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Find one of our Bank or ATM Locations in over 40 states for all of your banking needs and Uncover “The Power of Possible”. Use our locator to find the. Property insurance required for all loans secured by property. Rates are subject to change daily. Contact your First Midwest Banker for current rates. The Home. Connect with our offices around the world. Need help with your Bank of America credit card, loan or consumer banking account? Visit the main Bank of America.

: Where is a bank of america near my location

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Bank Of America CD Rates: November 2021

Bank of America’s Featured CD accounts come in five CD terms, ranging from seven months to 37 where is a bank of america near my location. The bank’s CD rates tend to be much lower than the best CD rates from online banks: It offers a rate of 0.05% APY for all balances and terms on its Featured CDs, with a minimum opening deposit of $10,000.

Bank of America also offers Standard Term CDs, which allow you to choose any term from 28 days to 10 years. Standard Term CDs have a minimum deposit of $1,000 and offer 0.03% APY on all terms and balances.

Here’s an overview of Bank of America’s CD rates. This article focuses on Bank of America’s Featured CDs, which offer a higher APY and require a higher minimum deposit. Rates are accurate as of Nov. 28, 2021.

Overview of Bank of America CDs

Bank of America’s Featured CDs require a minimum opening balance of $10,000, which is relatively high, considering the low rates that this bank pays. Many other banks pay higher APYs while requiring a lower minimum deposit, or no minimum at all.

Notably, Bank of America’s Featured CDs come in odd terms, generally one month longer than what’s standard. For example, it offers a seven-month CD, whereas a six-month term is more common. Instead of a 12-month CD, it offers a 13-month CD.

Interest on the bank’s CDs is compounded monthly and credited to your account monthly. You can also choose to have interest disbursed at maturity or at certain intervals.

If you take your money out of the CD before the term is up, you’ll have to pay a penalty for early withdrawal. For CD terms of 90 days to 12 months, the early withdrawal penalty is 90 days’ worth of interest on the amount withdrawn. For CD terms of 12 to 60 months, the early withdrawal penalty is 180 days of interest on the amount withdrawn.

How Much Can You Earn With Bank of America’s CD Rates?

Because Bank of America’s CD rates are relatively low across terms, don’t expect much of a return. Here’s what you can earn with Bank of America’s CDs with a $10,000 investment, assuming the earnings are compounded monthly:

How Bank of America’s CDs Compare

Bank of America’s CD yields are much lower than those of the best CD rates. This bank’s rates are also significantly lower than the national average CD rates, according to the FDIC.

You can find a better deal on CD rates than what Bank of America offers. Especially when you consider its minimum deposit requirement of $10,000, this bank’s CDs are nowhere near competitive—$10,000 is a big commitment in exchange for very little return.

This is an excellent reminder to shop around and do your research on CD rates. Your bank or banks in your immediate geographic area may not have the best CD rates, so consider online options as well. Compare rates from several banks and credit unions and see who can offer you the best deal so you can get the highest possible return on your investment.

About Bank of America

Bank of America is a full-service national bank with 240 years of history—it’s the second largest U.S. bank by assets. It offers 4,300 financial centers nationwide, an online banking platform and a highly rated mobile app. Bank of America provides personal, business and commercial banking products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some alternatives to saving with CDs?

If you want a safe place to keep your savings, one option is a savings account. Savings accounts are FDIC insured, but these demand deposit accounts do not have early where is a bank of america near my location penalties. And if you choose one of the best online savings accounts, you may get a better APY than you could from a CD.

Do all CDs charge an early withdrawal penalty?

It depends on where is a bank of america near my location type of CD and financial institution. Some banks offer no-penalty CDs, which are a type of CD that doesn’t charge an early withdrawal penalty. Depending on the bank, the APY on no-penalty CDs may be where is a bank of america near my location than a standard CD—you may have to agree to accept a lower yield in exchange for more liquidity.

What is a CD ladder strategy?

A CD ladder is a savings strategy to help maximize your yield—and provide more liquidity—by opening multiple CDs with different terms and maturity dates. The goal is to take advantage of higher interest rates and lock in a variety of CDs that give you a range of yields over time. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket with one CD and one fixed rate, a CD ladder can help you take advantage of higher yields and help avoid early withdrawal penalties. To build a CD ladder, do your research to find the best rates, terms and minimum deposits.

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Ask Lafleur: Why are so many Bank of America branch offices closing in and around Greenville?

Question: Why are so many Bank of America branch offices closing in and around Greenville?

Answer: It’s true that several branches of Bank of America are closed around Greenville, but it’s not unique to Greenville, and it’s yet another thing we can blame on COVID-19.

Many of the bank’s locations across the country closed in response to the pandemic, according to Eliza Murphy, spokesperson for Bank of America.

Some locations in the Upstate are still either closed or operating differently – like where is a bank of america near my location just drive-thru service – due to the pandemic.

Murphy said changes have been made nationwide and the company has had to constantly adapt with the health and safety of employees and customers in mind.

Murphy also said the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a trend toward mobile and online banking the company was already seeing.

Some locations that remain closed, the giving keys inc to Bank of America’s online locator tool, are 2010 Old Spartanburg Road peoples bank hours milford ct Greer, 498 S. Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville and 126 W. Butler Road in Mauldin. To see an updated list of locations and hours, visit bankofamerica.com.

“We are doing everything we can to reopen as soon as possible, though some locations may remain closed for an extended period of time,” Bank of America said in a release updated June 8 on its website.

Murphy said there is not a set timeline for reopening, but the company is constantly monitoring local guidelines and other factors like foot traffic to specific where is a bank of america near my location bank has dozens of Upstate locations including one that opened at the Camperdown development in downtown Greenville last year.

Murphy said the Charlotte-based bank is committed to continuing its service here.

Elizabeth LaFleur loves running, gardening, spending time with her husband and daughter and answering your questions. If you're curious about something in the Upstate, chances are she is too. Reach out to Elizabeth via email at [email protected]


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Bank of America near me

Do you want to find the closest Bank of America near you? You are in the right place! Here there is a map with all the locations of branches and ATMs of the Bank of America.

Bank of America branch near me

There are branches of the bank all over America, one way to find the nearest branch is to check out the official locator at locators.bankofamerica.com, using the official locator you can view the hours of operation and the phone number of the branch nearby.

Bank of America locations near me

All of the locations of the bank of America can be found using the map below or using the bankofamerica.com website and by entering your address, zip code or landmark in the search field.

Bank of America ATM near me

Need to locate ATM nearby where is a bank of america near my location now? You can see all of the ATMs and the financial centers of this bank at bankofamerica.com/online-banking/bank-atm-locations.go, they have 24-hour ATMs as well as Drive-up ATMs.

You can also download the bank ATM locator app to your mobile device or PC, the app is available for IPhone, IPad, Android and Windows 10.

About Bank of America

The Bank of America corporation is the largest bank in the United States of America, provides all of the necessary banking services and even to open a checking account online. Below you can view more important details about the business, including the contact info for customer support and their business hours.

  • Customer service: The phone number for the customer support department is +1 315-724-4022
  • Hours of operation: The opening hours are changing in different locations, check out the branch near you for up-to-date information.

Additional information

The main topic of this page is BofA near me, however, you can visit the home page of this site to find other banks near you at Banks-NearMe.com

Источник: https://banks-nearme.com/bank-of-america-near-me
where is a bank of america near my location