american express serve free atm near me

The MoneyPass ATM Locator can help you find the closest ATMs that can provide surcharge-free cash withdrawals for your MoneyPass card. American Express; Banorte; Banregio; Citibanamex (Mastercard); Hey, Banco Central Credit Union of Florida; Central Maine Credit Union. Surcharge Free ATMs. Click on any one of the brand marks displayed and follow their instructions to locate the nearest surcharge free ATM. Comerica Bank.

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American Express Serve® Overview

: American express serve free atm near me

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American express serve free atm near me
american express serve free atm near me

American express serve free atm near me -

How to get an American Express cash advance

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If you own an American Express charge or credit card, you can get cash from an ATM or a bank teller should you need it. But because the cash comes from your line of credit, it comes with hefty fees and interest. This makes it an expensive option, which you should use only in emergencies.

You must first have an American Express card to get an American Express cash advance. Once you have the card, here’s what to do:
  1. Call 800-227-4669 and request a PIN if your card doesn’t have one.
  2. Go to a participating ATM and insert your card.
  3. Enter your PIN and select “Cash Advance” on the menu screen.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

Cash advance limits

Some American Express cards have cash advance limits. These are:
  • American Express® Green Card – $3,000
  • American Express® Gold Card – $6,000
  • The Platinum Card® from American Express – $8,000
  • Centurion® Card from American Express – $10,000

Note that your card’s limits could be different. Look for your card’s cash advance limit on your billing statement.

In addition to taking out an advance at the ATM, Amex counts some purchases as cash advances. These include:

  • ATM transactions
  • Gambling
  • Gift cards
  • Money orders
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Wire transfers
American Express has one of the highest cash advance fees and cash advance APRs on this type of transaction.

For cash advances using your American Express credit card, you’ll pay:

  • A 5% fee of the amount, but not less than $10.

The average cash advance APR is 26.74% but it could vary between cards. Here’s how much a $500 ATM cash advance would cost:

Cash advance fee$25
ATM fee$3
30-day cash advance APR$11 on average, but it depends on your creditworthiness

Cash advances can be expensive. Make sure you understand which transactions are considered cash advances and how much they cost before you pull the trigger.

If cash advances seem expensive to you, there are cheaper alternatives you can consider during financial emergencies. For example, you can get a:

  • 0% purchase intro APR period credit card.
    This type of card comes with a promotional interest-free period on all purchases made with your card. Most cards offer between 12 and 15 months of 0% intro APR period, but some cards may offer up to 20 months. This can help you make the purchase and pay it off in the next months without paying interest.
  • Balance transfer credit card.
    Balance transfer credit cards offer a promotional 0% intro APR period of up to 21 months on the debt you move from other cards. If paying your current debt is expensive because of high interest rates, consider a 0% APR balance transfer card.

American Express cash advances are among the most expensive ones. Because of that, it’s best to avoid cash advances or use them sparingly if there’s no other alternative.

Know your options for using a card for cash advances, and compare credit cards with low cash advance fees until you find the right fit for your wallet.

Read more about cash advances from different banks

  • No. You must request a PIN number if you don’t have one before you can use your card for ATM cash withdrawals.

  • Call 800-CASH-NOW and request to change your PIN.

  • Check your billing statement to see your cash advance limit.

  • No, you won’t earn any rewards on cash advance transactions.

ATM Withdrawals

Get FREE ATM withdrawals at over 24,000 MoneyPass® ATMs.3 Visit for locations. Spend. Serve can be used in store or online,...

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American Express ATM Locator

American Express ATM Locator guides you to the nearest ATM location worldwide! With access to over 1.2 million ATMs, you’ll never be far from cash.

ATM Locator - Find MoneyPass

The MoneyPass ATM Locator can help you find the closest ATMs that can provide surcharge-free cash withdrawals for your MoneyPass card.

American Express Serve


Vanilla Reload cards can be a terrific tool for increasing your credit card rewards: 1) purchase a Vanilla Reload card with a rewards credit card (to earn rewards); then 2) Load the value of the card onto a prepaid card; then 3) Use the prepaid card for expenses where credit cards are not usually allowed: bill payments, ATM cash withdrawals, debit payments, etc.

Vanilla Reload cards are not the only type of reload cards available.  There are also MoneyPaks, REloadit cards, PayPal load money cards and probably more (see “The reload game is on“).  This post, though, focuses only on prepaid cards that can be loaded with Vanilla Reload cards.

Amex vs. Visa/MasterCard

All of the cards detailed below are branded as American Express, Visa, or MasterCard cards.  Unlike the American Express cards, the Visa and MasterCard cards can be used as debit cards.  The American Express cards are similar to debit cards in that they can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash, but they cannot be used in any other transaction where a debit card is required.

Two types of Vanilla Reload cards


There are two distinct types of Vanilla Reload cards, but they look virtually identical.  With the most common type, you can purchase the card at a store, bring it home, and transfer its value to a prepaid card.  With the other type, you must bring the card to the counter in-store and use it in-store to reload your prepaid card.  This second type can only be used with true debit card prepaid cards (i.e. MasterCard and Visa cards).  For more details see “Pursuing the Other Vanilla Reload card“.

Many types of Vanilla

In addition to the fact that there are two different kinds of Vanilla Reload cards, it is important to understand that there are also multiple kinds of Vanilla cards.  Depicted below are a few varieties.  None of these can be used to reload other prepaid cards:

Vanilla Gift CardOneVanilla PrepaidMyVanilla Debit
Load once in-store. No fees after purchase.Load once in-store. No fees after purchase.  Acts like gift card, but looks like a debit card.Buy in-store and register with your name and address.  May be reloaded repeatedly.


Prepaid cards compared

The tables below summarize the fees and limits of each prepaid card that can be loaded with a Vanilla Reload card.  Note that most of the numbers below were taken from publicly available member agreements and FAQs.  In some cases, these online documents have not been modified in years and so may be inaccurate.  Please help me correct these tables if you have recent experience that contradicts these numbers.


Credit transaction

Debit transaction

ATM withdrawal

Cash Advance

Foreign Xchange

Other fees of note

Amex Bluebird$0N/AFree at MoneyPass ATMs*. $2 elsewhereN/A$0$2 for online load from debit card (but free at Walmart)
Amex Serve$0N/AFree at MoneyPass ATMs. $2 elsewhereN/AN/ANo other fees
Amex Prepaid$0N/A$2 (first per month free)N/A$0No other fees
H&R Block Emerald MasterCard$0$0$2.50$5?$.95 per transaction bill pay. $4.95 inactivity fee after 2 months.
JH Preferred Visa$0$0$2.50$52% (max $5)$3 per month if less than $1K was loaded to card previous month
Momentum Visa$1$1$2?$1 + 3%Optional $10 per month plan eliminates per use fees.  $10 Activation fee.
MyVanilla Visa$0.50$0.50$1.95$1.953.5%$3.95 per month inactivity fee after 90 days;
NetSpend MasterCard or Visa$1$2$2.50?3.5%Monthly plans available to eliminate per transaction fees.  $1 per check bill payment. Check refund: $5.95
PayPal MasterCard$0$0$1.95$2.502.5%$4.95 mandatory monthly fee

* Free MoneyPass ATM use is supposed to be contingent upon setting up direct deposit to Bluebird, but I haven’t found that to be necessary in practice.  See “Bluebird: Are direct deposits necessary for free ATM use?“


Max load via Vanilla Reload (day / month)

Maximum balance (from Vanilla loads)

Max ATM withdrawal (day / month)

Maximum debit transaction

Other limits of note

Amex Bluebird$1K / $5K$10K$500 / $2KN/A$10K per month spend limit except for checks
Amex Serve$1K / $5K$10K*$500 / $2KN/A$10K per month spend limit except for checks
Amex Prepaid$1000$2500$400N/A
H&R Block Emerald$1K / $5K?$3000$3,500
JH Preferred$1K / $5K$9,999$2,550 / $5,500$5,000
NetSpend$7,500$15,000$940$4,999.99$4999.99 max cash advance


A deeper look at each card

American Express Bluebird

American Express advertises Bluebird not as a prepaid card, but as a checking account alternative.  It is the only card in the roundup that not only includes free bill pay, but also provides an option for paper checks that cardholders can write out themselves (Unlike a regular checking account, though, each check must be preauthorized and results in an immediate reduction of available funds).  Another great feature of this card (and the Amex Serve card) is that funds can be transferred directly to your bank account for free.  This card is also the only one in the roundup that can be loaded for free at Walmart using debit cards or gift cards (see “Gift card PINs“).  Overall, Bluebird has an almost perfect combination of multiple load options, easy access to funds, and almost no fees.  Grade: A+.

American Express Serve

Serve is so similar to Bluebird that American Express only allows you to have one or the other.  One big difference between the two (that I’m aware of) is that Serve allows loads via credit or debit card for free (limited to $200 per day and $1000 per month).  Also, while Serve has the same bill pay feature as Bluebird, it does not have a paper check option for writing out checks yourself.  Overall, the two products are so similar that they’re hard to differentiate.  They’re both terrific products for loading up from Vanilla Reload cards.  Grade: A+.

American Express Prepaid

Amex prepaid cards are great in that they have virtually no fees, but unlike Bluebird and Serve, they are very limited in options for accessing your money.  The only options for accessing your money are to withdraw cash at ATMs or to use the card like a regular credit card (and therefore forego additional credit card rewards for those same transactions).  Grade: B-.

H&R Block Emerald

UPDATE 4/13/15: This card is now available online.

.  .  If you can get the card, though, it seems very attractive since it has no monthly fees and no debit or credit transaction fees, and it offers bill pay services.  Note that some readers have warned that their cards were shut down quickly after they loaded and withdrew $5K or so.  Grade: B.

JH Preferred

The JH Preferred card is similar to the H&R Block card, but this one can be ordered for free online.  Both are issued by tax preparation organizations and have few fees.  Like the H&R Block card, this one has no debit or credit transaction fees.  And, monthly fees are waived if you deposit at least $1K per month.  They advertise a bill pay feature, but the list of available payees is quite limited.  Note that some readers have warned that their cards were shut down quickly after they loaded and withdrew $5K or so.  Grade: B.


The Momentum card is only available in certain regions of the country and must be bought in-store.  You can use this web page to search for availability in your area.  Momentum charges fees for virtually all transactions unless you sign up for the $10 per month plan, which seems steep to me.  The best use for this card is to go without the monthly plan and use only for high value debit transactions.  Grade: B-.


Unlike the Mio and Momentum cards, MyVanilla is available everywhere within the U.S.  You can buy the card at a store, or simply order one for free online.  Fees and limitations are very similar to the Mio card described above.  A number of people who have run very large amounts of money through these cards have had their accounts shut down.  When that happens, it can take a while to get your remaining funds back so beware of that.  Grade: B-.


NetSpend used to have the option to pay bills via mailed checks, but a reader told me that that feature has been discontinued (can anyone confirm?).  While the fees and limits of this card appear to be very similar to the others in this roundup, the NetSpend card has a major disadvantage: they eventually shut down the accounts of almost everyone who loads funds via Vanilla Reload cards.  You can read about my experience with this here: “We’re sorry, there is a problem with your account.”  Grade: C-.


This card has a mandatory $4.95 monthly fee, but then free credit and debit transactions.  This card belongs to the Allpoint Network so while the card itself charges $1.95 for ATM withdrawals, you won’t get another fee from the ATM operator if you go to an Allpoint Network ATM.  Note that the PayPal card is administered by NetSpend so this card may be just as likely to be shut down as the NetSpend card (but I don’t know that for sure).  Grade: D (I don’t like mandatory monthly fees!).


Bluebird continues to be my favorite Vanilla Reloadable.  You just can’t beat its perfect combination of almost no fees, easy load options, and easy access to your money.  I expect that if I had a Serve account I’d be just as happy with that too.  If you want a card that acts as a true debit card, I’d look to H&R Block or JH Preferred.

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Why Won't My American Express Card Work at an ATM Machine?

If you're away from home and have exhausted the funds available on your credit and debit cards, few things are going to be more annoying than your last chance of getting your hands on some cash letting you down. If the automated teller machine, or ATM, you've just put your American Express card into is telling you things are not looking good, there could be a number of reasons for your unfortunate predicament.

Express Cash Program Account

Unlike credit card providers, American Express requires card holders to sign up to its Express Cash Program if they want to be able to withdraw cash at ATMs. To enroll simply call call 1-800-CASH-NOW and let the representative know what bank account you'd like to link with this service. Once you've successfully signed up to the program, you'll be assigned a separate personal identification number (PIN) that will allow you to take advances at cash machines. If you haven't opted into the program, you won't be able to make a withdrawal.

ATM Limitations

The ATM you're attempting to use may not accept American Express cards. Although this should be made clear onscreen or in the information around the cash machine, some ATMs, especially those in other countries or in small convenience stores, may not provide details of which cards are accepted. You can find the nearest ATM that does accept American Express cards by using the company's online ATM Locator search utility.

Fraud Protection Freeze

If you rarely use your American Express card, and have recently gone on a bit of a spending spree with it, American Express may have stopped its usage. In their efforts to combat fraud, banking institutions sometimes put a stop on a card if they notice unusual spending patterns. There's also a chance that a fraudster has got hold of your card and American Express has frozen your account with good reason. You can call American Express at 800-528-4800 to check your account status.

Insufficient Balance

If you have been hitting your card hard over the past few weeks, there's always a possibility that you've maxed-out your balance. Although most ATMs will tell you that your transaction has been declined due to insufficient funds, some will only advise that they have been unable to process your request. If you suspect that you're close to your limit, call American Express at 800-528-4800, or use the ATM to check your account balance.


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Jackson Hewitt(R) and American Express Serve(R) Give Clients Access to Federal Refunds Up to Two Days Earlier

JERSEY CITY, NJ--(Marketwired - Jan 26, 2017) - Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® today announced that American Express Serve continues to be an option for clients to receive their tax refunds and manage their money. Clients can load their IRS tax refund for free onto an American Express Serve Card. When they do, they will have access to their federal refund up to two days earlier than a standard electronic deposit from the IRS1.

American Express Serve is a full-service, reloadable prepaid account with money management tools. There are no hidden fees and no minimum balance is required.

"With American Express Serve our clients can get free, early direct deposit of IRS refunds, plus the benefits of American Express Serve," said David Prokupek, co-CEO of Jackson Hewitt. "This Card helps our clients make their tax refund work harder for them."

Additional features of American Express Serve include:

  • Free ATM withdrawals at more than 24,000 MoneyPass® ATMs nationwide2
  • Pick up your tax refund in cash at over 4,500 Walmart® stores with Cash Pickup Powered by Ria®3
  • Cash your checks in minutes through Mobile Check Capture by Ingo® Money with using the Serve Mobile App4

"We know how important the tax refund is for millions of Americans," said Stefan Happ, Executive Vice President, Global Prepaid & Alternative Payments, American Express. "We're excited to continue to team up with Jackson Hewitt to give their clients a smart, fast and convenient way to receive their refund."

For more information about American Express Serve, visit 
Terms and conditions apply to all offers. To find a local Jackson Hewitt location or learn more about its products and promotions, visit 

About Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. is an innovator in the tax industry, with a mission of offering its hard-working clients access to simple, low-cost solutions to manage their taxes and tax refunds. With more than 25,000 professional tax preparers, Jackson Hewitt is devoted to helping clients get ahead with Maximum Refund and 100% Accuracy Guarantees. Jackson Hewitt is the fastest-growing full-service tax preparation company with approximately 6,000 franchised and company-owned locations, including 3,000 in Walmart stores, and online and mobile tax solutions. For more information about products, services and offers, or to locate your neighborhood Jackson Hewitt office, visit or call 1 (800) 234-1040.

About American Express
American Express is a global services company, providing customers with access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success. Learn more at and connect with us on,,,, and

Key links to products, services and corporate responsibility information: charge and credit cards, business credit cards, Plenti rewards program, travel services, gift cards, prepaid cards, merchant services, Accertify, corporate card, business travel and corporate responsibility.

1Faster access compared to standard tax refund electronic deposit and subject to IRS submitting refund information to the bank before release date. IRS may not submit refund information early.

2Transactions at non-MoneyPass® ATMs have a $3.50 American Express Serve fee. ATM operator fees may also apply. See for details.

3The Serve Cash Pickup service is provided by Ria (defined below) pursuant to Ria's Terms and Conditions and Ria's Privacy Policy and the Serve Consumer User Agreement and is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. Pickup is available in all 50 United States and Puerto Rico. For tax refunds or refund advances that are Direct Deposited to your Account, the daily Cash Pickup limit will be the lesser of (i) $2,900 and (ii) the tax funds amount, until you have withdrawn the tax funds amount (Arizona Accountholders are only eligible for a $900 daily Cash Pickup limit). Otherwise, a $900 daily Cash Pickup limit applies. Per transaction limit of $499.99 applies to withdrawals picked up in Arizona. Fee of $3.49 for each withdrawal up to $500, $6.49 for each withdrawal of $500.01- $900, and $9.49 for each withdrawal of $900.01-$2,900 applies. Other limits and terms and conditions apply. Visit for complete details.

Ria is a registered trademark of Continental Exchange Solutions, Inc. dba Ria Financial Services, licensed as a Money Transmitter by the Department of Financial Services of the State of New York; licensed by the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance, NMLS ID 920968; and authorized independently or through its affiliate, Ria Financial Services Puerto Rico, Inc. OCIF LICENSE NUMBER TM-2014-031, to operate as a Money Transmitter in all United States' jurisdictions where it conducts business. American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. is not responsible for Ria's acts or omissions in its provision of Serve Cash Pickup services.

Serve Cash Pickup orders can be picked up during Walmart store hours (typically 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday, but hours may vary) at any Walmart MoneyCenter or customer service desk in the State or territory you specified in your order. To pick up your Serve Cash Pickup order, you must present a valid government-issued photo ID and pickup reference number. You will be required to provide proof of address if your ID does not contain your address or contains a P.O. Box.

4The Mobile Check Capture by Ingo Money service is provided by First Century Bank, N.A. and Ingo Money, Inc., subject to the First Century Bank and Ingo Money Terms and Conditions and the First Century Bank and Ingo Money Privacy Policy. All checks are subject to approval for funding at Ingo Money's sole discretion. Approval usually takes 3 to 5 minutes but can take up to one hour. Fees apply for approved Money in Minutes transactions funded to your Account. See for details. Additional terms and conditions and limits are associated with your use of the Mobile Check Capture by Ingo Money service through the Serve Mobile App. See for details. Data rates may apply.

Contact Information:

Ed Kral
(314) 982-8697


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