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Are gun shops ‘essential’ businesses during a pandemic?

In some parts of the U.S., authorities say gun shops aren’t essential businesses and should close during stay-at-home orders meant to slow the coronavirus. In other places, officials are stopping background checks for concealed carry permits. Elsewhere, city leaders have invoked emergency powers allowing bans on gun sales.

As the nation grapples with a pandemic that has upended daily life, some gun rights advocates are concerned about an erosion of Second Amendment rights just as Americans are buying firearms in record numbers to try to ensure their safety.

“When there’s a national emergency, people are looking for food, water, shelter — that part is important to the survival of our nation,” said Michael Cargill, owner of Central Texas Gun Works in Austin. “They are also looking for the Second Amendment to protect their families.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton agrees, issuing a legal opinion Friday saying that emergency orders in his state can’t restrict gun sales. Any order that excludes gun stores from “essential” businesses that can stay open are in conflict with state law banning limits on gun sales, Paxton said.

“Under our laws, every Texan retains their right to purchase and possess firearms,” he said.

In recent weeks, firearm sales have skyrocketed. Background checks — the key barometer of gun sales — already were at record numbers in January and February, likely fueled by a presidential election year. Since the coronavirus outbreak, gun shops have reported long lines and runs on firearms and ammunition.

Background checks were up 300% on March 16, compared with the same date a year ago, according to federal data shared with the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which represents gunmakers. Since Feb. 23, each day has seen roughly double the volume over 2019, according to Mark Oliva, spokesman for the group.

“When people aren’t able to provide for their own security or their own safety, they’re going to take measures to make sure that they can. That’s why we have that Second Amendment,” Oliva said. “This is a public what gun stores are open today issue.”

The federal background check system has been overwhelmed by the massive increase in firearm sales. What might normally take a few minutes is taking much longer, and a backlog on background checks has ballooned to about 80,000, Oliva said.

If a background check takes longer than three business days, gun dealers are permitted to allow what gun stores are open today sale to go through unless a state has stricter waiting periods. But the National Shooting Sports Foundation has advised gun dealers what gun stores are open today to feel beholden to complete the sale if they have concerns about the potential buyer.

“We are cautioning retailers that they may want to exercise patience and prudence,” Oliva said.

Even some gun control advocates say it might not be wise to shut down federally licensed firearms dealers, whose sales require background checks. That could force buyers to use a website or seek a private sale that doesn’t require a check, making it more difficult to trace a firearm if it’s used in a crime.

Latest on the Pandemic:

There are risks to both closing a gun shop or keeping it open, said David Chipman, a retired agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

“If you keep it open, there’s what gun stores are open today risk of first-time buyers who are largely buying out of fear and panic and untrained,” said Chipman, now senior policy adviser for Giffords, a gun control advocacy group.

Gun control advocates are concerned about a large number of new owners lacking the usual access to training on how to store and handle their weapon properly. They also worry that Americans who are stocking up now eventually will sell their firearms privately.

“If we can imagine how horrible this crisis is . the people who hoarded the guns might decide six months from now — once they see no zombies around but they’ve run out of tuna and beef jerky — that they need the money to buy food,” Chipman said.

In a number of U.S. cities, including New Orleans, the mayor has issued an emergency proclamation that declares the authority to restrict sales of firearms and ammunition.

In some states that have ordered people to stay home, gun is bottled lemon water good for you were not among the businesses deemed essential and allowed to stay open, like grocery stores.

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That has led to confusion in California, where for the second time this week, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva ordered gun shops to close, challenging a finding by the legal counsel for the nation’s most populous county that the stores are essential businesses. A variety of gun-rights groups on Friday filed a federal lawsuit against the sheriff and state authorities.

David Prince, owner of Eagle Gun Range in Farmers Branch, Texas, near Dallas, who temporarily closed his store under Dallas County’s stay-at-home order, then was allowed to reopen Wednesday when gun stores were reclassified locally as essential while the state awaited Paxton’s decision.

Prince said gun stores are critical because they give people the chance to defend themselves.

“I always knew people were going to want to protect themselves. What I was concerned about was the look in their faces, they are covered in fear,” Prince said. “If I give them the ability to have a firearm, it gives them a fighting chance to defend their family.”

The range that is part of his store is considered nonessential and has been forced to close, meaning new gun buyers can’t use it to train on how to handle their firearm.


Pane reported from Boise, Idaho. Vertuno reported from Austin, Texas.

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Where Gun Stores Open, Gun Homicides Increase

When Illinois passed a law in 2014 permitting the concealed carrying of firearms—becoming the last of the 50 states to do so—Sam Rannochio opened Check Your 6, Inc. in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights. The store sells handguns and rifles, and also offers concealed-carry classes. “The two kind of go hand-in-hand together,” Rannochio says.

Check Your 6 was one of hundreds of gun dealerships that opened across the United States between 2010 and 2017, notes a preprint study that was published last month on social science research website SSRN and has not yet been peer-reviewed. According to the study, which looked at county-level data nationwide what gun stores are open today a 17-year period, when the number of gun dealerships within 100 miles of a given area went up, the number of gun homicides in that area also increased in subsequent years—even as nongun killings declined overall (see graphic). Majority-Black communities bore the brunt of that violence, the study found.

The sharp rises in gun violence seen in some Black communities since 2014 have been widely attributed to the “Ferguson effect.” This term was coined by the then-chief of the St. Louis police, who claimed violent crime increases were driven by officers’ deteriorating morale following nationwide protests of the 2014 police killing of unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo. But the study authors propose these increases are linked to a steep rise in gun dealerships specializing in handgun sales near majority-Black communities shortly before 2014.

Before 2010 there had been “a massive decline in gun dealers,” says study co-author David Johnson, an economist at the University of Central Missouri. “Three, four years later, you start seeing declines in homicides—and then they pop right back up again once those gun dealers start reentering the market.” It is unclear what might have caused the number of dealerships to drop ahead of 2010, but the rebound in gun sales may have been driven by fears that then-President Barack Obama would enact strict gun-control policies, according to a 2015 study published in the Journal of Public Economics.

Gun availability is notoriously difficult to measure, partly because there is no federal registry of firearms. Previous studies have typically relied on gun suicide records, subscriptions to gun magazines, and survey data to estimate how many firearms are available in a given area. But the new study’s authors contend that these metrics are imprecise.

Instead, they used data on federal firearm licenses (which gun dealerships are required to obtain from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) as a proxy measure of gun availability. The researchers compared this to FBI data, as well as statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Census Bureau, to track homicides for every U.S. county. Their analysis found that when a gun dealership opens, homicides within a surrounding area of 100 square miles increase by as much as 3.9 percent in subsequent years.

To help ensure they were not missing other factors that could have driven increases in both gun stores and homicides, the researchers also looked at killings that did not involve a firearm—and found such “nongun homicides” decreased what gun stores are open today the study period. “If the effect on homicides was not being driven primarily by the guns themselves, then we would expect nongun homicides to be correlated with gun stores as well, which we show they are not,” Johnson says. “The increase in homicides is happening largely through the increase in gun availability.”

Daniel Webster, who directs the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Prevention and Policy and was not involved in the new study, says it raises the question of how to uniformly regulate gun shops. “There’s enormous variability from one gun dealer to another in terms of the rate at which the guns they sell end up being used in a crime,” he says. “I think that’s not a function of chance. It’s a function of how people run their businesses.” He suspects that tighter regulations on gun shops, along with more oversight of dealerships, would reduce gun crimes.

Illinois has some of the country’s strictest gun laws, according to a gun-control advocacy organization called Giffords Law Center, and there are no licensed gun dealers in Chicago. Yet the city remains awash in firearms and is plagued by gun violence. Chicago is less than 100 miles from Wisconsin, Michigan and Dave and busters solano mall (the latter borders the city itself), and all three have far fewer gun restrictions than Illinois.

The SSRN study highlighted Chicago for this very reason, also noting that the city has a surrounding “halo” of Illinois counties where gun dealerships are concentrated. As a result, Chicagoans need not travel far to legally buy a firearm. “Gun dealers introduce more guns into the community,” says study co-author Joshua Robinson, an economist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. And that increased availability is not limited to law-abiding buyers.

“There have been instances where people have come in [to the store] with bad intentions,” says Rannochio, the gun shop owner. “You’re always going to have someone trying to purchase a firearm for someone else, illegally—what they call ‘straw purchasing.’” He adds that state-mandated background checks and his own law-enforcement experience help guard against this (he was a police officer for 20 years in Skokie, an affluent, majority-white village that borders Chicago), and he recalled two instances in which he says he declined to sell a gun to prospective buyers. As far as he knows, he says, none of the firearms Check Your 6 has transferred or sold wound up being tied to any crime.

Still, firearms bought (or stolen) from other licensed dealerships in the suburbs and surrounding states frequently turn up in Chicago shootings. In one recent high-profile case, a gun allegedly purchased by an Indiana resident in that state’s city of Hammond, which borders Chicago, was used in the fatal shooting of a Chicago police officer. In another, a man in Indianapolis allegedly bought a gun that was used to kill a seven-year-old girl on Chicago’s West Side.

“That’s why you keep hearing about straw purchases,” says Wallace “Gator” Bradley, a former enforcer for the Gangster Disciples, a major Chicago street gang. “Individuals that have a right to go buy a gun will go to the gun stores or go to the gun shows and buy the guns. They come right back.” He adds that purchasers do not have to cross the state line to do so. “You can go right to one of the suburbs . and go buy a gun.” 

Bradley, who was pardoned by Illinois’ Republican Governor Jim Thompson in 1990 and has been a peace advocate for decades, says he thinks straw purchasers should be charged with murder in shootings that involve guns they distribute. Rannochio also says he thinks the solution is tougher prosecutions. “It’s not the gun dealers that are causing the problems,” Rannochio says. “It’s the criminals committing crimes with the guns that they’re not even supposed to have.” In a statement e-mailed to Scientific American, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, a progressive reformer who has overseen what gun stores are open today in Chicago since 2016, says her office is addressing just that. Foxx’s office has prosecuted 5,076 gun cases so far this year, with a conviction rate of 73 percent.

“We need to make sure that we’re holding gun shops and gun manufacturers accountable,” says Kina Collins, a gun-violence prevention advocate who is primarying Congressman Danny Davis in Illinois’ 7th District—which includes some of Chicago’s hardest-hit neighborhoods, as well as parts of suburbs where gun dealerships are located. “And we need to make sure we’re in communication with other leaders in Midwestern states, because we’re seeing a flow of illegal guns continuously cross our state lines,” Collins adds. “Grassroots, we need to make sure we’re funding violence-interruption programs, because we know they work.”

On Monday, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker called gun violence a "public health crisis" and announced the formation of a new statewide office for gun violence prevention. Pritzker vowed to earmark $250 million in state and federal funds to address the issue.

GoodKids What gun stores are open today, a Chicago youth organization that advocates for noncarceral solutions to gun violence, argues that communities plagued by violence need less aggressive policing and more government investment to undo years of damage wrought by what it calls racist policies. The group has for years promoted a package of proposals collectively called the Peace Book Ordinance, which would divert 2 percent of Chicago’s annual police budget of around $1.7 billion to fund services such as mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Webster says such holistic approaches are crucial to mitigating violence. “There are some communities where disinvestment is substantial, and a lot of the systems—schools, transportation, housing, policing—are failing,” he says. “By policy and structure, people who are Black are more concentrated in those neighborhoods. And that is intentional. It is a function of public policy over generations.”

Bradley says any solution requires entire cities to stand together against gun violence. “No one person, outside of God, can stop it all,” he says. “And you know it like I know it: America is the biggest arms dealer in the world.”

Источник: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/where-gun-stores-open-gun-homicides-increase/

Denver gun shop owner files lawsuit against the city to change 'non-essential' status of his store

DENVER — At first glance inside Bighorn Firearms, it's hard not to notice something clearly missing in the store. guns.

"We’ve never seen anything like this before," said Bighorn Firearms owner Ryan Resch.

Resch has seen a wave of customers in the last two weeks, what remains in stock, sits in the back.

"With all the uncertainty right now people are scared, they want to be able to protect themselves, they want to be able to protect their families," Resch said of the surge in demand.

RELATED: Gun background checks surging in Colorado amid coronavirus pandemic

It's not just Bighorn Firearms seeing a huge spike, DCF Guns in Castle Rock is also thriving. On Tuesday, they even expanded the business and are now offering to deliver ammo to homes.

"You have a hundred rounds of 9 mm and 40 rounds of .223, and we’re selling this delivered to your door," said DCF Guns co-owner Joe Oltmann.

The Colorado Bureau of of Investigations says they are seeing a “historic volume” of background checks for guns. More than 25,468 in the last week — a 227% increase from this time last year

All of that came to a screeching halt Tuesday at 5 p.m., when Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's "Stay At Home Order" went into effect, closing all business considered non-essential what gun stores are open today which includes gun shops.

"It’s people's right provided by the Constitution in the Second Amendment to be able to protect themselves and they are trying to restrict that," Resch said.

That’s the argument Resch and his lawyer, Ian Hicks, gave when they filed a lawsuit against the city on Tuesday to prevent the closure of gun shops around Denver.

"We’ve got everything to lose here. We are not looking to create a big problem. We just want a clear cut definition of whether or not we can continue to do this," Resch said.

Ryan Luby, Public Information Officer for the city of Denver, told Denver7 in a statement, “We are aware of the lawsuit that was filed this afternoon, but we have not had the time to evaluate it during the ongoing public health crisis.”

But by late Tuesday afternoon, a judge had ruled against the lawsuit.

Hicks said the judge wanted the suit filed on behalf of a gun consumer, not a gun store owner. Hicks said he found someone willing to file and will represent her through the legal proceedings.

"We are going to amend the complaints, add that person in and fix that minor technical issue that the judge pointed out today and file the TRO tomorrow," Hicks said.

Источник: https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/coronavirus/denver-gun-shop-owner-files-lawsuit-against-the-city-to-change-non-essential-status-of-his-store
Coronavirus Resource Guide https://www.ktnv.com/13connects/13-helps

He has litigated on gun rights cases for more than 30 years and wrote a letter reminding the governor of the rule. The law was passed by the legislature in what gun stores are open today after reports police in New Orleans was confiscating firearms in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Governor Sisolak did not define gun stores as being either essential or non-essential, but Sheriff Joe Lombardo acknowledged the law when asked if gun stores could remain open at his Wednesday briefing.

“I know that’s an exemption referencing the Governor’s ability to through 414, and we haven’t seen anything that indicates it’s going to be a problem,” the sheriff said.

More coronavirus stories http://www.ktnv.com/coronavirus

For the owner of Briarhawk Firearms and Ammunition, he says he initially was concerned he would have to close indefinitely but is aware of the law. He’s seen gun sales rise with customers concerned with the uncertainty over the coronavirus outbreak and wishes the state would be clearer on the position of gun sales.

“I think if the state just said, you know what, this is what we’re working on. We’ll update you in six hours, we’ll update you in 12 hours, we’ll let you know what’s going on Nevada. Victoria secret pink logo png think that would be better,” Stephen Crescenti, the owner of Briarhawk Firearms, said.

Green says ultimately gun store owners want to follow the rules.

“They all want to follow the law first and foremost in their shops and their businesses,” he said.

Green says most gun stores he’s aware of are remaining open but https www t online de login social distancing measures to comply with health district requirements.

Источник: https://www.ktnv.com/news/nevada-law-allowing-gun-stores-to-remain-open-during-covid-19-outbreak

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