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Most basic USAA insurance policies pay medical bills and property damage, though you may have a policy with more insurance coverage. The damages you can receive. USAA is an insurance, banking, and retirement provider with over 13 million life insurance options through USAA require a medical examination and health. Looking to buy dental insurance? Or, trying to find a network dentist? Delta Dental is a trusted dental benefits provider, offering individual and group.

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Is USAA Pet Insurance Good? Here's How It Stacks Up

Pet insurance helps provide peace of mind knowing you won’t need to choose between the well-being of your four-legged friend and your financial stability. USAA pet insurance can help you save money while giving your pet the best care possible in case of an illness or injury.

Read on to learn more about USAA pet insurance plans, prices, exclusions, and more to decide if this provider is the right choice for you and your pet.

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Does USAA usaa health insurance provider pet insurance?

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) has provided financial services such as affordable banking, investment solutions, and insurance policies to servicemembers for almost 100 years — and now, the company offers protection for pets, too.

USAA partnered with Embrace Pet Insurance to offer this new product to its customers, joining the likes of other well-known insurance companies, such as Nationwide, Geico, and Progressive, who have recently entered the pet marketplace.

Even though USAA doesn’t administer pet insurance directly, customers still have the option to bundle multiple USAA products together, including renters, homeowners, and automobile insurance policies. With its new partnership, USAA pet insurance policies are underwritten by American Modern Insurance Group Inc., a company that received an A- rating by AM Best.

USAA Pet Insurance review

Available plans

USAA pet insurance is available in two different plans: Accident & Illness and Accident-Only.

  • The Accident & Illness plan covers most essential veterinary services needed to treat injuries and illnesses, including chronic conditions (like allergies), cancer treatment, congenital conditions, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasound, and X-rays, hospitalization and surgery, exam fees, and so on. The required waiting period before customers can file an insurance claim for illness is two weeks (six months for orthopedic conditions). The waiting period for accidental injuries is only 48 hours, which is much shorter than the 14-day period offered by most pet insurance providers.

  • Accident-Only coverage comes with a 90% reimbursement rate, a $100 deductible, and a coverage limit of $5,000 per year — but it only covers injuries, such as those related to poisoning, foreign body ingestion, bloating, cuts, and lacerations. Dogs over 14 will automatically convert to to this type of coverage, so USAA'S pet insurance for older pets does not include illnesses. However, you can also select this plan at the time of enrollment as a low-cost way to offset the financial risk of expensive pet emergencies.

USAA also offers its members a Wellness Rewards plan for coverage of preventive pet care. This plan allows you to set funds aside for routine health services such as:

Customers can choose usaa health insurance provider annual limit of $250, $450, or $650. It should be noted though that any funds left in your account at the end of the year are non-refundable.


Like most pet insurers, USAA does not cover pre-existing conditions. However, the company offers some coverage for certain pre-existing conditions that are considered curable. The list includes UTIs, respiratory infections, diarrhea, vomiting, and other GI disorders. It should be noted though that USAA will cover the treatments for these conditions if your four-legged friend is symptom-free and treatment-free for a year.


When it comes to pet insurance cost, USAA’s pet insurance pricing is determined by Embrace. In general, prices are affordable, with monthly rates starting at $13 for dogs and $8 for cars. Prices vary based on the policy, the coverage you select, the reimbursement rate, as well as the pet’s age. The Wellness Reward program is offered at a flat rate for all pets regardless of their breed and age.


USAA members qualify for a 15% discount for accident and illness, accident-only, and wellness coverage. In addition, Embrace offers a 10% multi-pet discount, as well as an additional 10% if your employer offers Embrace Pet Insurance as an employee benefit, which means that discounts can extend up to 25%.

In addition, your annual deductible is automatically reduced by $50 for each year your pet goes without receiving a claim reimbursement. You can also save an additional $12 by paying the annual premiums upfront. usaa health insurance provider times

Claims are filed directly with Embrace via its website, smartphone app, postal mail, email, or fax. Embrace usually takes between ten and 15 days to process a claim.

female soldier with dog and son

What we like about this coverage

  • What distinguishes USAA pet insurance apart from other providers is the generous discounts https www t online de login and special coverage offered to current or former active-duty military members and their families.
  • Another unique feature is USAA’s pet dental insurance with up to $1,000 in coverage for dental illnesses per year, and coverage for dental accidents up to the customer’s policy limit. This includes veterinary costs for extractions, broken, fractured, and chipped teeth, crowns, root canals, and gingivitis.
  • USAA will reimburse the cost of prescribed pet medications for covered illnesses and accidents, including pain relievers, antibiotics, insulin, steroids, allergy medication, anxiety medication, etc.
  • Unlike some insurance providers, USAA has a flexible policy when it comes to pre-existing conditions. If your pet has been without symptoms or treatment for at least a year, the condition is no longer considered pre-existing.

What could be improved

One of the biggest downsides of USAA pet insurance is that it is exclusively available to military members; only former and current members of the military and their families are eligible for USAA membership. If you are not a USAA member, you can still apply for pet insurance through Embrace.

USAA doesn’t offer unlimited plans. Their annual limit for claim reimbursement goes up to $30,000 per year.

Claims are processed within ten to 15 days, which is much slower compared to other providers. For instance, AKC pet insurance takes three to five days to process claims.

Is USAA’s pet insurance worth it?

In our USAA Pet Insurance review, we found that the company offers generous discounts on Embrace pet insurance plans. However, it's important to note that this discounted pricing is only offered to USAA members.

If you don’t qualify for USAA membership, you can apply for pet insurance directly through Embrace. You can also explore Pawlicy Advisor’s pet insurance comparison charts for an in-depth look at top pet insurance providers’ coverage details and offer pet owners personalized plans based on their individual pet. This can help significantly when it comes to figuring out what coverage is best for your pet based on its location, age, breed-specific health risks, and more.



1Sample daily and monthly rates are based on a single person and represent Cigna's national average rates for all plans (all ages and geographic locations) and reflects rates valid through July 2022. Premiums vary by geographic area.

2Cigna internal data July 2021. Subject to change.

3Not all preventive services are covered, including athletic mouth guards. Refer to the policy for a complete list of covered and non-covered preventive services. Frequency limitations apply. Cigna Dental plans in MD cover one dental cleaning per calendar year.

4Brighter features may vary by dentist. These usaa health insurance provider other dentist directory features are for educational purposes only and should not be the sole basis for decision-making. They are not a guarantee of the quality of care that will be provided to individual patients and you should consider all relevant factors when selecting a dentist.

5Projected number of dental customers for year-end 2021. Cigna Dental book of business, internal reporting as of December 2020.


Riders hoping to purchase USAA motorcycle insurance may be disappointed to learn that the company does not offer this coverage. USAA policyholders who want to add motorcycle insurance to existing plans are pointed in the direction of Progressive.

Progressive offers low rates for motorcycle insurance but receives mixed reviews for customer service. However, it does hold the No. 2 spot in our best motorcycle insurance review. Read on to see what USAA and Progressive have to offer. You can also start comparing free motorcycle insurance quotes right away by entering your zip code below.

In this article:

USAA Company Overview

USAA insurance products are available exclusively to United States military members and their families. The company was founded in 1922 and ranked 94th on the 2020 Fortune 500 list of the largest U.S. companies by revenue. It's currently headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

Through USAA, military members have access to auto insurance products, homeowners insurance, banking services, health insurance, investment tools, real estate resources, retirement planning, and even discounts on shopping, travel, and health and wellness purchases. However, there is no USAA motorcycle insurance at this time.

USAA Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

When USAA members search for USAA motorcycle coverage, they are redirected to Progressive. USAA members get a five-percent discount on motorcycle insurance from Progressive. Progressive offers the following types of coverage to USAA members:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • Personal belongings coverage
  • Total loss coverage
  • Accessory coverage
  • Enhanced injury protection
  • Death benefit

You can learn more about each of these policies in our full Progressive motorcycle insurance review.

Cost Of USAA Motorcycle Insurance Through Progressive

We reached out to Progressive to get a better idea of what USAA members may pay for motorcycle insurance. Typical Progressive customers may pay anywhere from $75 to $5,000 per year, but USAA members are eligible for the discount we mentioned above.

Here are the sample quotes our team collected for Progressive motorcycle insurance for both low-risk and high-risk drivers with standard and sport bikes.

Type of RiderType of MotorcycleCoverage LevelProgressive Motorcycle Insurance Annual Cost
No accidents or tickets
in the past three years
Full Coverage$398.07
Full Coverage$2,083.55
At fault for an accident
in the past three years
Full Coverage$831.16
Full Coverage$4,997.85

With a five-percent discount, minimum coverage for a low-risk rider with a standard bike would drop to $71.22. For a high-risk driver with a sport bike, full coverage would drop to $4,747.96 with the USAA motorcycle insurance discount.

USAA members may also be eligible for other Progressive discounts to further decrease their premiums. These discounts include:

  • Multi-policy discount
  • Homeowner discount
  • Pay-on-time discount
  • Pay-in-full discount
  • Automatic billing discount
  • Responsible driver discount (no violations within the past three years)
  • Savings for customers who purchase coverage within one day of receiving usaa health insurance provider quote
  • Savings for members of the Harley Owners Group
  • Savings for drivers with a motorcycle license or motorcycle license endorsement
  • Safety course discount
  • Discount for switching from another provider

Motorcycle insurance costs are highly variable, depending on factors like your credit score, driving record, type of motorcycle, deductible, insurance provider, and more. For this reason, it's best to get quotes from multiple providers to ensure you get the best insurance rate.

Our Recommendations For Motorcycle Insurance

While you are not able to buy USAA motorcycle insurance directly, there are many great providers out there. Progressive is a reputable name in the auto and motorcycle insurance sector, and the discounts for USAA members are attractive. Anytime you shop for coverage though, we recommend comparing plans from a few different companies to make sure you’re getting the best coverage and rate.

In addition to Progressive, take a look at two other leading motorcycle insurance companies: Geico and State Farm.

Geico motorcycle insurance policies start at just under $70 per year for state minimum required coverage, but the company does not give a discount for USAA members. Geico is able to offer high liability coverage limits, even up to $1 million.

In addition to standard coverage, Geico motorcycle policies can include:

  • Accessories coverage: Pays to repair or replace motorcycle accessories that may be damaged in an accident, including non-stock sidecars, trike conversion kits, seats and saddlebags, and electronic equipment
  • Helmet coverage: Covers the replacement cost for expensive helmets damaged in accidents

State Farm is an AM Best A++ rated provider. This means the company has a superior ability to pay out customer claims. As the largest insurer in the U.S., customers can expect State Farm to easily be able to meet its financial obligations.

State Farm motorcycle insurance can be purchased for many types of bikes, and claims are serviced by over 19,000 agents nationwide. Motorcyclists can purchase protection for sidecars and protective gear, as well as roadside assistance coverage, towing, and trip interruption reimbursement.


USAA offers Medicare supplement plans, also called Medigap, in 45 states and Washington, D.C. USAA Medigap policies are available only to USAA members, who can get rate information by contacting USAA directly or through their account online. USAA ranks well for customer service by reporting agencies like the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the Better Business Bureau.

USAA Medicare supplement insurance: Our thoughts

Medigap plans sold by any company must provide a standard set of benefits. USAA offers a solid set of coverage options, including plans F, G and N, which are the most popular Medigap plans sold. In most states where USAA sells Medigap, choices are limited to plans A, F, G and N. Additional options are available in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Members have not reported any issues that we could find with customer service for their USAA Medigap plans, and USAA has received high marks from the Better Business Bureau and other third-party review entities such as NAIC and AM Best. Customer service is limited to normal business hours Monday through Friday, but members can access a wealth of information on the USAA website or mobile app at any time.

USAA rate information is where can i sell gift cards for cash available publicly, but Medigap plans are typically affordable compared to other companies. Eligible members can review Medigap prices through an online account or by contacting USAA directly.

USAA Medigap plan availability

USAA Medigap policies are sold in most states, but availability may vary. Contact USAA to confirm which plans are offered in your area.

USAA Medigap plans may not be available in the states listed below. If you are seeking Medigap coverage in one of these states, talk to USAA directly or access your online account to review your options.

  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Wisconsin

USAA Medigap plan options

USAA offers seven of the 10 standard Medigap plans to USAA members, depending on where you live. In most states, your options are limited to Plans A, F, G and N, while additional plans are available in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

  • USAA Medicare Supplement Plan A: Minimum coverage at lower rates compared to most other Medigap plans.
  • USAA Medicare Supplement Plan B: Similar benefits to Plan A but includes coverage for the Medicare Part A deductible.
  • USAA Medicare Supplement Plan C: Along with Plan F, offers the most coverage and the lowest out-of-pocket costs.
  • USAA Medicare Supplement Plan D: Similar to Plan N, but with lower out-of-pocket costs and a higher premium.
  • USAA Medicare Supplement Plan F: Along with Plan C, offers the most coverage and the lowest out-of-pocket costs.
  • USAA Medicare Supplement Plan G: Includes the most coverage, typically at a lower price.
  • USAA Medicare Supplement Plan N: Similar to Plan D, but with copays and a lower premium.

Medigap Plans C and F are no longer available to people who started Medicare on or after Jan. 1, 2020.

Each plan letter provides a set of benefits that any company that sells the policy must offer. For example, USAA Medigap Plan A covers the same services as Plan A offered by another insurance carrier. Since benefits are standardized, the main difference between insurance companies is usually the price.

To find out about Medigap pricing and availability, members must call USAA directly or create an online account to review and compare costs.

Below are the standard benefits included in USAA Medicare Supplement plans. All seven plans cover the following benefits at 100%:

  • Part A coinsurance
  • Part B coinsurance
  • Blood (first three pints)
  • Part A hospice coinsurance

The remaining core benefits are covered differently between Medigap plans:

Skilled nursing coins.100%100%100%100%100%
Part A deduct.100%100%100%100%100%100%
Part B deduct.100%100%
Part B excess fees100%100%
Foreign travel emerg.80%80%80%80%80%

USAA Medicare Supplement rates

USAA rate information is not available to the general public; however, premiums are typically affordable. If you're a USAA member and need to supplement your Medicare coverage, you can contact USAA or access your online account to learn more about Medigap costs and availability.

Along with a dedicated member support team, USAA policyholders and their eligible family members have access to additional services, including a USAA mobile app and shopping discounts through the USAA Perks program.

An online USAA advice center is also available to all members. It offers insight and guidance on various topics such as health insurance, retirement, tax filing and handling of natural disasters.

prescription icon

USAA Medigap enrollees may be able to purchase additional benefits such as prescription, dental or vision.

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Customer reviews and complaints

USAA customers have not reported any issues with their USAA Medigap plans to the Better Business Bureau. In fact, the Better Business Bureau gave USAA an overall rating of A+. This ranking reflects a combination of factors, including the number of complaints and whether issues are addressed promptly and appropriately.

The NAIC complaint index for USAA Medicare supplement insurance is 0.68. This rating means that a below-average number of complaints were received compared to other companies, adjusted for size.

Overall, USAA received high marks from several rating entities:

Better Business BureauA+
NAIC0.68 (average is 1.0)
AM Best financial strength ratingA++
AM Best financial strength outlookStable
S&P Global ratingA++

Frequently asked questions

Is USAA Medicare supplemental insurance good?

The quality of USAA coverage matches Medigap insurance offered by other companies, since benefits are standardized. USAA members reported being satisfied usaa health insurance provider their overall Medigap customer experience.

Does USAA pay the Medicare deductible?

Deductible coverage varies by Medigap plan. Medicare Part A deductibles are fully covered by Plans F, G and N but not by Plan A. Plans C and F both cover the Medicare Part B deductible. However, those two plans are available only to people whose Medicare began before Jan. 1, 2020.

How can I find out about USAA Medicare supplement eligibility?

If you have Medicare and are a USAA member, you can contact the company directly to ask about Medigap eligibility. You also can learn more by accessing your USAA account online.

Why can I not purchase Medigap Plans C and F?

Medicare supplement Plans C and F provide coverage for most gaps usaa health insurance provider the Original Medicare system, so they are very popular. As a cost-saving measure, the plans remain available to existing members but are no longer offered to new Medicare enrollees.

Sources and methodology

Comparisons are based on Medigap policy details and third-party rankings usaa health insurance provider USAA. Sources include USAA,, the Better Business Bureau, S&P Global, AM Best and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.


Insurance Information

The following is a list of insurance providers often used by members of the Foreign Service.

AFSPA – American Foreign Service Protective Association

Phone(202) 833-4910
EmailSecure email on website
Professional Liability
Personal Property & Transit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Long Term Care
Car Insurance
Major Medical
Other• Immediate Benefit Plan
• Disability
• Members of Household Health
• Travel
• Legal Services
• Life Insurance


Phone(800) 221-3083
EmailContact form on website:
Professional Liability
Personal Property & Transit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Long Term Care
Car Insurance
Major Medical


Phone(202) 872-0060
Email[email protected]
Professional Liability
Personal Property & Transit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Long Term Care
Car Insurance
Major Medical
• Homeowner
• Tenant
• Landlord
• Umbrella / Motorcycle / RV / Boat
• Life
• Small Business

• Disability
• Health
• Life
• Kidnap & Ransom
• Personal Accident
• Car Worldwide (190+ countries)

Federal Employee Defense Services (FEDS)

Phone(866) 955-FEDS
Email[email protected]
Professional Liability● (Use the code "AFSA" to receive a $10 discount.)
Personal Property & Transit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Long Term Care
Car Insurance
Major Medical
Other• Disability Insurance
• Life Insurance
• LEOSA for Retired Feds
• Federal Contractor Insurance

FEGLI – Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program

Phone(800) 582-3337
EmailSecure email on website
Professional Liability
Personal Property & Transit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Long Term Care
Car Insurance
Major Medical
Other• Life Insurance

Government Employees’ Benefits Association (GEBA)

Phone(301) 688-7912
EmailSecure email on website
Professional Liability
Personal Property & Transit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Long Term Care
Car Insurance
Major Medical
Other• Emergency Travel
• Disability
• Veterinary Pet
• Life/Term Life
• Vision

OPM – Office of Personnel Management

Professional Liability
Personal Property & Transit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Long Term Care
Car Insurance
Major Medical
Other• Flexible Spending Accounts

Starr Wright USA

Phone(800) 424-9801
Email[email protected]
Professional Liability
Personal Property & Transit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Long Term Care
Car Insurance
Major Medical
Other• Federal Contractor Insurance
• Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Umbrella Insurance
• Disability Insurance
• Travel Insurance

USAA - United Services Automobile Association

Phone(210) 531-8722
EmailSecure email on website
Professional Liability
Personal Property & Transit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Long Term Care
Car Insurance
Major Medical
Other• Homeowner
• Rental Property
• Medicare
• Annuities
• Umbrella Motorcycle, RV, Boat
• Small Business
• Life Insurance

Premium Reimbursement for Professional Liability Insurance?

The State Department encourages the purchase of this policy. The State Department has a policy in place to reimburse certain employees for up to 50%, or $175, whichever is less, of the cost of professional liability insurance. Click here for Department guidance on this subject. A claimant can find the SF-1164 on the Forms site on the State Intranet:


  • Complete OF-1164.
  • Add the following statement on the form: "This claim is submitted in accordance with P.L. 104-208 as amended in the Appropriations Act, 2000, September 29, 1999."
  • Attach receipt of paid insurance premium to the OF-1164.
  • Submit form to employing Bureau's Executive Director for approval and reimbursement.


  • Complete OF-1164.
  • Add the following statement on the form: "This claim is submitted in accordance with P.L. 104-208 as amended in the Appropriations Act, 2000, September 29, 1999."
  • Attach receipt of paid insurance premium to the OF-1164.
  • Submit form to post's Management Officer for approval and reimbursement.


  • Review ADS Chapter 537
  • Complete SF-1034
  • Submit Forms – Employees must submit forms to their executive or administrative office with evidence of the amount of premium, the terms of the coverage, and proof of payment. The operating unit is responsible for approving or disapproving the request, committing and obligating the funds against existing budget allowances (Object Class Code 121650, Professional Liability Insurance), and forwarding the SF-1034 to the paying office for reimbursement. USAID will pay up to 50% or $250, whichever is less, of the cost of professional liability insurance, membership fees and certification expenses.

USAA Long Term Care Insurance Review, Rates and Comparison

USAA Long Term Care Insurance Review

USAA long term care insurance.This USAA long term care insurance review will help you understand usaa health insurance provider USAA offers and your options. Here’s the key points covered in this article:

  • Does USAA sell long term care insurance?
  • What is stand-alone long term care insurance?
  • Comparing the USAA long term health care plan.
  • Alternatives to long term care insurance.
  • Who needs long term care?
  • When to buy long term care insurance?

Click To Get A USAA Long Term Care Insurance Comparison. We’ll give you quotes for the leading LTC insurance providers in your state and compare them to the USAA long term care offering.

Does USAA Offer Long Term Care Insurance?

USAA does not currently offer a stand-alone long term care insurance policy. Stand-alone long term care insurance policies are also known as traditional long term care insurance.

The USAA long term care insurance offering is a Universal Life Insurance Policy with a Long Term Care Rider. The policy is from John Hancock Life Insurance Company and focuses more on the death benefit than the long term care benefit.

How the USAA long term health care offering works:

  • The Long Term Care Rider is An Accelerated Death Benefit Rider.
  • The death benefit of the life insurance policy is also the long term care benefit amount. If the death benefit is accelerated for long term care expenses, the death benefit is reduced dollar for dollar, and the cash value is reduced proportionally.
  • There is NO extension of benefits like most hybrid long term care insurance policies. The Accelerated Death Benefit Rider only uses the death benefit to pay for long term care expenses.
  • There is no benefit increase rider (inflation protection) to keep the long term care benefit in pace with rising long term care costs.

Compare USAA Long Term Health Care Insurance

A good comparison to the USAA Long Term Care Insurance offering is the Nationwide Insurance Universal Life policy. It makes a great comparison because the Nationwide policy is also built on Universal Life Insurance, like the USAA Long Term Care insurance offering. But one significant difference is that Nationwide includes a Cash Indemnity Benefit.

Nationwide Cash Indemnity Long Term Care Benefit

Nationwide long term care life insurance.Here’s how a Cash Indemnity Benefit works:

  • Nationwide pays the entire monthly long term care benefit each month.
  • Nationwide Insurance places no restrictions on how you use your LTC benefits.
  • Even family and friends can be paid to provide care.
  • The policy will pay 100% of benefits internationally.

Most long term care policies provide reimbursement benefits. With reimbursement benefits, bills and receipts must be submitted to the usaa health insurance provider carrier for approval. The insurance company then reviews the claim and reimburses the exact amount of approved expenses, up to the amount of the monthly benefit.

Long Term Care Insurance Options

Stand-Alone Long Term Care Insurance

You pay an sears national customer service phone number premium, and if usaa health insurance provider need long term care due to a cognitive or physical impairment, the policy pays for your care. Traditional LTC insurance policies make up about half of all long term care policies sold. Other features of stand-alone long term care insurance include:

  • Long term care protection is the number one goal.
  • Inflation protection is offered as a rider. This keeps the benefits up to pace with cost of care increases.
  • Shared policies are an option (one policy covers a couple).
  • Tax advantages for tax-qualified LTC plans.
  • Premiums may increase.

Alternatives To Long Term Care Insurance

Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance

Hybrid long term care policies are the popular alternative to long term care insurance. They combine the benefits of life insurance, or an annuity, with long term care benefits. You can buy a hybrid long term care insurance policy by paying a one-time lump sum premium, or over a set period of time.

If long term care is never needed, the policy works like a traditional life insurance policy. It would then pay a death benefit to your beneficiary when you die. And the death benefit is often similar to the amount paid for the policy. But if you need long-term care, the amount of money available can exceed the death benefit or long term care annuity value, often several times over, offering tremendous leverage of premium dollars.

Who Needs Long Term Care?

Someone turning age 65 today has about a 70 percent chance of needing some type of long term care during their lifetime. While one-third may never need long term care, 20 percent will need it for longer than 5 years. The average length of time people need long term care services is 3 years.1.

Nationally, the average cost for 3 years of long term care is $306,600 ($102,200 per year) at 2019 rates. That cost of care is projected to be $553,755 ($184,585 per year) in 2039.2.

And it’s not only seniors that need long term care. Over 35 percent of people currently receiving long term care services are between 18 and 64.3.

When To Buy Long Term Care Insurance?

Like most advisers, we recommend buying long term care insurance in your fifties or early sixties. The primary reasons for this recommendation are:

  • The younger you are when you buy a policy, the lower the annual premiums.
  • By the time you reach your mid sixties, you’re more likely to have a medical condition that makes you ineligible for a preferred-health discount, or makes it tough to get coverage at all.
  • Even though you’ll pay premiums a longer period of time, you’ll typically pay less overall than someone buying at an older age.

So it almost never pays to wait. And, while you’re waiting, you’re uninsured. If an accident or illness happens causing you to need long-term care, you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Get Long Term Care Insurance Quotes

Our 30 years of LTC planning experience will save you time and money!

One Stop Shopping
We compare your state’s long term care insurance companies, quotes and policy costs with the USAA long term care insurance policy. And we also provide comparisons to the AARP long term care offering.

Compare With an Independent Agent
We impartially shop the market of top-rated insurance companies and help you find not only the best rate, but the best company. We’ll supply you with rates, ratings, and reviews of the companies that sell these types of policies.

1. 2019 U.S. Usaa health insurance provider of Health and Human Services (, site accessed 09/21/2021
2. Cost of Care Survey 2019 (, site accessed 09/21/2021
3. Family Caregiver Alliance (, site accessed 09/21/2021

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usaa health insurance provider

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  1. A H I salute your wife.. I also made a similar choice and never heard the end of it from friends and family. But my sons are in preschool now and I'm back in the workforce. And I'm so glad I said NO to having my children raised by someone else since I was in the position to do it myself

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