the list? Please add your own opinions in the comments to help other women that are taking the plunge with an Aquarius man.

Sarah Mayfield

As hopeless romantic I struggled tremendously in my love life. After many years of searching, trial & error, and countless failed relationships, I finally found my Mr. Right. It wasn't an easy road, but one that has taught me an incredible amount about the workings of relationships between men and women, and this is what I hope to share through my writing on this blog.

TWIN FLAME TAROT PSYCHIC TAROT ️Welcome Virgo to your November 2021 love tarot reading, energy Apr 15, 2019 · Potential soul mates: Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces. Virgo man here I met a Virgo woman and she is like my soulmate. Virgo Leo Soulmate Compatibility. Aug 18, 2021 · The Virgo man or woman is stable, resourceful and equally generous and responsible which a Pisces likes in an ideal mate. Libra Soulmate May 15, 2020 · Virgo. . These signs are very compatible with Virgos because of their similar natures and signs an aquarius man is falling for you traits. Gemini people are easy-going, playful, and interesting. It all seems appealing when you see others with their respective soulmates but you have a trouble analysing if ever you’ll find your soulmate. Pisces and Virgo are soulmates. Jun 03, 2020 · VIRGO SOULMATE 💗💕 "I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU!" SURPRISE CONFESSION! Psychic Prediction! (MARCH 2020) Diana June 3, 2020 Virgo. Just to be clear, Athelstan #1 soulmate will always be Ragnar. This is apparently the reason for a Scorpio, who is a little bit sensitive, to fall in love with you. Just text us on WhatsApp or use the chat button, our customer service representative will be in touch with you in a few seconds. Sep 16, 2020 · Single Virgo Love Horoscope. They have complementary quirks like they love the chore you despise, or you both are obsessive about grammar. Aquarius soulmate: someone committed but fun-loving, with a wicked sense of humor and a talent for cooking! The ideal soulmate for the Aquarius is likely to have a fun and outgoing personality and they’ve gotta be up for an occasional crazy adventure. These two earth signs are a sensual pairing, according to Stardust. Libra goes about theorizing on many different subjects, while Virgo is more pragmatic. Jul 25, 2013 · Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology – North Node in Virgo If you have your birthchart (please see Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology on how to do this) and it shows your North or True Node in the sign of Virgo then you have chosen to walk the path of the Spiritual Healer. It is important to be aware of your zodiac sign and the potential compatible partners for you when you are looking for someone to marry and spend the rest of your life with. But I don’t think she sees it, which is surprising because Virgos are supposed to be so intuitive. Athelstan would charm a Libra in a second: the man could read, write, and Virgo is an Fffcu lutherville Sign and Libra is an Air Sign. Usually, Virgos have problems with other people understanding them. Our Team: Jan 23, 2020 · But you can find out if someone is really your soulmate in astrology by looking at the house number and the nodes in your soulmate birth chart: Your natal chart astrology reveals whether you are compatible with your lover. Virgo’s potential soulmates include Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio. Here are 6 signs a Virgo is with their soul mate. But I worry because what makes us so alike could separate us. VIRGO ♍ NOVEMBER 2021 LOVE TAROT READING PSYCHIC TAROT ️Welcome Virgo to your November 2021 love tarot reading, energy The truth is, if you always catch him staring at you with those signature Virgo man eyes, not only could it be a sign that signs an aquarius man is falling for you falling hard for you …. Virgo encourages Sagittarius to achieve stability, while Sagittarius influences Virgo to look at life in a Me, Edwin Learnard, talking about the Virgo soulmate. High Virgo Compatibility: Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer. 1. This is because Virgo is an introvert and Aries is talkative. The position of Mars and Venus shows whether a relationship will last. Sep 27, 2018 · Virgo is a sensor-thinker and Cancer is a feeler, and sometimes this can lead to misunderstandings. Answer (1 of 12): Many astrology books agree that the horoscopes in the element of earth go well with other earth horoscopes and water horoscopes! For example capricorn, taurus and scorpio seems to be the general top three because you all share common traits of hard-work and practicality being t Apr 05, 2020 · 8 reasons why the Pisces — Virgo zodiac sign relationship will work, according to astrology: 1. 370K subscribers. 12 Aries - Peter Quill/Star-Lord All that being said, my wife (my soulmate) is a Pisces with me right on the cusp of Libra and Virgo, and we don’t make the cut according to this list of astrologer’s soulmate recommendations. Nov 12, 2021 · VIRGO – VERY INTENSE SOULMATE READING… FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION, VIRGO! 💜 😯 DECEMBER 2021 TAROT; TAURUS NOVEMBER 2021 – I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS IN A READING BEFORE! TAURUS NOVEMBER LOVE TAROT READING; November 26, 2021 Daily Tarot Reading(Earth Signs)Capricorn-Virgo-Taurus Gabay Kapalaran NgayongAraw Jul 23, 2021 · You can also learn about soulmate compatibility by studying your birth chart. Virgo. Moonlight Guidance. With their wit and humor, it’s easy for them to impress anyone. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Virgos often feel that they want to discuss their emotions with people that are going to stand by their side through hard times. Hey Virgo Welcome to your Mid February 2021 Tarot Reading! I Hope you guys enjoy the reading & the rest of your day! If you're reading this consider subscrib May 15, 2020 · Virgo. Next: Sexual Attraction. Virgo and Sagittarius, for instance, make a versatile couple. Cancers are people with big, caring hearts and have a lot of affection to give to their partner, but to win their heart, you need to be equally loving and giving. Virgo soulmate is a someone who can both take life seriously and give in to chill sometimes. Oct 02, 2020 · 6 Libra: Athelstan. Astrologically speaking, Athelstan works best with Libras. 🌿 🌿If you have any requests for quiz ideas comment them. They ask for your advice. The seventh zodiac sign is all about balance, beauty, and arts. Though the Cancer might appear a bit too emotional, they understand and empathize with the Virgo. Gemini Soulmate. Your master planet is Mercury, which helps explain why you are such a perfectionist and also why you are so logical and precise. If still waiting for the soulmate, Alot of chances to meet the partner you want. If he is the male native of Scorpio, this quality will especially make them the best Virgo woman soulmate. You both pay attention to detail, you’re both very analytical and you approach matters very seriously. Virgo encourages Sagittarius to achieve stability, while Sagittarius influences Virgo to look at life in a The Perfect Soulmate For Each Zodiac Sign: From Aries To Pisces. Without realizing it, Virgo can offend Cancer by talking about things in an unemotional way. Aug 18, 2021 · ♍Welcome to an Anime + Astrology quiz, Virgo edition. Apart from the presence of perfection, the Virgo looks for a stable and supportive hand to rely on in case of problems. If your partner is a Virgo, love is about personal growth. A Virgo woman is always in search for a sense of safety, especially with the future of her family and relationship, and a Taurus man can share with her love, stability and safety for life because he's very loyal when it comes to love. Geminis can be very picky when it comes to romantic partners. Virgo can be highly analytical and tends to attract soulmates who can help them stay grounded and worry-free. ♍ 🌿Please forgive me for any mistakes and enjoy the quiz. Similarly, the Pisces native is caring and helps the Virgo lover get in tune with their emotions. That is, their composite chart is not scattered— it contains plenty of strong aspects and connections. GEMINI – SOMEBODY WITH A BRAIN AND A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR. The 2021 is a great year for the Virgos! Family life is going to be tuneful and full of joy throughout the year! If you are committed with a relationship, good news for you that wedding bells will ring for you this year. Libra The Perfect Soulmate For Each Zodiac Sign: From Aries To Pisces. ’ while Libra simply focuses on whatever occurs to them, regardless of how useful it is. For Virgo, having a strong sense of what they believe in and what they stand for is extremely important. The Virgo needs real commitment when it comes to choosing a soulmate! Soulmates: Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer, and Taurus. Then I met an Aries woman Apr 15, 2019 · Potential soul mates: Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces. However this Aries Virgo couple begins to understand each other as soon as they start appreciating each other’s qualities. According to Cayne, the most compatible zodiac sign with Virgo is traditionally Pisces. The truth is, if you always catch him staring at you with those signature Virgo man eyes, not only could it be a sign that he’s falling hard for you …. Virgo could be your soulmate if you’re looking for devotion and if you can take criticism. Apr 29, 2021 · During their first days together, the Aries and Virgo soulmates may come off as different. Subscribe. Jan 15, 2019 · 6. There is a great deal of sexual chemistry between Virgo and Sagittarius. OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2021 Tarot Reading. I have never met anyone so compatible. They may actually resent each other. This can be found easily in their soulmates who appear in the form of Taurus, Signs an aquarius man is falling for you and Capricorn. The Virgo man or woman is stable, resourceful and equally generous and responsible which a Pisces likes in an ideal mate. This combination works the best. The earth sign of Virgo is a source of great support and dependability for the Pisces who needs to trust and feel secure. Being a Virgo, you must know how much you like getting into the details of anything. Libra Oct 25, 2017 · Potential Soulmates: Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, and Pisces. YouTube. Jul 07, 2021 · Virgo and Taurus. Oct 15, 2021 · VIRGO SOULMATE *WOWWW!!! YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS!*. I have, however, had relationships with 3 of the 4 signs recommended for Libras and can attest they were NOT my soulmates. Your Seventh House determines who you will marry. 3. 15. Who is a Virgo’s soulmate? “This won’t be a problem with a sign like Capricorn, who shares your sense of duty and ambition, and Taurus, who’s reliable and grounded like you. If a Virgo feels that they can trust you, they will often give you their all. You fit perfectly as Pisces are very imaginative and your Potential soulmates: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio. virgo soulmate


What Holiday Movie You Should Watch, According to Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re a lover of astrology, it probably comes as no surprise that your zodiac sign plays a big role in what holiday movies you classify as favorites. With December festivities right around the corner, you’re probably in the mood to slip on some comfy socks, brew some hot cocoa and put on a movie that takes you back to memories of untangling twinkling string lights, tearing open carefully-wrapped presents and leaving milk and cookies out for Santa.

Even though everyone can get behind the cozy and comforting genre that is holiday movies (unless you’re a total scrooge), even the most popular holiday films definitely aren’t packaged as one-size-fits-all. While one zodiac sign might prefer to watch a movie that reminds them of being a kid and sending letters to the North Pole, another sign might rather see something about adults falling in love under the mistletoe.

Likewise, one sign might prefer a more sentimental and romantic flick, while another just wants to laugh until eggnog starts spewing out of their nose. Luckily, there’s an endless array of holiday films to choose from so that no one feels left out of the festivities. Bonus points if you and your friend select your signs’ recommended flicks and commit to a double feature!

These unforgettable films always shed light on themes of love, humor, childhood and family, which means that your taste in holiday movies ends up saying so much about who you are. And if you’re wondering what flick to start with this season, your zodiac sign might just lead you to the perfect recommendation. Read on and curl up in front of the TV with your new go-to!

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