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Complete your home loan application online in as little as 3 minutes. With Ally powered by Better, getting a mortgage has never been easier. Whether you're looking to refinance your auto loan or want to buy your leased vehicle, Clearlane can help provide quick online quotes at wholesale rates. If you've previously thought making a move to online banking wasn't At Ally, I earned $44, and the money was only in my savings account.

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My ally bank login
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Ally Bank Online Savings Account Review

Ally Bank Savings Account iPhone AppAlly Bank Savings Account

Whether you are just starting to look for a bank to build your nest egg or you have an account and would like to consider better features, now is a good time to consider an online savings account.

Although you might be unsure of banking online versus the traditional method of brick and mortar banks, there are actually a number of reasons you could be better off with an online bank.

Further, you get the convenience of online and mobile banking, and the ability to speak with someone 24/7 if you need assistance. Plus, you can rest assured knowing your deposits are in good hands and FDIC insured.

Ally Bank is one of the biggest online banks in the U.S. and there's a good reason for that: it offers accounts with low fees and high interest rates.

The Ally Online Savings Account is one of them. See if it can help you reach your savings goals faster.

In this Ally Bank Savings Account review, we'll compare rates, fees and services to other national and online banks.

Ally Interest Rates

One of the drawbacks of leaving your money in a big-bank savings account is that most aren’t paying enough interest to be worth it.

Fortunately, an Ally Bank savings account pays out one of the highest interest rates you will find with both online and major financial institutions.

Ally Bank Online Savings Account Pros & Cons

  • Earn a consistently high interest rate
  • Great savings tools and features
  • No monthly fees

Interest is also compounded daily, to allow you to earn interest on top of the interest that is added to your balance.

When compared to other leading banks, there really isn’t any competition.

For example, leading and well-known banks like PNC Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase currently only offer interest rates of 0.01% on their basic savings accounts.

That means you can earn 100 times more interest with an Ally Bank savings account. It's very clear that Ally Bank's savings account will allow your money to grow significantly faster.

Buckets Feature

Ally Bank allows customers to assign nicknames to each account -- in case you wanted to designate each account for a specific goal.

To make things even easier:

Ally offers the "Buckets" feature that allows you to label the funds in one account for multiple purposes, such as "emergencies" or "bill payments."

It can help those who want additional organizational tools within their savings accounts.

Surprise Savings

Another nifty savings tool offer by Ally is the "Surprise Savings" program.

Basically, Ally will look at your checking accounts (whether the account is held with Ally or another bank) to identify room for additional savings.

If the program finds extra money that you can save, it will automatically transfer it to your Ally savings account.


Ally will request login information in order to analyze the checking account activity. Be sure that you're comfortable with that.

Will You Need to Pay Fees?

You might find with online bank accounts that there are also fewer fees.

With the Ally Bank savings account, you don’t have to worry about paying a monthly maintenance fee or other hidden fees that you aren’t expecting.

This is one of the drawbacks that consumers face when searching for a new bank.

With major banks currently offering the lowest interest rates, it just doesn’t make sense to pay a monthly fee that can be as much as $10 or more every month. In fact, you risk the account costing you more than you earn in interest.

Other Fees to Consider

Although there aren’t any hidden fees or monthly maintenance fees to be aware of, there are other fees you might come across that aren’t as common. Other fees include:

Ally Savings Account Fees

Type of feeFee amount
Monthly Maintenance Fee$0
Excess withdrawal (after 6 withdrawals in a month)$10 each
Returned deposit item$7.50
Overdraft item paid$25 (limit once per day)
Expedited delivery fee$15
Outgoing wire transfer (domestic)$20
Research fee$25/hour

Again, these are all fees that are rare my ally bank login usually aren’t incurred on a regular basis.

The more standard fees like the monthly maintenance fee, ACH transfers, statement copies, and cashier’s checks are all $0.

This means, for the most part, you can build your savings account, without it costing you. And, you don’t have to worry about your earnings decreasing because of account maintenance expenses.

Transfer to Other Banks

It’s understandable that although you might choose to build your savings with Ally Bank, you might also have accounts with other financial institutions.

Fortunately, another feature of an Ally Bank savings account is the ability to transfer funds to another institution quickly and easily.

You can not only transfer funds between Ally bank accounts, but you can also transfer money between Ally Bank and other financial institutions, and you can even schedule transfers up to a year in advance.

Customer Service and Account Access

Many consumers today find that it’s difficult to live without the convenience of online and mobile banking.

Most online savings accounts provide both of these features so that you can access your bank account at any time, right from the convenience of your mobile device, tablet, or laptop.

You not only have access to your banking information 24/7 but with an Ally Bank savings account, you can also speak with someone 24/7.

This means you can contact customer service immediately by phone, chat, or email.

Plus, you can check the website for call waiting times to help you determine the best time to contact customer service. Most of the time, your wait time won’t be longer than one minute.

How Secure is Ally's Savings Account?

If you are new to online bank accounts, you might wonder how safe your money actually is when you leave it with a bank that is only online.

Fortunately, banks like Ally are sometimes even more secure than others, and your deposits are FDIC-insured up to the maximum allowed by law.

Further, because it is an online bank, Ally has gone the distance to ensure that they can guarantee online and mobile safety.

You won’t be liable for any unauthorized transactions that are made online or through mobile banking, as long as you report the transaction within 60 days of when your statement is available to you.

If you still aren’t convinced, as a bonus, Ally Bank also offers free security software to protect up to three devices with Webroot SecureAnywhere software.

Plus, Ally uses features such as 2-step authentication and other security strategies, as well as fraud and identity theft tools and personal tips to my ally bank login protect you from malware and other potential security concerns.

Compare to Other Online Savings Accounts

Ally Bank is a popular destination for people looking for great savings rates, but there are others that may come up during your search for an online savings account.

Take a look at your other options to see how Ally's savings account stands among them:

Capital One 360 Performance Savings

The online savings account from Capital One 360, Capital One's online banking division, is very similar Ally's savings account. It does offer a lower savings rate.

However, the 360 Savings account doesn't charge excess withdrawal fees -- the bank will just close your account if you do it too often. It also lets you create multiple accounts with nickname just like Ally.

Synchrony Bank High-Yield Savings Account

Synchrony Bank offers an online savings account with an impressive savings rate. Its biggest drawback is the lack of a dedicated mobile banking app -- not a major hurdle if you don't really need it.

Final Verdict: Great for All Savers

As you could probably guess, online savings accounts provide all my ally bank login convenience and security you would expect from any bank.

Some of the best features, however, include one of the highest interest rates available from any bank, and no hidden fees.

With an Ally Bank savings account, you can save your money for college, an event, a vacation, or an emergency fund, and earn the most interest without paying ridiculous fees just to have the account.

Although there are many other traditional banking options as well as online banks like Ally, there isn’t any that can really compare when it comes to interest rates, fees, and features.

You already know you need a savings account, now you just need to find the right one for you and your family.

When you look at the Ally Bank savings account against nearly any other traditional bank or online bank, the others don’t quite stack up.

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I made a really smart money move when I opened a savings and checking account at Ally. While they might not always have the highest INTEREST rates, they do always offer very competitive rates, making Ally one of the best online banks to make money on your money.

I’ve earned more interest in the nine months I’ve banked with Ally than I did over the last ten years at other lending institutions.

female holding a phone with the Ally Bank app showing

This review of her online banking experiences with Ally was written by Vicki, one of the co-founders of Women Who Money.

Apathy Can Cost You Money

I’ve used local banks and credit unions for almost 40 years.

They approved me for mortgages when I bought homes and rental properties, and my paychecks were direct-deposited with them for decades. I also have many automated payments coming out of these accounts.

While automating things has generally been a smart decision for me, it has also cost me money. Without frequently reviewing my accounts, I didn’t take action and look for lenders offering a high-interest rate.

I’ve kept part of my family’s emergency fund in a savings account paying around .01% APY (annual percentage yield) for years. Ally’s current APY is 2.20%.

My 1099-INT at tax time reported earnings of $1-2 most years. It cost the bank more to send me the form than I earned in interest some years!

At Ally, I earned $44, and the money was only in my savings account for part of last year.

This article on Ally’s site includes a chart showing the impact of three different APY’s (.01%. 03%, and 1.45%) on a balance of $25,000.

Even if you don’t have anywhere near that much in savings, you might be surprised by how much one or two percentage points matter on the money you can earn!

If you miss out on those earnings year after year, you can lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

More About Ally Bank

Almost a decade ago, GMAC Bank transformed into Ally Bank as a result of GMAC changing their business models toward the end of the Great Recession.

Ally Bank is a part of Ally Financial, Inc. headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. Accounts at Ally are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

Ally offers high-interest savings accounts with no minimum balance requirements and interest checking with no monthly maintenance fees.

You can put money in money market accounts, CD’s, and other investments or take out loans from Ally.

While you can access your account to withdraw money at over 43,000 Allpoint ATM’s, one thing you can’t do is deposit cash into your Ally account.

You can easily move money between Ally and other banks if you plan ahead. It just takes a few days for transfers to occur between financial institutions.

Ally’s customer service is also available 24/7 if you have questions or concerns.

Ally offers more financial services than I can write about in this review. I have only used their savings and checking accounts. Check out the Ally website to learn more about all that Ally offers its customers.

My Experience with Ally

Even though I understood I could earn a higher interest rate at Ally, I questioned whether an online bank made sense. I hardly used the online features at my local bank, and I was somewhat concerned about my money being safe.

This may seem silly to people who have used online banks for years, but I’ve always been able to walk into my bank and talk to someone if I had questions.

I spent time researching Ally and a few other online-only banks and decided I wanted to set up an account. I completed all of the forms online and then had to lift my credit freeze. This allowed Ally to do a “soft pull” and see my credit history.

After I was approved, I transferred money from my local bank to fund the accounts. The whole process took almost two weeks. I was somewhat surprised by that, but I wasn’t in a hurry, so it wasn’t a problem.

Mobile Banking From My Phone

Using the Ally app on my phone is easy now. I take pictures of checks and deposit them. If I need to write a check, I move money from my savings to my checking account in one click.

One day I forgot to move money to cover a check I wrote, and Ally moved it for me – without any fee! Ally sent me free checks to use, along with a debit card.

The tasks page helps you navigate to the things you do most often with your Ally accounts – bank transfers, bill pay, sending money, making deposits, viewing your bank activity, and finding ATM’s.

You can also access your tax forms in the app rather than waiting for the bank to send them to you.

The Ally app has a help/FAQ section, and you can also use secure messaging to ask questions. I use my data on my phone (not Wi-Fi) when I bank online. You can also explore pages to learn more about all of the different financial services Ally offers.

Final Thoughts About Ally

If you haven’t previously thought that making a move to online banking is worth it, my ally bank login some more homework. I wish I had moved my money years ago.

I can’t compare Ally with any other online banks at this point, but I’m happy with Ally so far.

With one small mortgage at a local bank and a business account at a local credit union, I still need to stay local for some banking needs. But I’m going to continue using Ally for the bulk of my banking needs now and earn a higher interest rate on my money!


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Terrible Company

Credit Karma member

Rude! If you file bankruptcy they make it hard for you to pay your bill and charge you a extra fee to process it on the phone. Unless you wish to mail the payment. Even after your case is closed it is hell to get the to give you online access. They are the only company that has given me any problem with paying my bill.


Credit Karma member

Ive only had my vehicle 2 months my ally bank login ive had to cantact ally upwards of 10 times. I had wellsfargo for 5 years and maybe had to contact them 2 time overall. The app is garbage. The customer service is trash. The automated phone services is absolutely obnoxious and trying to umderstand the teller on the the other side once you do finally get through is darn near impossible.

Garbage would be an improvement

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If I could give negative stars I would! Try to work with them when you have thing happen in life to make sure you’ll stay in good standing and they don’t want to work with you also will claim if you go past due they will come take your vehicle after one past due. Along with all of this communication is terrible and you can’t my ally bank login any of the over seas workers on there call line! Very happy to be done with them!

Worse companies in the word

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Worse experience ever I over payed my loan and I have to wait 55days for refund never again and the worse customer service


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I recently moved and need them to send the title to the new state so I can register my car. I have called numerous times, emailed the documents, faxed the documents, called again, emailed, faxed again and they keep telling me they can't send it until I send them the documents I have already sent numerous is like I am stuck in a vicious circle. And every customer service person I get puts me on hold for inordinate amounts of time because they never know where I need to send said documents. Do not use this company EVER!

Incorrectly Reports Data to Credit Agencies

Credit Karma member

Worst loan company I have ever worked with. I paid off my entire loan early, in full, then the following month they not only didn’t report that I paid off my loan in full, they put that I was actively behind on payments and still owed them MORE than what my pay-off total was, even though my account with them shows it was paid in full and I received my pink slip, this brought my credit down over 60pts, causing havoc for my credit score since I am intending on getting a new vehicle soon and moving(both requiring credit checks). I do not recommend them as an auto loan lender and I will NEVER be using their services or giving them my business again. Customer service representatives were rude and argued claiming they did not do such a thing, even though it is documented that they did and refused to submit the proper data so that my score can be corrected. I have put in disputes(which can take over a month to resolve), but I am highly upset by this absurdity and unprofessional behavior on their part.

Customer service is a joke

Credit Karma member

Absolutely terrible. They blocked my account from making any payments to them due to THEIR MISTAKE on charging my account 2 monthly payments and overdrafting my bank account. So i had my bank account refund that. Now i keep getting through every person in customer service still no help .

Bounced back and forth

Credit Karma member

This is the most unprofessional people I have had to deal with. If there was a minus 0 x 100 I would give them. I am so agrevated and even want to cry. They took over my car loan after i finished my lease and they are a nightmare. Please dont use them. You will thank me later

Very bad offers

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Got 16% + for auto finance


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Completely horrible, customer service are rude. They do not report information to credit each month. They told me it take 10 days for payment to clear when it’s normally 2-5 business days.

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GMAC Bank re-brands itself as Ally Bank

CHARLOTTE -- The banking arm of ailing auto finance company GMAC is taking on a new name, hoping to smooth its image and entice new customers as it works to drive deposit growth.

As of Friday, GMAC Bank has become Ally Bank, which will offer a variety of savings products, including my ally bank login certificates of deposits, online savings accounts and money market accounts.

"We are launching a new brand with a new approach of treating customers with total transparency," said GMAC Chief Executive Al de Molina.

The company settled on the name Ally after extensive interviews with customers. "The name Ally aptly fit the character of the brand," said Sanjay Gupta, chief marketing officer.

The company has launched a new website,, where customers can open accounts.

The re-branding of the bank, a unit of GMAC Financial Services, is a clear effort to distance itself from its troubled parent, GMAC LLC. GMAC is jointly owned by automaker General Motors and an investor group led by private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management LP.

GMAC was one of 10 financial firms recently ordered by the government to raise more capital. The company needs $11.5 billion, and the most likely source is the government itself. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said last week his department is poised to offer GMAC more help.

The company, which provides financing for both GM dealers and customers, has struggled amid the collapse of the housing and auto markets. Late last year, GMAC became a bank holding company, which enabled it to receive a $5 billion bailout loan from the federal government. Under terms of the bailout, GM and Cerberus both agreed to reduce their stakes in GMAC.

GMAC has since been trying to expand its consumer banking offerings to offset sharp declines in new vehicle loan and home mortgage originations.

The auto industry has struggled amid the global recession, my ally bank login rising unemployment and dissipating personal wealth leading to sharp declines in auto sales. Chrysler is already in bankruptcy and has announced the closure of a quarter of its dealers. Meanwhile, GM faces a June 1 deadline to complete a restructuring plan to try and avoid winding up in bankruptcy as well. The carmaker is in the midst of notifying 1,100 U.S. dealers that their franchise agreements will not be renewed.

Earlier this week, a bankruptcy judge ruled that GMAC Financial Services can become Chrysler's preferred lender, potentially sending a slew of new business GMAC's way.

GMAC lost $675 million in the first quarter because of the bad economy and losses related to older auto and mortgage loans.

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