axis online net banking registration

People who want to get an online banking service through Axis Bank can get themselves into the registration process. Axis Bank does not send requests for Internet Banking Login ID, Password. Download the internet banking form from the Axis Bank website, fill the required details.

: Axis online net banking registration

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Axis online net banking registration
Axis online net banking registration
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Do you have an account with Axis Bank? Have you activated internet banking services? Almost all banks in the public, as well as private banking sector of India, have digitalized their banking service to ensure customer’s convenience.

Internet banking services allow easy access to bank account and you can easily make transactions and remain updated with your account. In the private banking sector, the banks activate Internet Banking services while opening the account.

If you skipped activating the services, you can start it anytime. You need not visit the bank once again to activate online banking services. You need to follow the easy steps to register and activate Axis Bank Net Banking Online.

Steps For Axis Internet banking Registration Online

Step 1: Access the official website of Axis bank for internet banking Click on ‘First time user? Register‘ button featured on the bottom of the login page of the site.

register for axis net banking

Step 2: You will get directed to Axis Bank Online password generation page where you need to enter the Login ID. Your Login ID is the Customer ID which you can get by sending SMS or through Passbook.

enter customer id axis bank

Click on proceed to move to the next page

Step 3: Enter the account number and registered mobile number in the provided boxes. Click on proceed button.

enter account details axis bank

Step 4: Enter Debit card details on the new page, i.e. Debit Card No, ATM Pin number, and Expiry Date. Tick mark to accept the Terms and Conditions and click on Proceed button.

enter debit card details axis bank

Step 5: A new page will open on the web browser. Enter the New Login Password and re-enter to confirm. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, which you need to enter in the provided box.

set new login password for axis net banking 

Click on Submit button. The screen will display the notification about successful registration for Net Banking.

Steps to Activate the Axis Bank Net Banking

Step 6:  Click on Login Page link and enter the login ID and the password you reset generated in the process and click on Login.

axis net banking login

Step 7: Before accessing your account online, you require answering Security Questions. You can select the questions and enter the answers as suitable.
Click on Confirm button.

set security questions for axis net banking 

Step 8: You need to enter the Netsecure code that you received on your mobile number. Click on confirm button to activate Axis net banking fully. Now you can easily access your account online without any worries.

confirm netsecure code axis bank

You need to follow the steps without any mistake to activate the Axis internet banking services by self. You don’t need any professional assistance.

You don’t even need to visit the branch and waste your time. It is just a matter of seconds to activate Axis Net banking services for your account.


Axis Bank Net Banking 2021: Axis Bank Internet banking is a convenient way to bank anytime, any place, at your convenience from your personal computer or tab. check out step by step guide for how to login at net banking. Axis by using your Axis Bank Bank Customer ID. Net Banking and Mobile Banking are the facilities which enable you to perform banking transactions at your choice of place and time. You can access Net Banking via the personal computer or laptop and Mobile Banking via mobile or tab, subject to the availability of an internet connection.

Special features of Axis Bank Net Banking

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and you can operate your account anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Axis Bank Internet Banking service is available to all Savings and Current account holders. In all cases, the customer/mandate holder should have the authority to operate the account with full permission.

  • Axis Bank Net Banking and Axis Bank Mobile Banking services are secure
  • Provide dashboard view of your entire relationship with the Axis Bank Bank
  • Allows you to view recent and past transactions (Debits & Credits)
  • Allows you to book deposits online
  • Transfer money through various payment modes such as Internal Funds Transfer, Own Account Transfer and other Bank Transfer via. NEFT, RTGS & IMPS.
  • Helps you place stop cheque instructions
  • Allows you to order for a new Axis Bank cheque book

To know more, please axis online net banking registration nearest branch of Axis Bank.

How to Activate Axis Bank Net Banking Online

Step 1: Visit Axis Bank official website and from the sidebar click on retail, you can find that link under internet banking. Or directly visit Axis Bank internet banking website by following link (click here)

Please Note following are required before registration

  • Your Customer ID becomes your login id.
  • The Customer ID is mentioned in the welcome letter and cheque book.
  • You can also SMS “CustID” to 5676782 from your registered mobile number to know your Customer ID.
  • Keep your debit card, mobile and ATM pin handy before your proceed.
  • Please ensure that your mobile number is registered with Axis Bank. You may visit the nearest Axis Bank ATM and click on ‘Registrations-Mobile No Update’ to register. You may also visit your nearest branch.
  • NRI account holders, can generate passwords online with debit card or with KYC details like Passport number,Date of birth and Pincode.

Step 2: From Axis Bank net banking homepage, Enter your customer ID.

Step 3: Now Enter your Axis Bank bank account number and registered mobile number. (Please note – Before starting the registration process, please ensure that you have the following handy: Account Number, ATM/Debit Card linked to the account number, ATM/Debit Card Credentials, Mobile number registered for the account number)

Note: Prefix country code to your mobile number without sign(+) e.g.- 9199*******33 not +9199******33.

Step 4: In the next step, you will require to enter one time password (OTP) that you will receive on your registered mobile number with Axis Bank Bank. enter OTP received on your mobile and then click on continue button.

Step 5: In the next step, you’ll have to enter your Axis Bank ATM card details. After entering your Debit card credentials, hit continue button.

Step 6: Now click on Read and accept terms and conditions of using e-banking facility of the bank. Click on check-box “I agree to the above mentioned Agreement-cum-Indemnity” then press accept to proceed.

Step 7: In the next page, you will be asked to enter a password for your internet banking. Simply create a password containing special characters, alphabets, and numbers [email protected]_12Z, and click on continue.

Step 8: Upon clicking on continue, following pop-up message will appear on your computer screen “Your request to create Internet Banking User ID is successful.” Click on “OK” and then note down your reference number, customer id, and login user id.

Important! Note down all details before pressing any key.

Step 9: This service takes is muscle milk good for you after a workout working day to activate, now you are able to access your account after 24 Hours.

Axis Bank Net Banking Login and Register

  • Click here to login at Axis Bank Net Banking
  • Click here to register at Axis Bank Net Banking

Important Requirements

    Axis Bank Internet Banking

    What are the benefits of using Axis Bank Internet Banking?

    Axis Bank Internet Banking provides you a host of benefits like:

    • Dashboard view of all your relationships with Axis online net banking registration bank like your accounts, deposits, loans and your credit cards
    • See your recent transactions
    • Create Instant FD’s and RD’s
    • Make online payments for utility bills and insurance premiums.
    • Shop on various websites  and pay using internet banking.
    • Transfer money to your own accounts and to other bank accounts.
    • Re-charge your prepaid mobile / DTH and data card
    • Track status of issued cheques and of cheques that are in clearing.
    • Issue stop rockland luggage polo 4 piece luggage set instructions on issued cheques.
    • Request for Cheque Book, Demand Draft and more.
    • Update your profile and contact details
    • View and redeem your Loyalty points

    Why should I register for Internet banking?

    Axis Bank Internet Banking is a convenient & faster way to access your account & manage your day to day banking transactions anytime, anywhere, 24X7 at your own comfort. Now you don’t have to visit the branch all the time & wait in long queues.

    Axis Bank’s Internet Banking service is secure; our service gives you the peace of mind.
    Internet Banking is Real Time, it gives you up-to-the-second details of your account.

    What is required for accessing the account on the internet?

    To login, you need the log-in id which is usually the 9-digit Customer ID (mentioned on the welcome letter and printed on your cheque book), along with the login password sent by Axis Bank. You may use your personalized login id.

    What is a Customer ID?

    A Customer ID is a 9-digit number which uniquely identifies your relationship with Axis Bank. Your customer id is usually your login id for Internet Banking login. Please mention this ID in all your communications with Axis Bank.

    How do I get my State bank of cross plains ID?

    You can SMS” CUSTID< account no.> to 5676782 from your registered mobile number to get your Login/ cust ID

    NRI customers also obtain your customer id by sending an SMS CUSTID <AccountNumber> to +919717000002

    Your login id is same as the  Customer ID that is mentioned on -your welcome letter & in the cheque book that is mailed to you post your account opening.

    Why are the different passwords and validations to login and transact?

    There are three kinds of details used to login and validate transactions on Internet Banking:

    Login password – The “Login Password” is used for logging in and allows you to view your account details. Your login id is same as your customer id.

    Transaction Password – “Transaction Password” is required for -carrying out financial transactions like bill payment, fund transfers, mobile recharge etc.

    Netsecure code – “Netsecure” is an additional security feature added to have a 2nd factor authentication. Once you register for Netsecure, you can generate a one-time password through SMS, Mobitoken or 1-touch Device. This makes your banking transactions safer & free from frauds.

    I am unable to login into Internet Banking? What do I do?

    It might be due to one of the following reasons:

    Incorrect login ID or password: Recheck your login ID and password. Please note that passwords are case sensitive. In case you have forgotten your password click on “Forgot Password” link on the login page to generate your password online. If you want to generate your password now, please click here.

    Disabled login ID: In case of 5 incorrect login attempts, the system disables your Internet Banking ID for the calendar day. Now you can enable your login ID instantly using Forgot Password link, else it will be enabled automatically on the next calendar day.

    First time user: First time users need to use “First Time User” option on the login page, to register online and generate password instantaneously.

    Browser Issues: Axis Bank Internet Banking is best accessed using below browsers – Internet Explorer 9 and above, Crome 37 and above, Firefox 33 and above and Safari 4 and above with a screen resolution 1024 by 768 pixels.

    What is the daily transaction limit?

    The daily transaction Default limit for the day is Rs. 5 Lakh. There is no maximum limit for Funds Transfer. You can enhance your daily limit upto 10 lakhs through Internet Banking. You need an approval from your Base Branch (where you hold your account) to enhance the limit above Rs. 10 Lakh

    How do I register for TPT (Third Party Transfer) services online?

    You can register for TPT (Third Party Transfer) services online by following the below steps:

    • Step 1: Login to NetBanking using Cust ID & password
    • Step 2: Click on the TPT tab and ‘Register Now’
    • Step 3: Select the Debit Card and enter the Debit Card details
    • Step 4: Confirm their mobile number and enter the OTP (One Time Password) which they have received on their registered mobile number

    In case you are not registered for Secure Access you will be asked to register for it by selecting 5 Challenge Questions, Image and a Message

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    Banking Basics: How Does Netbanking Work In India?

    Netbanking, also known as internet banking, is a digital method to conduct banking transactions by the means of the internet. It is an electronic system, which any individual bank of america corporate perks a bank account can activate and use for their financial proceedings.

    Most means and uses of banking done physically can be conducted via internet banking.

    Here’s what you need to know to begin using netbanking. 

    Why Should You Use Netbanking?

    Most banks in India have adopted technology, or are in the process of adopting technology, to meet the banking needs of consumers. While traditional banking, also known as a physical bank, is still the most used and accessed form of banking in India, netbanking is slowly becoming an essential aspect of banking activities.

    Netbanking makes banking easier for consumers. Here’s how:

    Netbanking Saves Time

    A bank customer can access netbanking from any internet-enabled device such as a laptop, computer desktop or mobile phone. They do not necessarily need to visit the bank to transfer money from one account to another, to check their transactions statement or to address banking transactions-related queries. 

    Netbanking Helps Open Accounts and Transact Digitally

    A netbanking account enables customers to do all their new account openings digitally. This is possible with the help of the pre-submitted know-your-customer (KYC) details that consumers submit to their banks at the time of opening of the netbanking account. 

    Consumers can open and transact in all six kinds of banking accounts that exist in India without having to visit the bank physically. 

    Netbanking Ensures Security of the Bank Account

    For netbanking, all information on your bank’s details, transactions and requests is exchanged electronically without any human intervention. This reduces the possibility of any kind of slip-ups on behalf of customers, in terms of revealing their private banking information to a third party, and avoids misuse of any information. With netbanking, your information remains completely confidential and you are in charge of all banking decisions based on your knowledge. 

    Netbanking Aids Financial Empowerment

    When a customer uses netbanking, it enables them to learn about the nitty-gritties associated with their bank accounts and the processes behind the transactions. It often is the case with physical banking that customers skip learning and comprehending important information that impacts their banking activities because a physical bank associate assists them. 

    When a customer accesses netbanking, all steps of a process demand the customer to learn why the step is necessary and make an informed decision. In the long run, this brings financial empowerment.

    How Can You Open a Netbanking Account?

    A netbanking account is a digital extension of your bank account. Opening a netbanking account, however, requires you to generate specific digital passwords that enable you to transact over the internet. 

    To open a netbanking account, you need to follow these four steps:

    1. Approach Your Bank for a Netbanking Account

    Your first step to begin a netbanking account is to approach your bank to enable an online banking facility for your existing bank account. Unless you request your bank to start your banking services online, you can’t begin using these services, given the high security maintained in enabling you to transact digitally.

    You must let your axis online net banking registration know your intent to begin netbanking for your account. Once the bank receives your request, it provides you two key codes that help you log in to your account online. 

    2. Collect Your User ID and Password

    For netbanking to work, you need to know your User ID and password to log into your internet banking account. This User ID is different from your bank account number, which serves as the primary identity of your bank account. 

    You have to request your bank to generate a User ID and password. In the case of a new account, documents with a User ID and password are handed over at the time of opening the account. 

    3. Generate New User ID and Password

    To generate your User ID, the bank initially provides you a unique set first guaranty bank phone number numbers that have been generated from its end and a password is handed over in a concealed document to you. This password is used to log in once and the bank in most cases requests consumers to change this password after the first log in to maintain a high level of security of the account. 

    It is also advisable to change your User ID after you authenticate your first log-in to ensure you have a fresh set of User ID and password.

    The method to change both the User ID and password is simple: 

    • Log in to your bank’s website.
    • Enter the User ID and password that has been provided by the bank.
    • Then log out.
    • Upon logging out, you’ll see a tab on the bank’s website that says “generate new User ID.” 
    • Use that axis online net banking registration to generate a new User ID. 
    • When you request a new User ID, you’ll be asked details such as your date of birth, your mobile number and other details that the bank already has secured from you via your KYC documents. 
    • Upon entering all your details, a one-time axis online net banking registration will be sent to your mobile phone. This is the second stage of security and often instills the customer’s faith in online banking.
    • Enter this one-time password to create the new User ID. 
    • Then, follow the same steps to generate a new password. 

    4. Begin Transactions Online

    You have now logged in to your bank account online and generated a new User ID and password. You can now begin your transactions online. 

    What Are the Uses of a Netbanking Account?

    Once you start using a netbanking account, it changes your perspective toward using simple banking services, which you would otherwise have kept delaying, awaiting a scheduled visit to the bank. 

    Netbanking is most frequently used for seven banking processes: 

    1. Using Netbanking to Transfer Funds 

    With your netbanking active, you can move funds within your own internal bank accounts, from one bank account to another, from your own account in one bank to another account in another bank or from your own bank account to someone else’s bank account. 

    You can use the provision of “Standing Instruction” to repeat transfers on a periodic basis.

    2. Using Netbanking to Generate and Track Account Statements

    You don’t have to visit your bank or your bank ATM to keep track of debits and credits into your bank account. By a simple click, you can find out transactions done for specific periods of time and request for account statements to be delivered in your email inbox whenever needed. 

    3. Using Netbanking to Pay Bills

    To make your busy everyday life easier, you can use netbanking to pay your bills, such as phone bills, electricity bills, water utilities bills and other bills that have an online network. 

    Most big corporations offering everyday services have a well-established digital infrastructure that enables consumers to avoid physical visits and enjoy the convenience of paying for the use of their services online. 

    4. Using Netbanking to Apply for Loans

    Loans can be easily applied for online using netbanking. The process of getting personal loans in India and getting business loans is elaborate. Your netbanking activation enables you to axis online net banking registration KYC-compliant such that the time taken by loan companies to verify you and your credit score to grant a loan gets much shorter and less cumbersome for both stakeholders. 

    5. Using Netbanking to Pay Insurance Premiums

    Payment of insurance premiums is one of the financial transactions that requires customers to adhere to strict timelines to avoid any penalties. With netbanking, customers can opt for “Standing Instructions” for specific future dates without worrying about missing a date or incurring a fine. 

    6. Using Netbanking to Pay EMIs

    You can pay your electronic monthly instalments, or EMIs, using netbanking. One of the frequently used facilities of netbanking of the younger generation that has used internet banking since they first started banking is paying EMIs.

    There is no pec pay bill on the kinds of EMIs you can pay via netbanking. From your credit card EMI axis online net banking registration your rent EMI or your shopping EMIs, all can be paid digitally and securely using netbanking. 

    7. Using Netbanking to Apply for a New Debit Card and Cheque Books

    With netbanking, you can apply for a new debit card and cheque books as and when needed without having to visit a bank. This is one of the easiest ways to apply for a new physical copy of a financial product of the bank that you’ve been using. 

    In the digital age that we are in now, banking as a service is evolving faster than ever and it is in the best interest of consumers to learn how to transact and avail themselves of service digitally. It is especially important to embrace online banking in a heavily populated country such as India, where precious hours are wasted in long traffic jams and physical bank queues are often longer than expected.

    on: April 9, 2020


    Axis Bank, the third largest private sector bank is bringing wonderful services to its customers to do banking from home.

    With Axis Bank internet banking, it is simple to do banking anytime, anywhere.

    How to Activate Axis Bank Net Banking

    To activate net banking for the first time

    • Visit the official website of Axis Bank.
    • Click login >> First Time User >> Register.
    • Enter your customer Id (login Id), account number, registered mobile number and proceed.
    • Then enter your debit card number, its PIN and expiry date.
    • Choose Indian Rupee (INR) as the card currency and continue.
    • Now set the password of your choice. Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number to validate your password.
    • Soon a message confirms your successful password setting.
    • Now you can login to your account using the customer Id and the new password.

    Transfer Money via Internet Banking

    Through internet banking, you can transfer funds to

    • Your own account in Axis Bank
    • Another Axis Bank account holder
    • Other bank accounts

    Transfer funds to your own Axis Bank account

    • Login in to your Axis Bank internet banking.
    • Select Payment >> Transfer Funds>> My Accounts>> Begin Payment.
    • Choose the debit account. Enter the amount to be transferred and continue.
    • A Net Secure Code will be delivered to your mobile number. Enter that code and the amount will be transferred.

    Transfer funds to another Axis Bank account

    Add a new Payee

    • Login to your internet banking.
    • Click Payments >> Transfer Funds >> Axis Bank Accounts >> Add New Payee.
    • Enter the name and nickname of the payee. You azealia banks braces add maximum of 3 payees a day.
    • Go to 'Register Payee For' and choose 'Other Axis Bank Accounts'. Enter the recipient's account number or registered mobile number.
    • Click 'Get Details' and proceed. Agree to the terms and conditions. Enter the received Net Secure Code.

    To an existing payee

    • Select Payments >> Transfer Funds >> Axis Bank Accounts and choose the account of beneficiary.
    • Click 'Begin Payment'. Enter the amount and date. Next enter the received Net Secure Code to transfer money.

    Money transfer to other bank accounts via IMPS/ NEFT

    Adding a payee

    • Login to your account. Go to Payments >>Transfer Funds
    • Enter the name and nickname of the payee. Click Register Payee For >> Other Bank Accounts.
    • Enter the bank account and confirm it. Enter the IFSC Code, state and branch of the bank. Click 'Proceed'.
    • Accept the conditions; check the details and submit.
    • Enter the received Net Secure Code to process.

    Transfer to an existing payee

    • Click Payments >> Transfer Funds >> Other Bank Accounts >> Begin Payment.
    • Select the account to be debited, payment type. Enter the date, amount and mode of payment (NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS)
    • To process the transfer enter the Net Secure Code.

    Fund transferring to bank accounts outside India

    Add a payee

    • Login to internet banking.
    • Click Forex >> Outward Remittance >> Add New Payee and enter the payee's personal details.
    • Enter the SWIFT code and get details. Select the branch; confirm the details and enter the Net Secure Code to transfer.

    Transfer to existing payee

    • Go to Forex >> Outward Remittance >> Payee >>Begin Payment.
    • Enter the relevant details and check the exchange rate. Agree to the transaction conditions.
    • Enter the Net Secure Code and confirm.

    Axis Bank Mobile Banking

    Axis Bank is providing mobile banking service to its

    • Savings(domestic/NRI) and current account holders
    • Standalone credit card or Forex card holders

    But the customer should register for internet banking or debit card based SMS banking and have internet facility.

    How to Activate Axis Mobile Banking

    • Send 'MBANK' to 5676782 from your registered mobile number. You will receive a SMS with the link to download the mobile app.
    • Download the app and login.
    • The App will send automatic SMS to verify your mobile number.
    • Enter your name and set jp morgan chase bank customer service digit mPIN.
    • Give your debit card or internet banking credentials and the app will activate upon confirmation.

    Update Email Id via Mobile Banking

    To update your axis online net banking registration Id

    • Login to Axis Mobile app.
    • From the home page select 'Service& Support' and choose 'Insta Services'.
    • Go to 'Contact' and select 'Update Email Id'. Enter your email address; agree to the axis online net banking registration and conditions and click on 'Update'.

    Reset Password/ mPIN

    To reset password or mPIN

    • Open Axis mobile app and go to menu. Select 'App Settings' from 'Manage' option.
    • Click 'Forgot mPIN'. Enter the last 6 digits of your debit card and its expiry best cash app card design and the received OTP.

    How to Transfer Funds via Mobile Banking

    To transfer funds to other bank accounts

    • Login to the mobile app. Select 'Transfer Funds' from the menu.
    • Choose 'Other Bank Accounts'. Then add a payee or select the payee if you have already added one.
    • Enter the amount to be credited and choose the mode of payment (IMPS/NEFT)
    • Enter the mPIN to transact the money. You can postpone the payment by clicking 'Pay Later'.

    How to Activate Axis Pay UPI App

    Axis Pay UPI is the interface of Axis Mobile App that let you transact money from any of your account through VPA.

    • Download Axis Pay UPI App and login.
    • Your registered mobile tennessee bank and trust franklin will send an activation SMS.
    • Allow to the permissions of app.
    • Enter your name and continue.
    • Set a 6 digit passcode for login purpose.
    • The app registration completed upon confirmation.

    Transactions through Axis UPI and Change mPIN

    To send money

    • Go to UPI home page >> Send.
    • Choose the debit account and the receiver from the list.
    • Enter the amount and mPIN and the money will be sent.

    To ask money transaction

    • Go to UPI home page.
    • Select the credit account and the sender; enter the amount.
    • A notification is sent to the sender to approve the transaction. Once the sender enters the mPIN, the amount will be credited.

    To change mPIN

    • Go to Menu >> Manage Accounts >> Change mPIN
    • Enter the old mPIN and set the new mPIN.

    Axis Bank SMS Banking

    SMS banking service is available to all customers, infact it is the basic service for other online services also. Send a SMS in a peculiar format from your registered mobile number to 5676782 or 9717000002.

    How to Register and Update for SMS Banking

    Through ATM

    • Insert your ATM card and enter the PIN.
    • Select 'Registrations' and then choose 'Mobile Number Update'.
    • If you already registered your mobile number, the screen will display the message 'Your mobile number is already registered with Axis Bank. Would you like to update your number now?'
    • To change your number, select 'Update'.
    • Enter your mobile number and confirm it. Your mobile number will be updated successfully.

    Or you can register your mobile number through Axis Bank Branch. Once your mobile number is registered, send ACT < 15 digit account number> to the above mentioned number to activate SMS banking for your number.

    Axis SMS Banking Keywords

    Balance EnquiryBAL
    Last 3 transactionsMINI
    To download Mobile AppMBANK
    To locate the nearest ATMATM
    To register for E-StatementGREEN (Monthly statement only for Retail


    On-Demand E-statementESTMT
    Update Email IDUPDATEM
    To get a Cheque BookCHQBK
    Cheque Status EnquiryCHQST <6 digit of Cheque No.>
    To link Aadhaar no. with Axis Bank accountAadhaar AC < last 6 digits of account number>
    Block Internet BankingLock <9 digits Customer ID >

    Axis Bank NUUP

    Axis Dial NUUP is a USSD based mobile banking service that connect all the banks and TSP with a common code. This service is available for all GSM handsets at all time.

    To use NUUP

    • Dial *99*45# from your registered mobile number.
    • Welcome screen of NUUP will appear. Enter the 4 digit IFSC of your bank. (UTIB for Axis Bank).
    • NUUP menu will be displayed with various options.
    1. Enter 1 for balance enquiry.
    2. Press 2 for mini statement
    3. Press 3 for fund transfer using MMID. Enter beneficiary mobile number, MMID, amount and your mPIN and last 4 digits of your account fedex holiday schedule 2020 4 for fund transfer using IFSC. Provide recipient's IFSC, account number, amount, your mPIN and last 4 digits of your account number.
    4. To know your MMID, press 6
    5. To generate mPIN, press 7 and then 1(requires debit card credentials)
    6. To change mPIN, press 7 and then 2(enter old mPIN, account number and set new mPIN)
    7. Enter 8 to generate OTP. Give mPIN and account number.

    Axis Missed Call Banking

    Axis Bank is providing a more convenient missed call banking service to its customers who have registered for SMS banking service. You can know your account balance, get mini statement (last 3 transactions) and can recharge your mobile phone through Axis Bank missed call banking service at free of cost. Give a missed call to a peculiar number from your registered Indian mobile number and soon you will get a reply with the required details.

    • To know account balance dial 1800 419 5959
    • To get mini statement dial 1800 419 6969
    • For balance enquiry in Hindi dial 1800 419 5858
    • For mini statement in Hindi dial 1800 419 6868

    To avail missed call mobile recharging service, send an activation message to 5676782. Following the activation, give a missed call to 0804 933 6262 from your registered mobile number and at once your number will be recharged.

    Other Utilities

    Register or Update Mobile Number

    By updating your mobile number, you will immediately get any announcements from the bank and transaction alerts through SMS. You can safely update your mobile number at your nearest Axis Bank branch or at Axis Bank ATM.

    To register or update your mobile number through Axis Bank ATM follow the same steps as mentioned above in 'How to register &update for SMS banking'.

    To register at the branch

    • Go to any of your nearest Axis Bank branch.
    • Ask for 'Customer Request Form'.
    • Fill up that form that includes the request for registration or updating of mobile number. Write your new mobile number and submit it.

    Update Aadhaar with Axis Bank Account

    The government of India made it compulsory to link your Aadhaar with all of your bank accounts and loan accounts (under Prevention of Money Laundering Rules, 2005). Axis Bank provides various ways to update your Aadhaar.

    Through Internet Banking

    • Visit the official website of Axis Bank and login to your account.
    • Click 'Services' and choose 'Insta Services'. Then click 'Link your Aadhaar'.
    • Enter your account number and customer Id. Provide your Aadhaar number and enter the Net Secure Code.
    • If the details in your card match with those in your bank account, Aadhaar number will be updated at once.

    Via Mountain commerce bank online banking Bank ATM

    • Insert your debit card and enter the PIN.
    • Select 'Special Services' and click 'Link Aadhaar Number'.
    • Enter the 12 digit Aadhaar number and confirm it.

    On Axis Mobile App

    • Login to your mobile banking.
    • Go to 'Menu' and choose 'Insta Services' and axis online net banking registration 'Accounts'.
    • Select 'Link Aadhaar Card'. Enter your Aadhaar number and choose the account to be linked with.

    By a phone call

    • Call the toll free number of Axis Bank- 1860 419 5555/ 1860 500 5555 and update your Aadhaar.

    Through Axis Bank branch

    • Visit the nearest Axis Bank branch and get 'Aadhaar Linking Form'.
    • Fill up that form, attach a photocopy of your Aadhaar card and submit it.




    AXIS BANK CORPORATE BANKING BRANCH MUMBAI Branch IFSC Code is UTIB0001394. The CORPORATE BANKING BRANCH MUMBAI, AXIS BANK Branch is now operating in Mumbai District. As we know the Mumbai district is one of the popular districts in Maharashtra. As per our database, the CORPORATE BANKING BRANCH The newton real estate group patty newton and kimberly zilton Branch MICR code is 400211088.

    The address of the AXIS BANK CORPORATE BANKING BRANCH MUMBAI Branch is GROUND FLOOR, AXIS HOUSE, BOMBAY DYEING MILL COMPOUND, PANDURANG BUDHKAR MARG, WORLI, MUMBAI - 400 025. You can search all state's AXIS BANK IFSC code just using the Search box given below. All details of the AXIS BANK CORPORATE BANKING BRANCH MUMBAI Branch IFSC code along with MICR, Address, Phone Number, etc are available here.


    Name of BankAXIS BANK
    IFSC CodeUTIB0001394
    Get IFSC Code
    Branch Code001394 (Last six characters of IFSC code of CORPORATE BANKING BRANCH MUMBAI Branch code.)
    Contact NumberNot Available

    "All information provided in respect of IFSC Codes of AXIS BANK, CORPORATE BANKING BRANCH MUMBAI, contact numbers and other details are for information purposes only. This blog, on best efforts basis, collates this information from relevant sources and endeavors to offer accurate and responsible data. KGSGBANK.CO.IN is not responsible for any sort of discrepancies and shall not be responsible for any loss and/or damage that may arise or is incurred by use of such information. It is a mutual understanding that the visitor's usage of any such information of AXIS BANK, CORPORATE BANKING BRANCH MUMBAI will be at his own preference and risk."



    As per our Data, we found the last 6 digits of the IFSC Code of the CORPORATE BANKING BRANCH MUMBAI Branch is BRANCH code. And if you have an IFSC code such as UTIB0001394 then you can get your Branch code of CORPORATE BANKING BRANCH MUMBAI. Also, it may apply for the maximum AXIS BANK's banks but not for all of AXIS BANK.









    Benefits Of Having Axis Bank Net Banking

    Account Details

    You can check your account details such as remaining balance, account statement, etc. You can even download the account statement in PDF version to send it to anyone.

    Fund Transfer

    Net banking gives you the freedom to transfer the funds to anywhere anytime. You just need to enter the payee details such as account number, IFSC code, Name, and send the money instantly to them.

    Bills and Payment

    You can pay your mobile, broadband, DTH bill directly from the Netbanking portal. It is very easy to pay Credit card bills from Nettbanking.

    Service Request

    Services like demand draft, cheque book request, stop cheque payment, etc can easily be done through net banking. You can also redeem your Credit Card loyalty points directly from the dashboard.

    Investment Service

    Investment services like fixed deposit, IPO, Portfolio can be done easily here.

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